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Giant Defy Composite 3 £699.99 (£714.99 posted) @ Pauls Cycles
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Posted 5th Aug 2015Posted 5th Aug 2015
Giant Defy Composite 3 £699.99 (£714.99 posted) @ Pauls Cycles£699.99
This is an amzing carbon framed bike for under £700, the Giant Defy bikes are amazing for sportive type riding or if looking for something a bit more relaxed Only got size Large le… Read more

Ok, it is a different paint job, yawn.... but it is the same carbon material and construction


rodman ... correct its different paint job.


White and black color does not mean the same frame


Ah yes, I see that it's different - only large available though?


Yeah, looks like the TCR bikes have gone now but this is exactly the same bike with different geometry

Giant TCR Composite 3 full carbon road bike £699 from £1250 2013 model @ paulscycles
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Posted 1st Aug 2015Posted 1st Aug 2015
Giant TCR Composite 3 full carbon road bike £699 from £1250 2013 model @ paulscycles£699
Just bought this from Paul's Cycles. £699 for a full carbon bike from a major manufacturer is a great deal. Full specs here (Cut n paste into browser or can someone tag hyperlink) … Read more

I tried the riding position of the Defy, (which is a more casual riding position) but preferred the TCR, each to their own, but it felt more like what you'd expect from a road bike. the TCR just seemed more fun.


Yep I agree, I have nothing but trouble with my Ribble and the non existent customer service.....shocking company


Just seen they also have the Defy Composite 3, same bike but more relaxed ride position for us oldies or longer distance rides


Thanks, maybe get one next year when I get another bit of weight of ,losing 2lb a week using a boardman team hybrid .


well with a lighter bike you may find hills easier, its all for speed

Scott CR1 30 Carbon Roadbike: Paul's Cycles £749.99
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Posted 13th Jul 2015Posted 13th Jul 2015
Scott CR1 30 Carbon Roadbike: Paul's Cycles £749.99£749.99
I've been researching new bikes and this looks to be a good deal. Not the best groupset, but this is a very good lightweight carbon frame from a manufacturer with a great pedigree … Read more
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Canyon make great bikes and have an XC8 MTB (in profile pic) Couldn't stretch to their road bikes this time though.




Where ?


Great service from Paul's. Ordered yesterday and arrived today :)


I agree however looking at at the normal user i think this is plenty of a bike and yes if you are into racing or something than yes its good to add more love to your bike as a daily commuter i think i bike should be comfortable to ride and that's about it.

GT KARAKORAM 2.0 2013 29"  £369.99 @ Pauls Cycles
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Posted 12th May 2015Posted 12th May 2015
GT KARAKORAM 2.0 2013 29" £369.99 @ Pauls Cycles£369.99
Not sure if this is any good but I am looking for a new bike and saw this, to small for me but may be good for someone else, Any recommendation on a bike in this price range thoug… Read more

Been riding a 29er for the past year with no real problems


Comment I would take 26" wheels myself for downhill, 29's are heavy, slow to accelerate and unresponsive, I would have said that 29's are only for high speed in technical terrain, but I'm not convinced the benefits are worth it, especially now 650b exists. Frankly I wouldn't recommend any sub £700 29er above a 26 because it means they have shoehorned the wheels onto 26" geometry to get it to that price point, and this will wreck all benefits you get from the wheel size anyway.


Just checked it out its a 29er so not great for everyday use , more for downhill !!! And it's only a small left in frame size so that will be a 16 in frame , medium is 18 and large is 20


Do you mean a 29er as in 29 inch rims , 29 inch frame would be for a 9ft giant !!!! Just got a brand new boardman from gumtree £500 in store the guy wanted £400 but got him down to £350 . Lots of brand new bike on there that people buy and then sell not used . And I got the receipt for 1st service free .


I was looking for a 29" as have tried on and based on that experience and research they seemed to be pretty good now a days?

GT karakoram elite 2014 29er @ paulscycles Was £700 Now £429
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Posted 1st Feb 2015Posted 1st Feb 2015
GT karakoram elite 2014 29er @ paulscycles Was £700 Now £429£429.99
GT karakoram elite 2014 29er from paulscycles Model Year (2014) Options Small - In Stock, Medium - - No Longer Available, Large - In Stock, X Large - In Stock Frame 29" Hydroform… Read more

Been looking at getting in to trail cycling for a while as a means of keeping fit *(getting fit). Bought a 2nd hand Saracen Traverse 05 model in great condition for £40. So would love to know from you bike nuts if I got a good bike at a decent price? (An apology for wondering off topic slightly, oops)


Comment I think they only price matched Paul's in your case as you're local. Paul's aren't on the price match list:


or price


frame sizeoO


That's only got 20" wheels.

Cannondale trail SL3 mountain bike £499 @ pauls cycles
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Posted 4th Jan 2015Posted 4th Jan 2015
Cannondale trail SL3 mountain bike £499 @ pauls cycles£499
A very good starter spec mountain bike better than your usual halfords bikes perfect for anyone getting into cycling for the new year Frame Trail SL, Optimized 6061 alloy, SAVE, … Read more
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was thinking the same thing. I just bought the GT Karakoram elite 2014 29er with rock shox for 100 quid cheaper.


Was just about to purchase a Voodoo Bizango from Halfords at Farnbourgh Gate but the lack of services and duff information put me off purchasing from that store. It's quite obvious that some of the staff in the bike services area are not adequately trained in basic customer service and seem quite content in keeping you waiting ( in my case 20 mins) without any acknowledgement. Had a better experience at the Bracknell store even though it's an extra 8 miles from were I live. I guess it's just finding the right person.


Great price for an entry level bike. I was looking at this model as I found a couple of good reviews for it and I was just about to bite but decided to go for the SL2 instead as it's slightly better spec (mainly interested in the fork upgrade). CANNONDALE TRAIL SL 29 2 - £629 (only small and xl left) Frame Trail SL 29, Optimized 6061 Alloy, SAVE, 1.5" head tube Forks RockShox XC 30 Gold TK 29, 100mm, Solo Air, remote lockout, rebound, 1.5" Rear Derailleur Shimano SLX Shadow Front Derailleur Shimano Deore, 31.8 clamp Shifters Shimano Deore 30 Speed Chainset Shimano M522 Hollowtech, Octalink, 42/32/24 Bottom Bracket Shimano BB-ES25, Octalink Chain KMC X10, 10-speed Freewheel Shimano HG62, 11-36, 10-speed Headset Tange Custom 1.5" Stem Cannondale C4, 1.5", 31.8, 7 deg. Handlebars Cannondale C3, 700x5mm, 6061 double-butted alloy Front Brake Shimano M446 hydraulic disc, 180mm Rear Brake Shimano M446 hydraulic disc, 160mm Brake Levers Shimano M446 Rims Alex DC3.0 29, double wall w/eyelet, 32-hole Front Hub Formula CDH20 Rear Hub Formula CDH22 Spokes Stainless Steel, 15g Black Tyres WTB NINELINE, 29X2.0" Saddle Cannondale Stage 3 Seatpost Cannondale C3, 27.2x350MM (S,M) 400mm (L,X,J) Pedals Cannondale Platform Grips Cannondale Locking Grips


Well their getting a good test, im no lightweight! Bit of trial and error getting set up to suit, but seem fine now. Do you have the same bike? how did you get differnet set of forks i would have thought it would have a like for like swap?


Ha ha, a classic defence. Get called out and so pretend you were wrong on purpose to get a bite. Your agreement that boxers don't wear lacoste means you have lost the argument, but don't have the wit to realise it yet. Have a re-read of the whole thread, realise your mistake, quietly log off.

CUBE PELOTON COMPACT 2013 £514 (RRP £750) @ pauls cycles
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Posted 11th Jul 2014Posted 11th Jul 2014
CUBE PELOTON COMPACT 2013 £514 (RRP £750) @ pauls cycles£514
Decent price for an awesome bike. Bike is £499 Delivery is £15 TOTAL - £514 Shimano SORA groupset. Ok not going to do the Tour de France with one that, but still decent. Got some… Read more
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It's too skinny my sit bones are about 115mm so add 25 - 30 mm that's 140-145mm the selle Italia is 120mm so is too small changed to my old seat much better with wider seat


Don't change the seat mate. Give it a couple of rides and your **** will be broken in. (Oh matron). Get yourself some decent shorts/tights with a good quality gel chamois in the bum too.


I got mine yesterday. Makes a huge difference over my MTB. Seat is a bit in the skinny and hard side. May try and swap that out to a wider charge spoon after a few more rides if my behind is still sore


If that's the only difference then probably not, Claris is really just 8 speed Sora, can't really see that an extra gear makes too much difference, gear systems have become a bit of a joke, like multiblade razors etc in last decade! New sysems are not 11speed, couple of years time it'll probably be, ahem 12 speed?


So is it worth the extra £45 to get the vr model and get sora rather than Claris?

Cube agree GTC compact 2013 £799.99 @ paulscycles
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Posted 30th Jun 2014Posted 30th Jun 2014
Cube agree GTC compact 2013 £799.99 @ paulscycles£799.99
A fantastic bike at an amazing price. Options 50 CM - - No Longer Available, 53 CM - In Stock, 56 CM - In Stock, 58 CM - In Stock, 60 CM - In Stock, 62 CM - - No Longer Available… Read more

I was completely satisfied with them, like any mail order company sometimes they get it wrong, I particularly don't like JE James due to an order they messed up, however I know they have 1000's of satisfied customers.


on your bike!


One of the 1,000 satisfied... had no issues with Paul's


Great price and I know there is a 1000 satisfied customers for every one disgruntled one. And disgruntled ones are more likely to post than the happier ones getting on with life on their new bike and only make a passing wonder to why anyone ever had trouble when they did not but I wouldn't buy another bike off Paul's. Not voted either way.

Giant Defy Composite 3 2013 Road Bike £814.99 @ Pauls Cycles
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Posted 25th Jun 2014Posted 25th Jun 2014
Giant Defy Composite 3 2013 Road Bike £814.99 @ Pauls Cycles£814.99
£799.99 + £15 delivery Only M, M/L, L available 2013 Giant Defy Composite carbon road bike is versatile with a longer wheelbase and slightly taller headtube for endurance positio… Read more

Do not ditch the compact until you are fit enough to use a standard double. Seeing as this is a "starter" bike, I very much doubt anyone buying it has the level of fitness to use a double on steep hills, even with a 28 rear cog.


The bike's ok for the money. Im lucky in that cycling is my main hobby and I have the resources to afford several bikes for all occasions, but I can justify it and I can justify spending out on campagnolo groupsets on my best bikes. This would appear to be a good starter bike, similar to my specialised allez.... The only upgrade that I would advise initially and its down to personal taste and ability is to ditch the compact chainset. And before people say, I live in an extremely hilly area and still manage with a 53/39 chainset. its an attractive looking machine and should be value for money, as long as your hopes aren't too high for what you pay. As for the comment regarding mountain bikes... theres always the far better cyclo cross alternative...


7.62 or lapua round normally does the trick.. oO


With the state of the roads round my way it's better to use a mountain bike!


Which is why you'd do it in a few years when parts of the Tiagra starts to get worn and you'd extend the life of your bike and get an upgrade. In many ways I wish the 2300 on my bike would cause me some issues though ;)

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Posted 9th Jun 2014Posted 9th Jun 2014

It's cheap but shouldn't be £1000 anyway with the weight and budget components