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UK Mail Next Day delivery services from £7.19 @ Parcelmonkey
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Posted 18th Jul 2017Posted 18th Jul 2017
UK Mail Next Day delivery services from £7.19 @ Parcelmonkey£7.19
Parcel Monkey now offer UK Mail services to send packages with Next Day delivery with full tracking. Send up to 19kg for this price and up to 29kg. Have the parcel collected from y… Read more
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This is whats happening to me, how much time before i threaten small claims? im out 100 quid for parcel to italy and the live chat is awful..


Parcel Monkey, very bad customer service, if they loose your parcel it will be a miracle if they pay any compensation even if you have insurance. They will fob you off and ignore emails, they do not have a telephone number, just email and emails are very easy to ignore. especially complaints. (Speaking from experiance) Remember if you book via parcel monkey in the event of a problem the actual is not responsibility, your contract is with Parcel Monkey, these are just bunch of idiots.


Not bad price. UKmail service improved in my area. May be DHL kicked out idiots.

Parcel Monkey City Link Next Day Delivery 10kg £6.75 (£8.10 VAT)
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Posted 25th Mar 2014Posted 25th Mar 2014
Parcel Monkey City Link Next Day Delivery 10kg £6.75 (£8.10 VAT)£8.10
A good deal for pick up 10 kg next day delivery -usually costs about £10. I've used them a few times and not had any problems. It has to fit into a 40cm x 50cm mailing bag.
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Although the level of insurance is quite low, its a great price for the weight it covers!


I have just terminated their contract with our company, they are a nightmare, 1 in 5 consignments were wrong on a daily basis. Beware!!!


I used these jokers and had a similar problem to you. PLEASE DON'T GIVE BUSINESS TO THESE ********!


the insurance is a joke. if the parcel is lost the courier will not entertain a claim. you claim is with parcel monkey who do everything possible not to payout. i know it was not parcel monkey who lost the parcel or damaged it but it dont help you when you left with nothing


I've used parcel monkey for everything over the last few year without an issue heat added

Parcel Monkey International Priority (2 Day Delivery) using Parcelforce £14.30
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Posted 18th Feb 2014Posted 18th Feb 2014
Parcel Monkey International Priority (2 Day Delivery) using Parcelforce £14.30£14.30
I was quite frankly astonished when I saw this price, this service is £35+ everywhere else, you can have them collect the parcel or drop it off... this price from what I can tell … Read more

Well my parcel just got from here to Germany in 2 days, just got a confirmation of delivery, so I can only report excellent service


These monkeys charged me without notification an extra £37, i found it days laters on my bank statement. When i queried them, it took them 3 days to reply that it was due to dimensions were different to what i made order of. I told them they were lying and that they should have atleast notified me of charge before just charging it, i told them i will be reporting it to Trading standards, they just blocked my account and when i queried about that, they were like as you were going to report us, we blocked you!!! Ridiculous customer service!!! Wouldnt touch them if they were FREE!!!


Pay peanuts get Monkeys - I used them last week for the last time - useless, unhelpful, unprofessional (in my sole opinion).


Yea, it's cheap for a reason! The fact the courier company have some dodgy agreement with Parcel Monkey is what would make me nervous. Like I said, the courier company have no real obligation to the customer - so, that's a recipe for disaster.


Tried for a parcel 33x33x8 at 1.3kg to the USA and it's coming up at almost twice that price.

Parcel Monkey now do UK up to 10KG
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Posted 24th Dec 2012Posted 24th Dec 2012
Parcel Monkey now do UK up to 10KG
I'm sure there have been posts about parcel monkey before, they definitely have the best delivery deals on the site plus now the do up to 10KG in UK only!

Pay Peanuts get Monkeys which really is insulting as they are intelligent unlike the company. They cocked up the same order twice. No display of refund policy on website you cannot call them even though it states to press the green phone button. Very misleading. website. You are in trouble if there is a problem


might use city link but when the parcel goes missing or arrives broke. you can only claim from parcel monkey. they dont reply to emails try and telephone them. you cant


I agree, they also respond very fast to queries, even by email their response is second to none, I rarely use anyone else. mike


I've used them loads of times and never had an issue until last week, they simply didn't turn up, I emailed and complained and they gave me back 15% of what i had paid and collected the next day.


used them on several occasions and there very good,they used City Link and i have no complaints (not bad from a moaning **** at the best of times ) (_;)

Parcelmonkey 4.9 kilo package to France sent via Parcelforce £16.20
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Posted 17th Dec 2012Posted 17th Dec 2012
Parcelmonkey 4.9 kilo package to France sent via Parcelforce £16.20£16.20
I have no idea which way this one will go but I certainly call it a good deal. Cheapest price for a 4.9 kilo package to France in the post office was £34ish with global value. I … Read more

Anyone who uses UPS gets a thumbs up from me,absolutely professional outfit. They have yet to let me down, always pickup and deliver on time as per agreement, parcels always get there in good nick and their tracking is spot on. Oh and drivers always polite and call you "sir"


They are City Link's agent and should hold full responsibility, City Link don't give a **** about collecting items booked via Parcel Monkey, I had to go few times myself to depot to drop the box, never again to deal with this monkies


Parcel Monkey are a middle-man company though, your problem was with City Link, not with Parcel Monkey. PM are not in control of City Link, they don't deliver themselves.. granted PM should probably change their main courier to another company though.


you right, stay away they lost my laptop worth over 400£ I will probably end up in court as their terms & condition did not pay anything for lost laptops, bunch of monkies and thieves all together with city-link


For international delivery I would recommend ParcelHero, google it, they use UPS and it's collected and delivered. also late collections and at that time when I posted to france a smartphone with full insurance it costed me peanuts, definitely had the best price

DX 48 Hour Service. Up to 10KG. Courier brings the bag (A3) and label! £5.89+vat @ ParcelMonkey
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Posted 28th Aug 2012Posted 28th Aug 2012
DX 48 Hour Service. Up to 10KG. Courier brings the bag (A3) and label! £5.89+vat @ ParcelMonkey£7.07
New! DX 48 Hour Service DX is renowned for secure delivery of retail items, tickets & identity documents. Now Parcel Monkey customers can also enjoy their highly regarded, cos… Read more



I think the moral of this story is - if your a business and you have enough volume get an account direct with a carrier it'll be cheaper and you'll get a dedicated customer service department - The problem with all these 3rd party sellers (Parcelmonkey.P4D,Parcel2go etc etc) their customer services are all really good until - you really need them.Then they are non existent mainly because it's not in their interest to make it easy for you to make a successful claim - and to keep costs low they only employ a handful of customer service staff.We NEVER take out extra insurance with these companies as it's simply chucking good money away after bad.


Stay clear ....... Parcel Monkey are the worst courier company we have ever used.


Used these two weeks ago, never again!!!!! After the booking, they took 3 days to collect. Then sent both my parcels to the wrong addresses. Took another 4 days to collect the parcels, several phone calls myself to a DX Manager to personally sort the mess out. Parcel Monkey did not want to know, and were truly appalling and said there would be teething problems as this is a new service, wtf. In the end, a supposed 48 hour service ended up a 2 week service. Parcel Monkey DX service is an utter shambles, and will never use them again, and as for Parcel Monkey, there customer support is disgraceful and don't expect a quick response or any help. Back to p4d, parcel monkey and DX can go do one....


We send boxes far bigger than that and have never had any of them returned ;)

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Posted 19th Jan 2012Posted 19th Jan 2012
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Prices now gone up :-(


Parcel brand failed to pick up our 2 parcels, we will not be using them again, just started a dispute with Paypal as goods we send are perishable. Will give Parcel Monkey a go. Also ParcelBrand have no contact details on the website, the whois on the Domain name is showing as an individual and not a company although it is a company: Some web pages still have holding text on them, very unprofessional outfit.


Yes. I have even used Pallet Wrap without issue.


To get the £5.82 rate it needs to be in a bag. Can you just put a box in a bag, like shoes in a shoe box and still get the £5.82 rate??


Wow, finally hit 1500 ;-)

Next day Courier (up to 10kg) within UK - £6.90 @ Parcelmonkey (possible £4.90 with Quidco/topcashback) - OR Parcelbee (up to 30kg) for £6.49
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Posted 20th Dec 2009Posted 20th Dec 2009
Next day Courier (up to 10kg) within UK - £6.90 @ Parcelmonkey (possible £4.90 with Quidco/topcashback) - OR Parcelbee (up to 30kg) for £6.49£6.90
I was looking to guarantee a couple of big Xmas packages would arrive before Xmas, and found the Post Office somewhat lacking. After a little on-line research at MSE I found this … Read more

Be warned, Parcelbee seem to be going under. Me and several other people have placed an order, received a bogus label to print and not received any collection. DHL say they never received an order and the parcelbee account has been suspended. more on it here and here


heard there are discount codes for parcelbee - does anyone have one?


I've also been credited the payments (after I sent them a copy of the screengrab) as a "gesture of goodwill", nothing to do with them having been caught out with their pants down of course. The issue here is that quidco are obviously still declining legitimate earnings enquiries from other users as they are well aware that the majority will not have the evidence to contradict them. Still, at least it's been sorted. Thanks again to baker for the screengrab. :thumbsup:


Just had a reply from Quidco apologising about incident with PM and confirming as a gesture of goodwill they will credit my account with the 32 missing payments that I have made enquiries about - I have asked if I can therefore submit the other 20 (not trying to push my luck just to put an end to it all) and am waiting to hear back but Quidco if you are reading this then Thank You - its nice to see a company put their clients first.


Jamie is also saying same to me after I issued a complaint yesterday that it chanfed from 2nd november(my 1st order was placed after that!) I have also sent him copy of this pageand will report back what he says.

Cheapest Courier - Next day Delivery up to 10kg only £6.90 + cashback @ Parcel Monkey
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Posted 12th Nov 2009Posted 12th Nov 2009
Cheapest Courier - Next day Delivery up to 10kg only £6.90 + cashback @ Parcel Monkey£6.90
For anyone sending Parcels, this is the cheapest courier out there. Plus there is £2 cashback per order on Quidco and TCB meaning it'll only cost £4.90! I've used them alot over … Read more

Also Collect+ are apparently quite good and reasonably


Myhermes are just as good AND cheap :)


Which courier?


Please please dont use this company they lost my parcel i took out extra cover but despite many many letters are just ignoring me


£1 - £2 -