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£14.99? Is that the cheapest service they do?

Thanks for this. Just about to send a large item using Parcel Force 48 so will give it a go and report back. :thumbsup:

H&R added.

Why book direct with them when you can get PF through re-sellers for £11-13, or DHL for £7-9.

DHL are a pile of horses*** for a start.

I used them via the Parcel2Go or Postvan (I forget which) budget service and they were pi$$ poor, late picking up (I waited in all day and they never showed up) and then had to endure the most painful automated phone system.

Not bothered about the price as I'm passing it on as it's for an Ebay sale.

Never had any problems in the past with Parcelforce but wouldn't touch DHL again.

Basing that assumption on one experience!?

Yes, yes I am.

Thanks again, used this today and it worked fine.

Much appreciated.

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