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Palicomp is the online computer store that sells gaming PCs, value for money PCs, customised PCs and more. The online store takes an average of five working days build time and offers next day Q jump services at low rates, which makes the service one that offers the best value for money. Palicomp is a family owned business that takes the trouble to carry out a 27 point check on all machines to ensure that every element of the PC is spot on.
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Palicomp Athlon System £189.99 to Ryzen Vega Systems £230 to Gaming machines with Graphic Cards From £715 at Palicomp
Posted 5 h, 5 m agoPosted 5 h, 5 m ago
Terms and conditions: 1) Put the kettle on first... 2) Make a brew, 3) Relax...... read on. 1) Athlon Deal £189.99 2) Ryzen Vega deals from £230.00 3) hottest vega 3400G package … Read more

Love the mega deal 3400g but i wonder if they would swap the case for one thats the same price, looking at the CIT g-force case. Ive dropped them an email but they are closed now


Thanks for sharing your experience with me. If anyone else have an answer to why have a lot of Ryzen 3200G and 3400G available?


I can answer the first 2 questions, yes no issue at all and fast delivery, yes the parts are brand new, if anyone can answer the 3rd question that would be great because i'm not as clued up on it as most people


I loving these palicomp deals the op is posting. Just a few questions that I need to know if someone can answer them. Has anyone purchased a system from palicomp before and are the parts brand new? The Ryzen 3400G are really hard to buy, so how is it this company selling them?


Been spending a couple of months searching for pre-built PC's, and by far, Palicomps has the best prices online for prebuilts with GPU. As much as I want to build my own, it doesn't make sense financially, though i am still unsure whether to buy one now or wait a month or two to see if things will drop even more..... But very very tempted.

AMD BEST BUY (FAC6) - Ryzen 3100 + RTX2060 £725.00 / Ryzen 3600 + RTX2060 £825 Gaming packages from Palicomp.
Posted 17 h, 42 m agoPosted 17 h, 42 m ago
"Price Drop by another -£50" Was £775/£875 Deal 1: CPU: AMD Ryzen 3100 -£100 GPU: RTX 2060 £360 CASE: CIT Flash £40 Motherboard: A320M-K £45 PSU: Kolink 600W £50 RAM: 16GB - … Read more

I'm thinking of throwing £980 at this (with the 3060 and 1Tb nvme M.2) Is there anything else to rivel it at all for ~£1k mark? Or anything additional would be good to add to this?


Thanks for your comment! Ended up going for this today :)


Thank you! Went for the 3600 today :)


CPU: AMD Ryzen 3600 -£150 CASE: CIT Flash £40 Motherboard: B550M-K £90 PSU: Kolink 600W £50 RAM: 16GB - 3000 (2x8) £65 SSD: 480GB Kingson £45 HDD: 1TB WD £35 Wifi: Internal £10 many ways to calc a deal for ones own personal review. take the above comes down to £485 The price is £825 Gap of £340.00 Plain sailing: The IFFS/R yeah n But yeah: What others sell windows for - what 75% market pay for it vs DIY. its a major factor which needs stating cos its all to well showing an epic NON windows deal. people then buy windows at +90 The conclusion u window moaners: "who go oh its got windows on it" ur results is u make people OVER PAY. 75% will believe u on non windows deals, n then upgrade n pay that extra VS a set deal which has it all better. So the bottom line, the sale of the 3600/2060 is £825 the other parts come to £485.00 the gap is £340 That £340 is a charge for: it being built + Warranty + Windows and RTX2060 GPU. There is no deal like it on the net. so how ever someone wants to calc their own methods one to the next that is fully picture unless u think B550 too then its a total of £370 then.... if u wanna devalue that b550M-K down to the B450M-K


RTX2060 hanging on decently now with DLSS on demanding ray traced games. Metro Exodus Enhanced it can do 1440p with high preset and the mandatory ray tracing to give you 60FPS. The new consoles don't do any better. For me it's very difficult to recommend AMD cards until there are games that exploit FidelityFX Super Resolution, and quite honestly that technique looks nothing like as good as a true AI based scaler. DLSS is a must have and that counts for double when you don't have a very high end card, it's a magic bullet for lower end machines to widen their flexibility as you pick settings.

AMD VELOCITY (FAC10) - Ryzen 5 3600 + RTX3070Ti Gaming System £1300.00 from Palicomp
Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
AMD Ryzen 5 3600 - 6 Core - 12 Threads £150 ASUS PRIME B550M-K £90 CORSAIR 16GB DDR4 3200Mhz £70 WESTERN DIGITAL 1TB m.2 nvme £90 PALIT RTX 3070 TI 8GB £665 GAMEMA… Read more

about 25%, because 25% are run by miners who care less about refresh rate


Lol yeah forgot about the consoles.


less then the amount of kids who have 32inch LED Tv for their PS5/Xbox in their bedrooms lol.


I wonder how many people are running their new 3080's with 1080p 60hz screens on Minecraft....... (confused)


I actually tried to get this... even with it's 90 day warranty

Palicomp - PC Of The Week - Vega 3200G PC Systems from £230 OR Vega 3400G from £277.99 at Palicomp
Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
Even Lower Price Vega Deals. 1) Ryzen 3200G 8GB 240GB SSD £230.00 2) Ryzen 3200G 16GB 480GB SSD £295.00 3) Ryzen 3400G 8GB 240GB SSD £277.99 4) Ryzen 3400G 16GB 480GB SSD £… Read more

Ah its a total pain when that happens!


How about £30 cheaper than they were last week when I bought I still sound bitter about it?


Thanks @sarden84, how often would you say there are deals this good from palicomp/other competitors, are these particular deals better than usual?


Thank you for posting. Your thread was selected for our Highlights section (highfive)


Nice! Cheers

INTEL VORTEX (FAC9) - Intel 10400F + 3070TI Gaming PC from £1350.00 inc Windows at Palicomp
Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
Gamemax F15M Intel 10400F B460-A Motherboard 16GB Ram 3200MHX 480GB SSD 2TB HD Adata XPG 750W GOLD PSU Windows 10 Part breakdown excluding GPU: £618.00 Cost of prebuilt: £1… Read more

Thanks I appreciate your help. Do you know if my current gpu will be able to handle the bf2042 please its amd radeon r9 390 thank you again


If u have a grand the current best full system for that is 5600x +3060 under my name. But if u can wait then certain wait pal.


this is what i got right now Thank you for replying much appreciated. I was hoping under 1k the game is not out until October so was thinking probably best to wait just closer to the time as I already have a gaming pc but not sure if it can handle it :/


yep. and thats been reflected in the OP.


The 10409F proc is only £145

PC BUDGET BUY (FAC3) - Ryzen 5 4650G + 16GB Ram + 480GB SSD Vega System £525.00 from Palicomp
Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
Brand new line: OLDER Base 4650G models are dead, due to a recent price hike on the CPU. however palicomp has bundle and of set that hike into a fantastic good package which has… Read more

Cool that's what I was thinking and then I have the option to replace the 1030 in future.


both the same price. all depends on the buyer requirements. £525 inclusive of windows. if someone wants to do windows themself 3600/1030 would be the game changer. B550 over A520 worth £25 512gb nvme over 480GB SSD £12 (can swap 480gb to 500gb onsite though for £10) mesh kolink vs flash £10 100W more on psu worth £10 4650G = 3600/1030 in cost but 3600/1030 would be the winner in general. but 4650G deal has windows so if u a person which buys this direct thats £50-70 at these places thats a game changer and over shaddows them bits above for that total sale.


Looking for a basic gaming PC and this is about right in terms of my budget. How would you say this compares to your deal here: I would be looking to upgrade the graphics card when/if the prices come down.


Price has been reduced down on the windows for this package. best to email them at


3070 -> hangfire for 2pm ish ++

Ryzen 3600 + GT1030 + 512GB nvme + B550 Motherboard +600W PSU System from £524.99 at Palicomp
Posted 7th JunPosted 7th Jun
Think Vega deal!..... but don't actually go Vega could it be an option? Ryzen 5 3600 + GT1030 VS 4650G + Vega Palicomp has added some non gpu deals here: https://www.palicomp.c… Read more

Yeah you're definitely right for what's *currently* available. Let's hope that soon people won't need to discuss topics like these due to the market being in such a bad state lol.


this the offer they have emailed , not overly bothered about windows /headset mic/game keys /cable managment , not sure about the rest. gonna refuse this offer but seems its 4x4gb ram andsi im just going request 2x8gb ram is there any difference between standard Gt1030 and the asus branded? 3 YEAR CAREFREE WARRANTY PACKAGE @ £88 With Below Free Upgrades Free Upgrade – Windows 10 Home (RRP £95) Free Upgrade – GFX Upgrade From Standard version GT1030 2GB to ASUS Premium branded model (RRP £30) Free Upgrade – OS Tuning (RRP £25) Free Upgrade – Cable Management (RRP £25) Free Upgrade – Arctic Alpine 23 95W CPU COOLER (RRP £30) Free Upgrade – RAM CONFIG Upgrade From 4x4GB to 2x8GB – frees up 2 RAM slots (RRP £10) Free Upgrade – Headset/Mic (RRP £10) Free Upgrade – Card Reader (RRP £10) Free Upgrade – 5 Random Steam Game Keys (RRP Min £20)


always go 2x8 only time ur best of going 1x16 if u plan on going 2x16 laters


Some where yeah ur right on that. but alot were aiming for 500 budget by topping up storage or board options so for them this makes sense the other day. but if someone desires windows in a package now: -->


Oh i meant 4650g previous in general as I've seen them cheaper

Ryzen 3200G 8GB Vega Desktop System £260 + other deals from Palicomp
Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
1a) Ryzen 3200G 8GB 240GB SSD System £260.00 1b) Ryzen 3400G 8GB 240GB SSD system £307.99 2a) Ryzen 3200G 16GB 480GB SSD system £325.00 2b) Ryzen 3400G 16GB 480GB SSD system £372.… Read more

going up a peg on cooling is always advisable over stock but stock is fine though - they go the extra mile for lower temps but does not mean its dangerous not too.. - hope that makes sence. but u could drop back a lil and go for the hyper range which is at £30 overkill is idiots like me with expensive AIO's lol. the alt deal now available is this one: £599.99 +£75 for the 1030 GPU ==675 +£30/50 for that cooler. +85 for 4TB =790 with no windows. so for 8cores the better one would be the intel one for u. but if u was going for the 6Core, u got the 6core ryzen too: +£75 for the 1030 GPU (ill find back laters) type in 1030 on here it comes up +30/50 for the cooler +85 for the 4TB +53 for that dual board tuf 713 ---------------------------- then u have the new 4650G---- 6core alt. 525 +30/50 for cooling +78 for tuf bb550 - no need for gpu. +10 for ssd to nvme boost +£20 for psu boost +4TB +85 =768 so taking on board all them options yeah id go for the intel. 6 or 8


Hey mate Still reccomend going with the deal you posted above!? Is the cooling overkill or advisable?


Nice one mate, you need to know anything specific requirements wise?


drop it back to the 10400. for that lower budget. but send them an email for it, but ive got another one im looking at in the mean time but will get back to you on it, as they just dropped a nice 3600/1030 and 3700x/1070 which is the counter of them 10400/10700 just need to go though the requirements of ur self once more. when ive dropped car off for mot.


Check out Berried Alive on YouTube, they do what I'd call Skrillex on guitar. Yes it's not Techno, but people are still coming up with ways to use the guitar in unique ways.

Ryzen 5 3400G Vega 11 8GB 240gb Starting from £307.99 at Palicomp
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Ryzen 3400G Deals The Base deal Ryzen 5 3400G with built in Vega 11 Graphics 240GB SSD Basic PSU 8GB Ram 2666mhz A320 Motherboard Beam Case Cost: £307.99 or £407.99 with the … Read more

Mine came last week. Just opened the box today and very well packaged. Opted to load Windows myself which was the first time I have ever done it. It was an absolute doddle using the video Sarden sent out on another post. Download key was less than 3 quid which also worked. Haven't yet given it to my son as he will only want to play on it straightaway (yes folks I'm a 'not on a school night' parent!!)


Also wondering if the 3200g will cope with streaming as they want to use twitch (flirt) points to an upgrade of some kind for me


Have ordered the 3400 £385 for my son. Exactly the same, Minecraft, Fornite. Hoping that I can add a GPU when this outgrows him and he moves onto the more demanding games.


There isn't an official budget. The decision lies with me. 260 for the base 3200g which may be sufficient, and if not could upgrade ram / add ssd / add gpu later or maybe pay 385 (from memory) for 3400g 16gb 500gb but may well still require gpu later and that will prob be limiting factor in games. Harder to make a call for someone else.


whats the total budget btw for all of it ? initial (without gpu.)

Ryzen 5 4650G 6Core Vega System - 16GB 3200mhz Ram - A520 MB - 480GB SSD - Cit Flash - £405 from Palicomp
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
///updated with higher ram. #ohhhhhhh link:…ac3 £340.00 for 8GB Version. Add: PROMO - DOUBLE UP - 16GB RAM + 480GB SSD : 65.00 < onsite 4650G 215 Cit Fla… Read more

type in UT: 4650G 16GB then type in something like: 4650G vs 3600 (check the "see more" in the video's and see which gpu they use to bench n videos) never take someone else fps as per ur own, but use them as a guide in a VS.


What sort of games will this play and at what quality please (sorry for asking a daft question).


That's great to hear over their Customer Services. thanks for that, more i hear then the more i can pass on to others if i see anything which is suited to your budget ill let you know. nothing atm in terms of LOW GPU / OLD GPU to value right this moment but things happen. a nice one would be a 5500 with a nice cpu. if u type in: "5500" ull come across them under my name that would be superb for ur needs but OOS but they do come up.


They responded very quickly actually, I have a primary school age child but she doesn't have a proper email address. Lenovo seemed to be willing to sort something out for me, until it emerged that that unit was OOS. I got one of the 5i laptops last year, just at the beginning of lockdown on a long backorder which ended up being a thread on here that was like 1000 messages long, had a wee problem with the HDMI port and they were extremely helpful. So I have no reason not to like them, but as always YMMV. I'm trying to get hold of a reasonably priced machine that will run zwift for me on their highest settings (which are very low by most normal gamers standard...) basically anything with a 4th gen intel cpu or higher does but it's the GPU that's important. A GTX 980, 1060, 1650 super or higher. So I'm following all these threads closely!


I took the above 3 YEAR CAREFREE WARRANTY PACKAGE. Is the stock fan already AMD Wraith? Is the replacement fan actually worse than the original one?