Panasonic discount codes

Panasonic Discount Codes

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25% off
25% off 25% discount at Panasonic online shop

At the top of the address bit on the registration form. "Company/Institution" But doesnt have a red asterix next to it.


Can you tell me where it asks for company name when you sign in as I cant find it ! Thanks :-)


yep, good deal for other bits


All their mid range lcd tvs out of stock=[

25% off

expired now :x


on a £80 order it allowed a £3.40 discount. Not 25% but welcome never-the-less


It allowed me to place an order but now I've received an email stating: "We would like to advise that you need to register with your Company email address to qualify for the discount. You can change your email address by signing in and clicking 'Change Your Communication Options'. Please note that we will only use this address to communicate with you regarding your order." Shame, since this would be a great discount otherwise...

25% off


just tried to use this code on a 42" Plasma but it wont work:oops: The code you entered is not valid. The code you entered is not active. Redeem A Voucher Enter your Promotion Code: Vouchers and promotional offers do not apply to gift certificates


Hot, though if you shop around you can get the items at the same price after the code from Amazon Etc. Depends if you want to go to Panasonic Direct? Heat & Rep Added


Typical :whistling: ... Anyone know if any similar voucher codes coming available soon?


Apparently it expired on August 1st


Have tried on a phone and couple of items and this seems to have expired?


Nope this doesn't seem to work with the camera!! :oops:


Heat and rep added. I hope this still works on Aug 11th when the new DMC-FZ38 camera goes on sale.

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25% off
25% off Save 25% on all Panasonic products @ Panasonic e-shop

I agree - The Panasonic e-shop is expensive conpared to every e-tailer (and retailer) I have seen. We used to get an "associate" Discount from Panasonic under a Company scheme - the only saving I made was on a SD253 breadmaker, everything else was WAY too expensive - even after discount.


Doesn't work..... must have expired!


I think this has expired, just tried the code on a Panasonic Lumix G1 and it didn't accept it. Steve


As stated already, their site is a bit on the expensive side so the initial surge to buy something was soon dampened... Good effort though!


Panasonics main website is about 40% more expensive than elsewhere so not so hot :(

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£10 off
£10 off Panasonic on line codes for headphones and mini speakers

If you're a can junkie like me, then check out these reviews: The Amazon price is hot thx Gummo...gonna bag up some blue ones. :thumbsup: __________________


I'm on the look-out for headphones; have you any more info on the T3 review - which headphones did it beat?


Even better !! The original deal as from Panasonic themselves - Amazing that they can be got cheaper, nice one !


Comrade - the headphones are £14.74 on Amazon: ] and £11.74 for the speakers: ] That makes £26.48 for both, delivered.


£300 off
£300 off £300 off Panasonic VDR-D300 DVD Camcorder + Free tripod and carry case!

£798.99!!!!! £454.95 on


voted "best DVD camcorder 2006-2007" by the EISA


I suppose with a free tripod and carry case it's even more of a saving. I have a Panasonic camcorder and the quality is great!


This code brings it down to £429.01 delivered... that is a fantastic price!!!!!



More Info
More Info DVD-RAM 5-pack Buy One Get One Free - £9.99

Hello everyone. This is just a bump to get some feedback from those who bought these. When I format my DVD-RAM discs using the software I have I only get a maximum of 4.26 GB of free space. I was wondering if this was software specific or standard for all DVD-RAM discs. How much free space do you get on an empty disc after formatting and which software are you using? Thanks.


My replacements were 2 x 5 packs , I'll be checking my CC statement online in the morning .


Well - I was told my replacement order could not be completed as they had run out of 5 packs so they would send out 1 10 pack. I collected a package today only to find out it was 2 x 5 packs!!! The replacement for the replacemt (for a 10 pack) is still 'In Progress'. Maybe I'll get 20... Maybe I'll get charged for 30! Who knows. Nothing has come off my credit card yet....only the £9.99 for the original order on the 31st Jan. I have no email of invoice.


I've received my replacements BUT I've been invoiced £23.98 according to their e-mail . I hope for their sakes they haven't charged me for these seeing as how my first order was cocked up by Parcelfarce .:x


Same as me - second order showing 'In Progress'. So I just rang them as I was told my replacement order would be here by today and I was getting annoyed now. The lady said that since the discovery of the first problem that they had discovered a second problem... as they were having to double up on orders they had run out of stock. As a result they were sending out packs of 10 instead of 2 packs of 5. Orders were having to be gone through again putting in a 10 pack instead of the 2 5s and mine had been missed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was putting the order in again and requesting next day delivery so I should get it tomorrow. What a bunch of j***s. The reason I am waiting for them is because my Panasonic DVD recorder is producing recordings which freeze and jump and I want to know if it is the DVD-RAMs which have degraded or whether it is the recorder. And Panasonic's handling of the purple snake issue on their plasmas has been handled in an even worse fashion.... don't get me started.

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Thanks for this :santa: Useful for some :santa:

£20 off
£20 off £20 off £200 at

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