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£5 monthly off a 24 month contract @ Orange

I just tried that code and got this message - Sorry that's not a valid promotional code. Please check and try again. If that £5 off code worked, I would have got the: Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 White on Dolphin 25: - 24 months, unlimited texts, 300 anytime minutes, internet, email @ £22.50 and a one off fee of £49.99. Would have been a bargain at £17.50


is this working yet? I'm holding out getting a new contract/upgrade for a decent offer..


Please do as it's still not working today (02/12/10) and would be a good saving!


Technical issues means its been delayed. I'll repost when it goes live again.


Dont work :(

£5 Discount
£5 Discount
£5 discount on a £50 spend on PAYG phones at Orange with promo code

not much of a discount, you could get that just by negotiating with the spotty orange youth in the store


Thanks but not working for me. Sorry the promotional code you entered has now expired. We've always got lots of great Orange offers to choose from, so keep your eyes peeled for our next promotion.

£2 Discount
£2 Discount
2 for 1 Westlife Tickets at Mansfield

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£5 free credit for UK calls & texts 12-13 DEC Orange customers
83° Expired
Posted 30th Nov 2015Posted 30th Nov 2015
£5 free credit for UK calls & texts 12-13 DEC Orange customers
Orange customers (PAYG) worth checking your mobile phones just got a text offering me £5 free credit to be used 12-13 December Christmas cheer! Enjoiy £5 free credit! Reply YES b… Read more

Good thanks. Does it has some validity ?


​this worked for me too. Result


Text also from Tmobile(EE) for free £5 credit.Reply yes to 1230 before 4/12.


+heat added


EE & Tmobile does similar thing every xmas .. Let's keep this thread

Free £5 credit for Orange PAYG customers (of course, its not the EE deal)
439° Expired
Posted 11th Mar 2015Posted 11th Mar 2015LocalLocal
Free £5 credit for Orange PAYG customers (of course, its not the EE deal)
Text 'EASY' to 1160, sit back and wait for confirmation. Orange PAYG sim only. You should get a message from 720 saying you have £5 free credit to use next weekend, credit can be … Read more

That's no good it doesn't work on ee




In Orange, are there packs/add-ons we can use this credit for or is it only calls/texts?


raj75 is right. Does not show up with normal credit. 453 listen then press 1 and 1 when told. My credit ends mid-night on 19 March.


Call 453 and I think option 1 and 1.

EE 'Super SIM' retention deal - Unld mins/text and 5GB of 4G data -  £11 p/m, 6 month contract via Orange retentions
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Posted 7th Oct 2014Posted 7th Oct 2014LocalLocal
EE 'Super SIM' retention deal - Unld mins/text and 5GB of 4G data - £11 p/m, 6 month contract via Orange retentions£66
Phoned up Orange to cancel my contract, told them I knew I could get a better deal online and could get cashback etc online too, and that I wanted to switch to 4G anyway. The chap… Read more
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i was just offered this so again not sure why expired!


I was offered this today so its still active - should be unexpired


Sorry 50p


50 that is when u call 150


EE now when u phone says for 50 u can jump the q for customer services jokers they are

Orange 2000mins UNLMTD Data + Texts £14.99 a month 30day rolling retentions
86° Expired
Posted 9th Sep 2014Posted 9th Sep 2014
Orange 2000mins UNLMTD Data + Texts £14.99 a month 30day rolling retentions£14.99
Retentions offered me 2000 Xnet minutes unlimited data and texts. £14.99 a month on a 30 rolling contract. Sim only I had rung up the previous day to cancel quoting them the contr… Read more
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The One Plan finished a while ago for New customers


Yeah I'm waiting for some official confirmation, but it is a 30day rolling so if not, I'll just swap over to 3. It just saved the hassle of getting a new sim and payment dates etc. Thanks for the heads up however.


it's definitely 4G as asked about it


Orange unlimited mobile internet via a handset plan is limited to 750MB / month. Orange openly advertise this on its webpage below that states it is inclusive on some plans or can be added at £5 / month.


Correct, you have to move under EE umbrella of you want 4g data as I did recently from Orange......reluctantly may I add.

Free gigabyte internet for Orange customers.
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Posted 4th Sep 2014Posted 4th Sep 2014
Free gigabyte internet for Orange customers.
If you have a pay monthly contract with orange and are aged under 24 years old, you get one gigabyte free internet. I'm 20 and I received 1 gigabyte free internet. Go to account bi… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

damn. i'm on O2


Ageism I think


Technically this is a deal, as you nee to have purchased their product in order to get the extra. However, last month I got mine and my two sons' plans upgraded to 1 GB each, when I called them with a query about my bill.


Delibrately 'Restrictive' .....


Cold it's ageist.

Orange mobile free £30 credit with £10 topup
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Posted 21st Aug 2014Posted 21st Aug 2014
Orange mobile free £30 credit with £10 topup£10
Grab a orange Sim card. Activate it and topup £10 for that you will get I believe 400 or something like that texts and 1gb of data on there dolphin plan. You will get 30 pound fre… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Why is this cold? Seems like a good deal to me.


Got a link to some detail? Price needs updated to £30 or £40 (depending on full details).


How long is the free credit valid for? If its 30 days, then that'll explain the cold votes


why this deal is cold? I like it

super deal (retention) @ Orange
-109° Expired
Posted 14th Aug 2014Posted 14th Aug 2014
super deal (retention) @ Orange£27.99
super deal from Orange rang them yesterday to put my contract down from my current 37 pound (unlimited calls and texts and 1 gig of internet) a month because it was too expensive. … Read more
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giff gaff don't do proper contracts. This is just for people on orange atm and to get there contract cheaper! it make sense if you got yourself iPhone 5 or s5 recently because most of them would be 30 pound plus a month.


Giffgaff my friend!


Not good deal I'm afraid. I'm on vodafone and recently upgrade sim only contract to unlimited minutes and texts and 5gb (all tethered allowed) AND 12 months free premium spotify Netflix or sky sports mobile. Should be £15.50 a month. I went for spotify FYI. Now that's a deal


Unlimited calls unlimited texts and 4gb 4g data for £25.99 with a free iPhone 5c 16gb I got a few months back. Your deal isn't that good I'm afraid. Mine was with EE


Not that good got iPhone 5 when it came out £9p/m free phone unlimited mins text 1gb data on O2 then got 4g for free as sold the 5 and got a 5s If I finish my data which I hardly do don't get charged just get 3G data instead of 4G

SIM only 600mins + Unltd texts + 500MB data £5.50 pm (12 months) for existing customers @ Orange
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Posted 4th Aug 2014Posted 4th Aug 2014
SIM only 600mins + Unltd texts + 500MB data £5.50 pm (12 months) for existing customers @ Orange£66
I've called customer care today to cancel my current plan and they offered me this one. I don't use much mobile data, so it seems good to me.

Just called Orange customer care, they have no information about such a deal they told...........!!!:|


Can't see that setting on my S4 although since May my highest monthly usage was 16mb!! I very rarely use mobile data as on wifi at home and when in town we have loads of wifi hotspots. Also for those of you who are constantly checking twitter, facebook and emails at work......shouldn't you be working !!!


Might want to read the description.


that virgin deal is showing as £12 a month for me on their site... how do u get it for 8? thanks SIM Only Essential SIM Only £12 Pay Monthly contract ( Unlimited calls to Virgin Mobile numbers , 1200 minutes , Unlimited texts , Unlimited texts to Virgin Mobile numbers and 1GB Mobile Web


A month ago I asked Orange to give me best offer - I was on SIMO 30 days contract for last 5 years at £20 per month getting 600mins and unlimited text but no data (basic nokia phone that lasts a week on a single battery charge). As I was using an average of 30 mins a month I thought I've greatly overpaid for services I was getting for probably last 4 years if not more. Orange has made a little fortune so I foolishly thought they would be very interested to keep me as a customer. I was offered nothing significantly more than what they advertised on the web (I was after about around 300 mins and 1GB of data on a 30 day deal for about £10). Good riddance though if Orange cannot do it - I asked for PAC, waited nearly 3 weeks, no contact made by the retention team... I eventually chose Tesco Mobile as O2 network has a decent covereage where I live/work, the SIMO price is better than any non-virtuals and I really like the fact you can cap the bill.

Alcatel One Touch for £25 (£10 top up required most likely) @ Orange Blackpool
-54° Expired
Posted 20th Jul 2014Posted 20th Jul 2014LocalLocal
Alcatel One Touch for £25 (£10 top up required most likely) @ Orange Blackpool£25
I have the mobile myself. The processor in the device is not bad, but the device sometimes slows down or freezes sometimes.
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seen it today it is the s pop £5 cheaper if you have activated t-mobile orange sim card.


I am not sure. I popped into the shop and saw that it was going cheap.


thanks which phone t pop s pop.

Orange/Tmobile under 24 ? FREE Unlimited calls/Text & 1GB data
36° Expired
Posted 9th Jul 2014Posted 9th Jul 2014
Orange/Tmobile under 24 ? FREE Unlimited calls/Text & 1GB data
U24 – unlimited calls, texts and 1GB of data, on us If you're under 24, you're in. With U24, you get an extra 1GB of data and unlimited UK calls and texts to your friends on Orang… Read more

I am also Tmobile. I don't know what you get for £19 but Tmobile customers do have the option to get a new contract with EE 4G before the end of their existing contract with Tmobile, but it has to be done directly with Tmobile? There are some great deals out there for a lot less than £19. Good luck


Excellent, just added this to my daughters contract that I pay for. Must depend on CS rep you speak to. But I have been an orange customer for 7 years +


Well I think this will go cold then because if everybody voted for their age, I'm sure there are more 24+ than 24- on here.


Shame it's only on. Orange really - might have been useful for my two teenagers and 21 year old on TMobile, oh well never mind. Been with Tmobile so long I can remember when it was One2One :) now apparently I'm with EE (well until it comes to 2for1 films on a Wednesday then all of a sudden I'm with Tmobile again :p - my poor phone doesn't know if it's coming or going it flips between Tmobile and Orange on the screen - think it has an identity crisis! OP might be an idea to amend title as it does suggest this deal is available to TMobile which it isn't, we are but the poor relations of the EE family - sat under the table waiting for any scraps that may fall our way :)


voted cold cause I'm 36

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