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Dormer 19-piece TiN-coated HSS Drill Bit set - £47.94 @ Orbital Fastners
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Posted 10th Feb 2018Posted 10th Feb 2018
Dormer 19-piece TiN-coated HSS Drill Bit set - £47.94 @ Orbital Fastners£47.94
Great price on these- next cheapest is Amazon & FFX at £53, but £60+ everywhere else.
Get deal*Get deal*

Seems dodgy. Are they fakes pretending to be Silverline?


Sadly you're right. It's a poor attitude really, and false economy. I haven't used the Silverline ones (and won't) but if they're anything like the set of Irwin TiN bits I've got (they were given to me- don't buy them, they're junk), I'd expect to be replacing them every few months at best. That's the Dormer set paid for in under a year.


I only tried thier sds masonary drill bits, and they were perfectly good. I dont do a lot of drilling so, i cant really comment on the long term quality.


Dormer are a great drill bit, but in the Throw Away World we all live in these days, unless you're using drill bits on a daily basis and prefer to personally sharpen your bits as they go blunt, the silverline will always be picked over the Dormer


Have you tried the Heller TiN-coated or cobalt bits out of interest? I've generally found Heller alright for the money but haven't tried either of those yet.

Bosch Professional FSN 4-Piece Kit (FSNKIT) £118 Delivered (£98 After Bosch Cashback)
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Posted 18th Jul 2017Posted 18th Jul 2017
Bosch Professional FSN 4-Piece Kit (FSNKIT) £118 Delivered (£98 After Bosch Cashback)£118
Not for everyone I guess, but here is a bit of a bargain if you need this sort of thing. This is for use with compatible circular saws, plunge saws, routers and jigsaws too IIRC a… Read more




Bosch impact combi twin pack, wireless charger £190.80 @ Orbital Fastners
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Posted 22nd Apr 2016Posted 22nd Apr 2016
Bosch impact combi twin pack, wireless charger £190.80 @ Orbital Fastners£190.80
Good drills for the money. £25 cheaper than anywhere else with stock.

In other words a better twin pack doesn't exist at the moment and your earlier comment is unfounded.


Get back under your rock


Do your own work.


Where is the link for a twin pack to rival this with better batteries....?


Get back in your box. Where did I say it was not a good drill. Bosch introduced the cordless but AEG, Makita and Dewalt better them now. Oh, and I own all of the above with my Makita set having air cooled batteries that charge in 22 mins. Not bad for 3.0Ah rated batteries which should be considered the entry for quality tools. Thjey are now pumping out 6.0Ah batteries - 2.0Ah are not going to cut muster with anyone except DIY bumblers.