ParcelForce 10% Off "Booked Online" UK & International Retail Parcel Delivery-10%

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And I just paid online for a parcel without seeing this.

DOH! :oops:

After using payperdrop for the first time, i cant see me using anyone else now. Parcel collected from me at almost 4pm yesterday, and delivered only a short while ago! thats not even 24hours! for £4.99? all from the comfort of my sofa lol

Parcelforce are renowned for being one of the worst couriers in the market.

Thanks to the OP for the code but I wouldn't touch them, even if they were free and I was on a tight budget.

enter code TPUC and you will get 15% off during november
plus go by quidco for a further 10% off

i dont think parcelforce are that bad - I have never had a problem and also if the parcel is late they give up to a 100% refund which is very easy to apply for. sent many a free parcel this way.

When I worked for a internet/mail order retailer, we used 3 companies. The best performing one was always Parcelforce

Go on ebay and search for Parcelforce there are loads on there i have used the same guy on there 6/7 times now and all be fantastic. And only £7.99. You can choose either 24 or 48 delivery.
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