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Johnstone's trade Perfect Matt Emulsion 10L - £44.99 at Johnstone's Decorating Centre
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Posted 28th Feb 2020Posted 28th Feb 2020LocalLocal
Johnstone's trade Perfect Matt Emulsion 10L - £44.99 at Johnstone's Decorating Centre£44.99£11862% off
Johnstone's trade perfect matt . Eliminates viable application marks . Flawless flat matt finish . Effortless spot repair . Class 1 srcub-resistance

I agree just know it's a good offer I


Dulux trade range is actually pretty poor,it shines and struggles to touch up successfully, dark colours really pretty bad banding cutting in shows, terrible finish. Tikkurlia colour matt is a far better choice, lot cheaper too. Johnstone Trade Matt fairly decent also.


This gear is a bit different, it can technically be touched up after other trades etc and not show. I had bit hassle with the coverage in colours, kind of put me off. However, Johnstones Trade Vinyl Matt emulsion is pretty good paint for most uses. A similar cheap and better product is Tikkurlia Anti Reflex 2, which is a dead flat finish at around £30/£35 Inc Vat. Tikkurlia have Decor centres around the UK major cities, also several independent decorators chains sell it, Brombrough Paints do it the North West.


No manufacturers Matt emulsion paint is worth £118, even if it is 10 LTRs !!


Any 5 selected decorating items for £12, Johnstone's decorating center's
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Posted 28th Nov 2019Posted 28th Nov 2019LocalLocal
Any 5 selected decorating items for £12, Johnstone's decorating center's£12
Buy any 5 selected decorating items for £10 excluding vat in store.

Its great gear. Lot of decorators prefer it, the aqua gloss satin system is very good and no smell.


Has anyone tried their paint? Any good? I had Dulux gloss and it was terrible, put me off that brand. Need to decorate soon.


Can’t see any details - have you got a link to what the selected items are?


Link doesn’t take you to any kind of deal.

large selection of Leyland trade paints reduced to clear from £8 at B&Q instore
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Posted 20th Jun 2019Posted 20th Jun 2019LocalLocal
large selection of Leyland trade paints reduced to clear from £8 at B&Q instore
What can i say but quality trade paint used the industry over. Large selection of pains at greatly reduced prices i am aware they are also similar Darnley and Paisley B & Q so … Read more
Black Friday Deals @ Johnstone's Decorating Centre
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Posted 21st Nov 2018Posted 21st Nov 2018LocalLocal
Black Friday Deals @ Johnstone's Decorating Centre

The leaflet on the picture is the only proof i have really



Cheap Farrow & Ball !!! ColourMatch £31.49 with VAT (CARDIFF) Johnstone's decorating center
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Posted 24th Oct 2018Posted 24th Oct 2018LocalLocal
Cheap Farrow & Ball !!! ColourMatch £31.49 with VAT (CARDIFF) Johnstone's decorating center£31.49
Seen offer on t.v for two 2.5 litres for £70 just got a 5 litres of trade paint for 31.49 + vat result now give me some heat !! 8)

Johnstones Trade is a good quality finish, My local merchant Brombourgh Paints all over the Northwest selling this for cheaper than that l would THINK Public could buy for £25 plus vat max, l know what l pay with my trade discount, its less than £25 plus vat but I wont mention my Trade discount (cheeky)(Any other painters have to make a crust) The more you buy, they will give you a deal so if you need a few tins or team up with someone needs doze paint ask, and expect a bit discount. :p Macpherson Trade is made by Crown its on their Crown decor website at £25, its fairly good paint, not just as durable/ good as Johnstones trade although it does go 10% further than Johnstones Trade. Also the colour matching seems closer with Johnstones in my view. Dont waste your time with Farrow and ball, it useally takes a 3rd coat, more expensive paint than2 coats standard trade! Also dries banded etc, not touch up if a sparky marks it etc, whole wall needs redone... its utter OVERPRICED crap and 95% painters will agree.


I really dont understand this! There's really no comparison in the finish or the application. Each to their own I suppose.


it depends on what their clients asked for i guess some wanted to keep up with the jones's in their F&B elephants breath lounge others actually prefer the finish u get in F&B and some just like the colour regardless who makes it an its not the need 5 coats of non trade paint u get in most DIY stores


I did my daughter's bedroom in little greene paint and it's no better than the colour match Johnstones we chose for living room. Johnstones was easier to apply too.


With F&B you're paying for the depth of the colour, the different hues it will give you in different light. You won't get that with Johnstone's, although it may well be more durable. I suppose it depends what your priorities are and what kind of standard of finish you're aiming for. For me, Little Greene is the best.

Johnstones Trade Centres week bonanza sale 21 may to 26 may
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Posted 20th May 2018Posted 20th May 2018LocalLocal
Johnstones Trade Centres week bonanza sale 21 may to 26 may
Johnstones trade centres have a week long sale on trade paints. some of the deals are pretty good and trade quality. the own brand contractor brushes are top quality for £8.99 or 3… Read more

Great mate, thanks for your advice. The wife wants a turquoise colour which seems to double the price. With the Johnstones it means I have to buy the 5l £27 base paint. Well 10 tins of it at least. I'll look into the paint shed tonight. Thank you for replying with such great advice. Sounds strange but Australia do things very differently in regards to paint. The big players really have everything locked down here and it is the one thing that I've come across that is far more expensive. Especially when it comes to tint :/


Almost all trade centres try to make as much margin as they can esp from retail customers like yourself, since us trade boys get the discounts always haggling :p , they must have made in in a durable matt for you. phone around and price up next time but dont be scared to ask them to drop price .... they can!!, lm glad you got 25% off though, hate to see people get ripped off from merchants.


Sods Law.


The Johnstone stormshield although its good enough paint goes 10sm2 a litre, The sandtex trade smooth goes 16sm2 more than half as much again yet its not 50% dearer, try The paint shed free next day delivery over £75 and 5% extra off if buy 10 tubs or mix to make order 100 litres. £26.66 10l tub white/magnolia plus extra 5% off if 100l thats v cheap.


You could always rebuy it at johnstones centre and take back the new unopend one ;) , deal finishes sat though

Johnstones Paint Bonanza Sale
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Posted 16th Jun 2016Posted 16th Jun 2016LocalLocal
Johnstones Paint Bonanza Sale
Lots of paints on great offers. Colour mixed viny matt emulsion is 26,99 and is great quality paint. 3 x jonmat premium 10l brilliant white or magnolia is just £48 inc vat. loads m… Read more
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Free Johnstone’s Endura Paint Sample
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Posted 16th Nov 2015Posted 16th Nov 2015
Free Johnstone’s Endura Paint Sample
Johnstone’s is giving away FREE Endura paint samples. Fill out the form with your details to receive yours by post. This is a highly durable, easy to clean paint with a matte finis… Read more
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thank u


isn't this a duplicate of


Not working for me

Johnstones Cova Plus  white vinyl emulsion 3 x 10 litres  Tubs £72
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Posted 17th Jun 2015Posted 17th Jun 2015
Johnstones Cova Plus white vinyl emulsion 3 x 10 litres Tubs £72£72
Johnstones currently have a special offer on their Cova Plus White vinyl matt Emulsion 3 x 10 litre tubs for £72 inc Vat. I am fairly sure they are also doing the 5 Litre cans f… Read more

brilliant paint this,cheers op


A decent trade quality paint, at a very good price. Voted hot.


Really good post Op. Bought some the other day. Totally agree the paint is easily applied and excellent finish heat ;)


my favourite paint, it saves so much time on not needing two coats. love it.

free paint colour cards from  Paint247
Posted 23rd Jun 2010Posted 23rd Jun 2010
free paint colour cards from Paint247
Finding the right colour for your project can be a daunting task. To help you plan a project, why not request a handy colourcard for the paint of your choice.
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