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MASON CASH GARLIC STORE AND GRATER £3.50 + £2.75 p&p @ Partridges
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Posted 14th Oct 2018Posted 14th Oct 2018
MASON CASH GARLIC STORE AND GRATER £3.50 + £2.75 p&p @ Partridges£3.50£7.9956% off
You can also do click and collect free from their store in Hadleigh.The next best price I’ve seen for it is £8.05 on eBay. INNOVATIVE KITCHEN GARLIC STORE & GRATER The M… Read more

No still the same when its frozen i just break them up and put them in the food bags that. You can also make the garlic ginger mix and put in any icecube tray depending on size you require. Sometime when i need to marinate chicken i put it in the micro for 30 secounds and its defrosted and ready to use. I also do the same with corriander spinach and mint wash and let water strain from the sieve and freze them in storage bags


Does it lose its taste when you put it in the freezer or is it the same? Is it still as strong?


If it helps anyone i take the garlic and gingr skin of and put it in a minichopper them blender machines and lay it in a tray wd a carier bag make some square knife marks ro easy breakable next time and then jus freeze. Saves time for currys and other dishes jus take one out and add to the pot


That’s your choice. (y) They say garlic lasts longer when not kept in the fridge though. Some people like cute things like this. Fair enough if it’s not for you. ;)


I don't get it. I keep my garlic in a basket and ginger in the fridge. And if I need to grate either of them I use the.... Grater?

Weber Fireplace Firepit £125.99 + free delivery @
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Posted 27th Dec 2016Posted 27th Dec 2016
Weber Fireplace Firepit £125.99 + free delivery @£125.99
Seems to be retailing between £134.99 (Argos) and £169.99 (John Lewis) but this is the best price I found for a high-quality item. P.S. Argos is selling this for £134.99 and Quidc… Read more

The website doesn’t connect for weber fire pit! Can you help? Thanks


Great find!




I have one of these and its not bad. Certainly warms you up along with a big glass of scotch. Cheaper here though......£99


Wish you'd told us all about it a couple of months ago! :D

Weber MasterTouch 57cm BBQ - MW Partridge £186.49 31% off rrp
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Posted 27th Apr 2016Posted 27th Apr 2016
Weber MasterTouch 57cm BBQ - MW Partridge £186.49 31% off rrp£186.49
with free delivery nest cheapest: £198.99 at Keen Gardener £199.99 at The Gas Centre £202.00 from online BBQ shops
Get deal*Get deal*

and 2 red ones left


1 black one left, just bought one myself, this is a great deal, nowhere cheaper. Dont understand why cold, heat from me.


blast. sold out....good price.


I didn't find any cashback or vouchers for this site or the other sites selling it at a discount - but it's a bank holiday weekend so there may be some around in the next day or so


This site does make me laugh, all you cold voters - can you find it cheaper anywhere? Serious question as im going to buy one of these soon, in spring green.:) Any cashback/discount codes for this site? I couldnt find any Cheers

Weber Q2200 BBQ with stand £245 free standard delivery at M W Partridge & Co
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Posted 10th Mar 2016Posted 10th Mar 2016
Weber Q2200 BBQ with stand £245 free standard delivery at M W Partridge & Co£245
We have been on the lookout for a Weber Q2200 since last year and this is the best price we have found to date.



​oos...I know, I know. My mistake :(


you might want to look at this 1st


OK Bobby, now fetch me the propane.

Weber Smokey Mountain - 37cm (New) + Cover + Free Shipping - £223.99 (WowBBQ) £224.69
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Posted 22nd Aug 2015Posted 22nd Aug 2015
Weber Smokey Mountain - 37cm (New) + Cover + Free Shipping - £223.99 (WowBBQ) £224.69£223.99
Been looking for one for ages with the package deal, also included free cover...cheapest I can find.

World of Power are cheap for these.


I'm still holding out for the 47cm version to come down in price a bit, this is tiny but the smokey mountains are very well regarded I have looked at the ProQ too, really like the inlets for thermometer prongs


Those reading this who cook the chicken in the oven first. Lol. I'm talking about you! :)


Also most Brits don't know how to BBQ and don't understand the value of this wonderful item. I use mine nearly weekly.


Because everyone on here is tight and only by the cheapest things. A Webber BBQ is for life. The other idiots can buy one for a tenner every year and keep land fills topped up. Worth every penny.

Weber Rotisserie For Charcoal Kettle Barbecue £139.99 @ Partridges
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Posted 8th Jun 2015Posted 8th Jun 2015
Weber Rotisserie For Charcoal Kettle Barbecue £139.99 @ Partridges£139.99
Retail Price: £190.00 The ultimate tool for the true Weber fan! This electric rotisserie roasts whole chickens, giving you crisp, brown, delicious chicken - all the way round! Th… Read more

Nice to finally have a few people who know what they are talking about in this deal ;)


Fantastic! I shopped around lots and bought this for £142 from world of power, couldn't find it cheaper anywhere. We use it all the time, chicken tastes fantastic. Imagine the juices all running out then drying on the skin, it's lovely. I've managed 3 chickens at once and they were perfect. I've also done pork and gammon, both with great results and amazing crackling. Yes it's expensive but it is very good. My weber is a one touch premium in spring green and the rotisserie is only available in black. Given how much we use it I've actually bought another one touch premium in black as a dedicated rotisserie :)


Weber is a fantastic make and in my experience their products last far better than cheaper alternatives. They also don't seem to discount that often so I think this is a good deal; Heat from me.


Or you can make SMOKED roast chicken chicken in a rotisserie.. Best way to cook chicken is on a rotisserie as the juices just rotate around inside the chicken instead of dripping off.. Juicy, moist and tender mmmm


You do know smoked chicken is very different to chicken cooked on a rotisserie? Can you find this item cheaper?

Weber MasterTouch 57cm Black Kettle Barbecue £185.48 @ Partridges
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Posted 8th Jun 2015Posted 8th Jun 2015
Weber MasterTouch 57cm Black Kettle Barbecue £185.48 @ Partridges£185.48
Retail price £259.99 Open up a world of opportunity with the new MasterTouch®! With all the great features of the Original Kettle™ Premium® the MasterTouch® also comes complete w… Read more

Price has gone up by £1 since posting but this was easily the best price I found.


While it is expensive it's worth it. I use to have a one touch premium but the master touch is worth the extra just for the roll back lid. Best bbq ever.


Great saving compared to other retailers. Ordered, thanks.


Great price. People voting cold must be the type who think using a BBQ means cooking it in the oven and then sticking it on a disposable for 5minutes.


Best barbecue I have ever owned and I've had a few!

Jamie Oliver 3 knife set for £4.99 + delivery £1.75 @ partridge (£6.74)
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Posted 14th Jan 2015Posted 14th Jan 2015
Jamie Oliver 3 knife set for £4.99 + delivery £1.75 @ partridge (£6.74)£6.74
For anyone who missed the Argos deal

Received mine this morning :)




do a search in argos for "jamie oliver knife" you will find 2 similar sets come up one at 6.99 one at 7.99 they are slightly different colours and fonts used but essentially the same. i kept going back every day and eventually they got back in stock at my local, i got one of each set. keep trying u may get lucky


Got these and they went blunt very quickly, the perforated one still works!


Damn forgot about these on the argos offer now gone up to £7.99. damn and blast £1 more grrrrrr and NO STOCK!!!!

Weber One Touch Original 57cm Black Kettle BBQ Promotion @ M W Partridge & Co Ltd.... £126.49
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Posted 22nd Jul 2014Posted 22nd Jul 2014
Weber One Touch Original 57cm Black Kettle BBQ Promotion @ M W Partridge & Co Ltd.... £126.49£126.49
Weber BBQ One Touch Original Promotion - This 57cm Weber grill is sold complete with a barbecue cover, Tool Set and Tool Holder. Features: Holidays, festivals, camping and  trave… Read more

I bought mine in the BBQ sell off in Sept 2012. The Webers last for years and years, even if you don't put a cover on them. I use mine all year round, even in winter, and several people I know cook their turkey in them on christmas day, even in the snow. [a lot of people seem to bring this habit back with them after serving in the forces in Germany]


I've checked and mine is the 57cm one. It doesn't however have the thermometer built into the lid like my other one.


great BBQ! hot!


They also have the 47cm one for £51. No accessories though.


Wasn't aware you can only use them this summer ?

Weber One Touch Premium 57cm Black Kettle Barbecue £156.98 @ M W Partridge & Co
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Posted 10th Jun 2014Posted 10th Jun 2014
Weber One Touch Premium 57cm Black Kettle Barbecue £156.98 @ M W Partridge & Co£156.98
Been looking around for a decent charcoal bbq for a while and decided this is the one - this is the cheapest I can find - need one for Saturday so if ordered tonight will get it by… Read more

Also available here at that price


Brilliant shout! ..been eyeing this up for a while..and price match was pretty straight forward with Go Outdoors

packard will also price match


Mine got accepted by Go Outdoors too. Heat added


That's a really good deal. Thank you for sharing. Mine got accepted as well. I think you should give them a call or e-mail them again.