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24 pack monster munch only 99p at Pak Foods
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Posted 6th Mar 2016Posted 6th Mar 2016LocalLocal
24 pack monster munch only 99p at Pak Foods£0.99
went to my local Pak Food store on normanton road , derby yesterday and saw this deal. they had loads of boxes and they are in date until the 12th march. flavours are pickled onion… Read more
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voted cold as none near me. just joshing ya, flamin'hot deal.


Two in Birmingham


Derby, Leicester, Nottingham, Stoke -!our-stores/cat6


There is one in Stoke.


There's one in Nottingham but don't know if they have them

Cheap Milk: 4 Pint @ 79p Semi Skimmed @ PAK Foods
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Posted 4th Sep 2015Posted 4th Sep 2015LocalLocal
Cheap Milk: 4 Pint @ 79p Semi Skimmed @ PAK Foods£0.79
I couldn't believe my eyes! 4 pint Semi Skimmed Milk at 79p at the chiller cabinet of Pak Foods on Uppingham Road in Leicester:!leicester-uppington/cg3i … Read more
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Ha I would have cheap milk and **** the Tory loving farmers, that's capitalism if they don't like it let them **** off and live in north Korea


Welcome to real world of capitalism...and Thatchers "Market Forces"...the market dictates the price of supply and demand... but the spanner in the works for farmers was Supermarkets use Milk/Bread as loss leaders... but it's farmers who are now paying that loss....and of course we all want cheaper food prices, now do we Lets be one forced them to sign up with the supermarkets....they when it with eyes wide shut ;)


Regarding being deal being Hot or Cold - I have votes for neither as I can see the value for those on the bread line (hot)- but I see the damage this pricing would do to farmers and the national economy (cold).


Depends on your perspective regarding the name. In Urdu 'Pak' means pure/holy/untainted - and I'm pretty sure the family that own the brand have a Pakistani heritage. Regarding the price, I agree it is bad for farmers - that's why I personally am willing to pay more. But for those on a tight budget it may be that they ate on a very tight budget. Ultimately, in my opinion, without supporting local/national industries constant low prices will it lead to lower wages for all as employers will say 'profits are down due to low prices for our good to remain competitive, therefore wage rises will have to wait, but inflation is low so you don't need such a pay rise'- and the downward spiral continues. Some things if you can afford to pay slightly more you should just pay more - support the local economy. Just a personal opinion.


​You're probably buying skimned milk! :D

Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli and others buy 1 get 1 free @ pakfoods £1.00
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Posted 25th Jan 2013Posted 25th Jan 2013
Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli and others buy 1 get 1 free @ pakfoods £1.00£1
First deal, don't know if local or nation wide. They also have Walkers Cheese & Onion and Doritos Chili at the same discount.
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Good deal, but also 49p in B&M bargains for the sweet chili ones.