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Patlock patio doors security system £44.99 with code @ Patlock
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Posted 24th Dec 2020Posted 24th Dec 2020
Patlock patio doors security system £44.99 with code @ Patlock£44.99
Patlock Box Content 1 x Patlock 1 x Pair of tamper resist spindles 2 x Window stickers 1 x Instruction leaflet

So predictable... I agreed to stop feeding the trolls (lol) (lol) great advice. Enjoy your snack.


What on earth made you think the comment was aimed at you! (lol) (lol)


Okay, I'll stop.


Please stop feeding the troll


Just responding to convers opinion, that's all. I would never use it. Get that? (lol) (lol)

Patlock Security System £42.50 @ Patlock
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Posted 9th Dec 2020Posted 9th Dec 2020
Patlock Security System £42.50 @ Patlock£42.50£47.2510% off Free P&P Free
Neighbour Hood Watch (NW) same product as the £49.99 one just a discount price no code needed or to be a member of NW!

You have 2 keys to unlock your front door?


What having to turn a key, no different from the front door.


Dangerous! Good luck exiting in an emergency. Okay for an unoccupied property.


patio lock What about something like this as an alternative?


I think you're over thinking it or I'm oversimplifying it in my head (embarrassed) . The handles are being locked in the up position with the device, but if you could knock the spindle through and detach the handle from the other side, it wouldn't be holding anything anymore. This stops you from using something to knock the spindle through and detaching the handle from the inside, which would leave your patlock and handle dangling on the other door handle and the door free to open. I presume, anyway. At the end of the day, it's only a deterrent, and if this is another thing that makes someone start and realise they're getting nowhere quickly, hopefully that's that.

Patlock Security System for french / Patio doors - (tamper-proof door spindles included) - £42.50 @ Patlock
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Posted 21st Nov 2018Posted 21st Nov 2018
Patlock Security System for french / Patio doors - (tamper-proof door spindles included) - £42.50 @ Patlock£42.50
Posted a while ago but live again. £42.50 including delivery ( next cheapest I could find was Amazon @ £49.47 ) Was looking for additional security for my patio doors and while t… Read more

Totally agree. All those saying it's pointless might as well leave their door unlocked, as whats the point in locking it if they just pop the window anyway, right? Any extra security is better than nothing.. Same goes for stoplocks for cars but you always get the same people saying "waste of time.. only takes them 10 seconds to break blah blah". To be honest, it's good that a lot of people do think they are pointless, as they will likely walk past mine and break into theirs!


Maybe in your area, but not around where I live...


As a serving officer it happens in 9 out of 10 burglaries I have been too this year


No it wont stop anyone smashing the window but it will help if they try to pop the lock on your doors (which was the burglars method of choice when we were broken into). Cheaper than we paid for ours so have some heat.


I personally think these are very good even if it mainly only stops the lock poppers. They at least show prospective burglars that the homeowner is not totally lax about home security. If they care look more carefully they would also see other security devices such as cameras, ring doorbell, motion detectors and security lights about the place. so I feel they are just part of the setup to make them sort out easier targets.

Patlock Security System for french / Patio doors - (tamper-proof door spindles included) - £42.50 @ Patlock
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Posted 14th Jun 2018Posted 14th Jun 2018
Patlock Security System for french / Patio doors - (tamper-proof door spindles included) - £42.50 @ Patlock£42.50
£42.50 including delivery ( next cheapest I could find was Amazon @ £49.37 ) Was looking for additional security for my patio doors and while the Patlock has its drawbacks it c… Read more

I've just ordered a set of these, after doing some fairly extensive research including taking my doors apart. The locks themselves. Better than the padlock option due to the tamper resistant spindles. If they do snap your lock, then this adds a good 2nd layer of security. It won't stop them forever, nothing will. But it's all about the amount of time, noise and effort it takes to get in that counts. Of course, having a couple of highly territorial GSDs the other side of the glass is my best 3rd layer of security. Lastly a word of warning, the website payment with PayPal is AWFUL. Took me 3 attempts to get it to work. If you make a mistake (upper case in email one of the several times you have to write it out for example) then just give up and start again. When you go to fill the form out to buy this, you put name and address etc. Then you click on PayPal, it copies your info over to the PP popup window, BUT once you have finished the PayPal form, it will take you to the main website page again, but in the new small PayPal window. You have to fill out all your data AGAIN and then you can complete it. Note, you will need to go back to the top and manually add your email address in AGAIN... the page takes you to step 2 for address, but go up and do that too. Dumb site, really dumb. Hopefully this info will save anyone else having a faff with it.


Was thinking exactly the same as this picture. My Dad used to use a cheap poundland style flexible bike lock around the handles of his French doors when he went on holiday etc. Seems to do the same job.


Those look goods but they don't act as a visual deterrent. They are a good supplement to the Patlock so thanks.


You win Laugh-Out-Loud prize today. Good to see someone making sure the filth humour isn't left out of serious posts (lol)


Yep they do some cheap plastic ones but if you shop around you can get metal ones

PAT LOCK £49 @ Patlock
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Posted 5th Feb 2017Posted 5th Feb 2017
PAT LOCK £49 @ Patlock£49
French door security pat lock, as featured on dragons den

I did mean a half length one so that there's nothing sticking out on the outside of the door for a burglar to snap off.


Single sided full length eurolocks, where would you find such a beastie? I can only find half length ones.


Ah, different product.


I've seen a lot of patio sliders with wheels ground down to nothing with lamm glass


Not too sure that's correct, are you referring to the hinges?