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Dahon Mariner D8 Folding Bike £399.95  Parkers of Bolton
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Posted 1st Aug 2019Posted 1st Aug 2019
Dahon Mariner D8 Folding Bike £399.95 Parkers of Bolton£399.95£61935% off
2018 Dahon Mariner D8U 20" Wheel Folding Bike 8 Speed A frequent winner of folding bike shootouts that include bikes that cost up to four times as much, the Mariner D8U is one of … Read more

Lucky to get one


Seems like the deal expires as there is only one option left 13” Grey for £429.95


Generally the reviews on the Halfords site are very positive, more likely a fault with your particular bike. Fairly sure its lifetime warranty on the frame and forks with Carrera but only a short 5 year warranty on Dahon's. I think it's worth pointing out that fatigue in the hinges can be worse than normal standard aluminium frames without hinges. So it's probably always worth regularly monitoring such a frame whichever brand. I think there is a real advantage here with steel frames which seems more resistant to wear and play at the hinge. Many Dahon's have a reputation for creaking at the hinge as do some other aluminium folding bikes. As for weight limits I'm unsure what the Carrera weight limits are for folding bikes. Their e-bike where the battery is within the downtube was only 85kg rider weight as that frame design may have limited strength but normally Carrera's are rated to 120kg rider weight. Dahon's I think are 105 or 110kg but you have to put that into context of the much shorter warranty. If the handlebar does fold down on the Transit you tried that part may well have been changed on later batches. That is a fairly standard part. It's the hinge on the frame itself that can be a pain to get replacement parts. The more generic the hinge the better really in my opinion. Also there has been full blown recalls for Dahons for failing stem hinges, thousands of bikes a few years ago including the earlier Mariner models so feel unfair to criticise one Transit model when your brand of choice literally put thousands of riders at risk with faulty stem hinges. There has been no such recalls for Carrera folding bikes despite being one of the most popular folding bikes in the UK. Saying that I would not like to compare Dahon to Tern which has a horrific reputation for recalls and frame failures. Given a choice between Dahon and Tern I know which I would prefer by a long way. Tern seem to focus even more on reducing frame weight and creating sporty folding bikes that have lower weights than their competitors.


Had the transit, it's dangerous, I had the handlebar fold down on me during a ride even though it all properly fastened and secured. - that was enough. took it back. Plus it's quite a large bike and almost 14kg


I definitely wouldn't trust Tern! They've had multiple recalls covering a whole myriad of their bikes. They just don't seem to be able to perfect the engineering that's required to make the fold safe (meaning the frames end up shearing in half). Dahon don't seem to suffer such issues - despite being of a similar design. Brompton are bomproof.

Viking Citifold Unisex 20" Wheel 6 Speed Folding Bicycle White - B grade £109.95 Parkers of Bolton
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Posted 1st Mar 2019Posted 1st Mar 2019
Viking Citifold Unisex 20" Wheel 6 Speed Folding Bicycle White - B grade £109.95 Parkers of Bolton£99.95£15636% off
Seems a good price for a basic 20" steel folding bike. Remember this is an internet purchase so will not get a final check and setup by a bicycle shop. You will be responsible for … Read more

Thanks to both Biker.Jeff and Bonzobanana for the insights. Really appreciate the help here folks! :)


I like folders, one of my bikes is a Dahon folder. I bought it mostly to go in the back of my car for occasional use when i need a folder. It gets the least use of all my bikes, but there are times when only a folder will work for me. But i am aware of the downsides to them. Mine is just over 13kg and its a heavy awkward lump to carry when folded. The Brommies are much better in this respect, as they fold smaller and you can roll them along using the seat as a handle. But you have to put up with 16" wheels, which i really dont like. 20" wheel folders are much better to ride. Folders are more maintenance prone than ordinary bikes, derailleur gears are low to the ground and susceptible to picking up all the crap easily, the five clamps for folding are susceptible to wear and can break if they get a lot of use. The frames obviously aren't as strong as a normal bike due to the main folding hinge. The folder in this deal is dirt cheap, especially as many folders are pretty expensive. Its not a lot to pay to see if a folder will work for you. But using it for commuting, you will have to get something better quality at some point.


That's one of the main reasons to get a folding bike, easy to store and carry. Should be ideal for your commute and will soon pay for itself. Take time to choose the right route to your work and back. Not always the most direct .Sometimes its better to use minor roads or go through parks etc to make it easier and safer to ride if nothing else so you don't suck in as many vehicle fumes. If you don't get on with this bike you'll probably get a large percentage of the price bike reselling it. If it really works well for you, you may be tempted to upgrade to a better bike fairly quickly. It's not just about saving you money either it could improve your health and fitness, extend your life and help prevent disease and even improve brain function.


Cheers Biker.Jeff! Yeah normally I would pick a non-folding bike in general, but I work in a shop that doesn’t have the facility to store a normal bike alas. Thank you for the feedback though! (y)


Its doable on a folder, but the main reason for getting a folder is that you specifically need the bike to fold. If you can do without the folding aspect, a hybrid or a road bike is far better for commuting, faster, more comfortable, better for panniers, bags etc.

Coyote Lexington Gents 27sp 29er 29" Wheel Mountain Bike - 20" frame only £229.95 @ Parkers of Bolton
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Posted 3rd Feb 2019Posted 3rd Feb 2019
Coyote Lexington Gents 27sp 29er 29" Wheel Mountain Bike - 20" frame only £229.95 @ Parkers of Bolton£229.95
20" frame only for larger riders Coyote Lexington Gents 27sp 29er 29" Wheel Mountain Bike At the heart of the Coyote Lexington lies a distinctive hydro formed lightweight 29er A… Read more

3 remaining


Out of interest what is the weight of the bike assembled as the stated 18kg seems far too high for the spec?


Sometimes there is a general manual plus sheets for specific components like the Shimano disc brakes. Sounds like the documentation is incomplete but they are easily downloadable from the Shimano site. What you are describing sounds quite typical of a bike purchased on the internet and not given a final check and adjustment by a cycle shop. The wheel deviation of 1-2mm sounds normalish but the 1cm tyre deviation sounds more like the tyre needs reseating perhaps when you inflated the tyre the beading came out of the rim a bit. As for trueing the wheel if its only 1-2mm I wouldn't bother until you have used the bike for a while as it will need trueing again fairly soon. It really depends on how bad it is. It's perfectly normal to spend a little time on a new bike getting it right. Normal bicycle manuals have a list of safety checks to perform before riding the bike for the first time. I personally would always double check the drivetrain is setup correctly, the A and B limit screws etc. There are many informative videos on youtube for setting up your bike from its box.


Received mine was really happy with it until I started checking it... rear brakes are so loose they aren’t safe (despite what the checks say) not sure how to tighten them? The manual is from 2007 and doesn’t even have disc let alone hydraulic brakes. Now the other thing that seems to be a more fundamental problem which I don’t think is normal, someone please tell me if it is... both the rear and front breaks when you spin the tyre they seem bent with the tyre it’s massive 1cm odd but on the wheel I think it’s about 1-2mm is this normal?


6 left now.

Saxon Trail 18sp Hybrid Bike (B Grade) - £84.95 Parkers of Bolton
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Posted 14th Sep 2018Posted 14th Sep 2018
Saxon Trail 18sp Hybrid Bike (B Grade) - £84.95 Parkers of Bolton£81.95
B Grade. This cycle is new but may have marks to frame and/or forks. It has been returned to us by one of our couriers. It is mechanically sound and covered by the manufacturers f… Read more



One left each of the men's and women's versions.


Hero must have bought Parkers in the process then I guess although it could simply be the legal formalities of Hero taking over Avocet hasn't been recorded yet and won't be until this year's financial statement maybe Parkers have split of at this point. It was just confusing when I knew Avocet were owned by Hero bikes and seemed strange to own a relatively small cycle shop operation considering Hero I think are the second biggest bicycle manufacturer in the world by volume after fuji-ta of China. If you look at the figures Parkers doesn't have huge sales. Anyway you have definitely established the connection between the companies but again while it may be relevant for e-bikes for those who don't want to the hassle of trying to find replacement parts on aliexpress or ebay it certainly isn't applicable to this particular bike.


They (eventually) transferred my call from Avocet to Parkers via their own switchboard and were a bit cagey when i asked if it was the same company. If most people get good service most of the time that's fine but my experience doesn't support that.


I don't know about the connection between Parkers and Avocet they are definitely in the same area. I know Avocet are owned by the large Indian Hero bikes company but wouldn't of thought they would own Parkers of Bolton which is an independent bike shop although they could have been connected before Hero took over Avocet. Again though this has nothing to do with this simple bike with easily replaceable parts and Parkers of Bolton do have a very good reputation much better than most online bike shops according to Trustpilot. There are many small bicycle shops that sell Avocet bikes and you see them in such shops close to their recommended selling price. That I guess is where you get such bikes sold at close to full price. I posted an offer for a e-bike some time ago. Viking Hopper I think it was for £399 and noticed the same bike in a cycle shop in Weymouth for about £700 and that was their offer price. I went in to ask about a 7 speed cassette spacer which they had but wanted £4.99 for a tiny ring of metal so I ordered it on aliexpress instead for about 40p and had to wait 2 weeks for it. My point is many local bike shops sell Avocet bikes at close to their recommended selling price. A quick check on the shop online shows they are selling a similar basic e-bike with tourney gearing for £800. I'm not sure that Avocet do clear yearly refreshes like other brands so older stock is more acceptable. I don't think anyone would go into a bike shop requesting a 2018 version of a Viking road bike and reject the 2017 model if there. It's a budget brand and doesn't have that sort of customer base like a Trek, Giant or Cannondale. Being able to hold stock longer could be an advantage of such bike shops which have low turnover. Did you manage to sort out your e-bike in the end?

Lectro Rapide Folding 36Volt 250w 8 Speed Electric Bike (B Grade) - £519.95 @ Parkers of Bolton
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Posted 31st Aug 2018Posted 31st Aug 2018
Lectro Rapide Folding 36Volt 250w 8 Speed Electric Bike (B Grade) - £519.95 @ Parkers of Bolton£519.95
High quality e-bike that seems a genuine reduction from £1000. Features a claris derailleur and cassette/freehub gearing. Lightweight aluminium frame, steel forks and front wheel m… Read more

Ordered one of these yesterday which arrived today, pretty impressed so far. Seems as new and it's my first electric bike and I'm loving it. Going to be useful as part of a split commute. Worth noting that mine did actually come with a saddle quick release contrary to what someone else posted in this thread which is rather confusing, useful though as it meant I didn't have to swap one in. Haven't delimited mine yet but may give it a go since it sounds quite straightforward

Sorry just read your comment today... you need to find a SOLE white cable and then disconnect it. Not from a combo though.


I disconnected a white cable from a grey and black combo. Doesn't seem to have changed my limit. Any ideas? Thanks


I've purchased mine - when I looked over the weekend they were out of stock. Guess they've had some more in since.


Still 3 left but gone up to £520 and I think you can buy non B grade versions for £1000.

2017 Raleigh Chopper MK 3 Limited Edition Retro Bike Pearl White £209.95 @ Parkers of Bolton
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Posted 23rd Oct 2017Posted 23rd Oct 2017
2017 Raleigh Chopper MK 3 Limited Edition Retro Bike Pearl White £209.95 @ Parkers of Bolton£219.95
2017 Raleigh Chopper MK 3 Limited Edition Pearl White The iconic Raleigh Chopper returns with a limited edition MOD retro style design. Combining chrome and the scooter Pearl Whit… Read more

I went from a Budgie, my very first bike that I remember taking the stabilisers off and learning to ride around the village cricket pitch, straight to a second hand Chopper at 6 or 7 years old. Looked pretty funky but it was too heavy to pull wheelies on and it had that mad "power lever" gear shift - you'd often have to look down while travelling at high speed to change gear - which felt rather dangerous. To be honest the Chopper wasn't a great bike beyond its unconventional appearance.


It was a hand me down I received as well from older brother, in fact all bikes where, it wasn't until I was 18 and working i could afford my first brand new bike. oooh doesnt sound to good that crash but spooky that slope being called Dracula (lol)


I'm holding out for a Grifter


Had a hand-me-down one from my brother (purple from memory) - had no brakes, which was great as I (what seemed) 360'd in the air down a (what seemed) 45 degree downhill slope called 'Dracula' by the local kids (oddly outside an old people's home). Landed on my head so the colour of the bike might have actually been fluorescent pink in reality - can't remember... I did bounce though 8) Actually learnt to cycle on a Commando owned by a friends neighbour. Think my blood still paints the fences of houses in Southgate - London XD


It's not a Chopper but this thread makes me think of this video. The most well-used bike in the world. The chainset looks pretty similar though to the modern Chopper.

Hopper E-Club Folding 6 Speed Electric Bike 20" - £399.99 @ Parkers of Bolton
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Posted 31st May 2017Posted 31st May 2017
Hopper E-Club Folding 6 Speed Electric Bike 20" - £399.99 @ Parkers of Bolton£399.99
Well spec'd folding e-bike with 250W hub motor and 8.8Ah 24V battery. A mid-level spec with a very entry level price. Hopper is a generic name used across many Viking e-bikes of va… Read more

250w is still great if you live somewhere hilly.


Missus has one of the earlier ones. Perhaps it is because she is fairly small, but it works well on the hills here in Wales. For me of average height, I found it too small and fairly pointless so I wonder if there is a sweet spot in terms of the size, weight and fitness. It looks to me that this new version has had many tweaks to it. The hub motor looks different as does the battery - and it has replaced the rear brake for a v-brake. It might perform quite differently to the older version.


​You can get stem extender adaptors, kind of common for this style of bike.


Yes exactly the same issues as power tools as you would expect. Many power tool chargers will charge fast and then taper off the charge rate as the batteries get full. Some won't even fully charge to the capacity of the cells to extend battery life and reduce warranty returns. The tools themselves will often protect the batteries from going below a 20% charge to protect the battery and allow safe storage for months without cell damage. Thermal safety sensors are in both the tool and the charger due to li-ion cells explosive nature. I suspect the issue of customers using their li-ion drill outside and leaving it in clear view of the baking sun leading to cutting out in use probably isn't much different from an e-bike parked in the baking sun and then cutting out when you hit the hills.


The manufacturers 500 odd cycles is a upper limit based on laboratory conditions with optimum charging rates/times temps. When a battery is used dozens of more significant factors will come into play that will affect the lifetime like Quality of charger, storage temps, ageing, discharge rates, time left discharged, time between charges, temperatures during storage discharge and charge even how long you leave it on the charger when full. efficiency of charging equipment and over charge protection etc. All these factors vary between batteries some like to be left on charge when not in use like golf trolley batteries others should be disconnected once fully charged. Lith-ion batteries do not last significantly longer than conventional deep cycle batteries but give greater power under varying loads but do tend to cut out quicker when running low to protect them from undervoltage

2015 Barracuda Cetus Flat Bar Road Bike Gents £199.95 @ Parkers on Bolton
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Posted 18th Mar 2017Posted 18th Mar 2017
2015 Barracuda Cetus Flat Bar Road Bike Gents £199.95 @ Parkers on Bolton£199.95
Well spec'd bike with Claris groupset except chainset. Double wall rims, double pivot caliper brakes, cassette based rear wheel, mostly lightweight aluminium alloy components. Shou… Read more

I can fully believe this could be 14kg


One of the figures will have to be wrong either amazon or argos as there is no way a box and its packaging is only 1kg and looking at the bike and its components I can't see it being 14kg but if weight is a critical figure for you I guess assume the heaviest figure.


​Thank you everyone. That's great.


Argos states fully assembled weight of 14kg.


Actually further in the review of that viking bike it says its 10.9kg not 8kg so I guess the Cetus would be similar.

Tandem Bikes (New) from £329.99 @ ParkersOfBolton
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Posted 27th Jan 2017Posted 27th Jan 2017
Tandem Bikes (New) from £329.99 @ ParkersOfBolton£329.99
Forget you expensive secondhand tandem bikes @ £500 - go for a cheaper option brand new with your normal guarantees and even buyer protection with payment options including Paypal… Read more

Great thread, phil'. Love the way you interact with others in such a positive way and engage in such top-notch banter.




Wow don't give up your day job (if you've got one ;) ) And I wouldn't enter any talent shows ;) Now that's funny


Get a life. It's meant to be a joke.


Wow thanks for your input - yes it also has two wheels, two handle bars (but only one for steering) need I go on? MHarolambus JOINED 27 Jul 2015 DEALS 0 COMMENTS 14 LIKES 2

Clarks M2 Hydraulic Front And Rear Disc Brake Set with 160mm rotors – Parkers of Bolton £37.95
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Posted 13th Oct 2016Posted 13th Oct 2016
Clarks M2 Hydraulic Front And Rear Disc Brake Set with 160mm rotors – Parkers of Bolton £37.95£37.95
Great upgrade for cable discs front and rear set under 40 notes can't go wrong...

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING! Just got me one set, might get another for my partner's bike. Chain Reaction had the same deal but are sold out. Good find, exceptional value XD


I... don't know how I missed that these were hydraulic. My bad!


​Lol just spotted that now, thought they were hydraulic :|


You may be better off wth the shimano for £17.50 a front or back on Merlin cycles, if your rotors are still in good nick


Thanks OP. Did not buy the brakes but bought some other accessories as a present . Free delivery is over £25 otherwise another fiver for dely.