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Paultons Park is the family oriented theme park that offers over 60 thrilling rides and further attractions such as 4D cinema, the muddy puddle splash park and other water rides. Set within 140 acres of land close to the edge of the New Forest National Park, a visit to the park makes for a perfect family outing. View all the attractions and get park information by visiting the website. Use the ticket price calculator and make your bookings online. 

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Paultons Park / Peppa Pig World - 2 Days Tickets + Hotel Stay from just £51.50pp (Based on 4 people) - Example dates in thread
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Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
Heya :) A couple more of members PMed me asking for any Paultons Park / Peppa Pig Breaks and had a scoot around and spotted this. Think it's pretty good value including 2 days w… Read more

As per the website, if your kid is under 1m whilst wearing shoes, why would you want to pay more? Now, if you were asking that your kid is over 1m and whether its worth chancing it, I would say 'No'. XD


Wasn't asking for the Wisdom of the crowd but rather the crowd's past experience.

RT1982 know this isn’t the chat function of the Theme Park don’t you? Just a suggestion but maybe worth asking them rather than this forum .... horses mouth and all that.


For day ticket, we have two kids but one is under 1m so do we need to buy a "family of 3" ticket (£104)? Since "Children under 1 metre (when wearing shoes) and wheelchair dependant guests do not require a date specific ticket and go free."

RT1982 that you??

Paultons Park, Peppa Pig World, and the New Forest - 2nd days free
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Posted 10th May 2018Posted 10th May 2018
Paultons Park, Peppa Pig World, and the New Forest - 2nd days free£109
Get your 2nd Day FREE worth over £109. Available on all official short breaks with Paultons Breaks in 2018. There are over 70 rides and attractions across both Paultons Park and… Read more

In all fairness, I'd have probably done the same if those things were coming at me. It's the most hideous thing since Mr Blobby


They do. My 3 1/2 year old daughter ran away screaming when Peppa and George came out. She sat through Jurassic Park and didn't find that scary. Go figure.


£78? I got a room for £52 Bank Holiday weekend on the Sunday at the Premier Inn.


Do your own research. Discovery pass was £109 in Pounds not euro. It went up about 2 weeks ago, but it's still very good value, and not €219 like you said, that's the higher pass, its €149(about£130 exchange rate price) but if you ask to pay in pounds it's about £120 currently.


Now OP has changed it to £109, what is the £109 part?

Paultons Park Short Breaks - Kids Go Free with O2 Priority (From £131)
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Posted 3rd May 2018Posted 3rd May 2018
Paultons Park Short Breaks - Kids Go Free with O2 Priority (From £131)
Offer: - Two days for 2x Adults (kids go free) - Overnight stay in hotel of choice - Prices start from £131 for standard room + park entry Currently on O2 Priority application, … Read more

Thanks for the post, been looking for a good deal to take the lil one there. @HerriceFrancais did you book the Apollo Hotel Basingstoke? Thats the cheapest I can find at those sort of prices.


My colleague says this place is amazing. He goes here then hits Vidal Sassoon for a nice haircut for a truly great day out


I would suggest 1 is enough as well, not a huge park, but would highly recommend for the younger ones.


1 day was enough for us when we went 2 years ago


Do you actually need 2 days at Paultons or is 1 enough?

Peppa Pig world - £15 per person valid 11th/12th November
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Posted 8th Nov 2017Posted 8th Nov 2017
Peppa Pig world - £15 per person valid 11th/12th November£15
Valid only for weekend 11th/12th November, tickets price £15 per person (over 1 metre, under 1 metre are free). Check the list of rides that are closed to avoid disappointment. Nor… Read more
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Get deal*Get deal*

Hi All, in Peppa Pig world there are 7 actual rides and they say just 1 of them is closed. The other closures are in the rest of Paultons Park. If you have Peppa Pig fans then still a great day out. Would recommend taking your own snacks in as expensive in there.


Ty but gotta 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @ 17 rides n 16 being shut. They should be paying public to go in 😊😊


So you'll be queuing about 4 hours for the one ride that is open :/


Been waiting for a discount as want to visit the dinosaur kingdom, can't be any busier than legoland on a regular day!!! (excited)


I actually thought you were being sarcastically hilarious. And no, he is right, what in the world are these people thinking???? This should be hot just for the audacity of the management.

Peppa Pig World 72hrs FLASH SALE: Kids go FREE on hotel & ticket packages
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Posted 15th Apr 2016Posted 15th Apr 2016
Peppa Pig World 72hrs FLASH SALE: Kids go FREE on hotel & ticket packages
Its that time of year to get your wellingtons on and go for a real muddy splash at the home of Peppa Pig as Kids Go FREE at Paultons Park! Spring breaks include park tickets, an ov… Read more

Is it just the two weeks starting today?


They look scary in pic oO


If you're going to copy and paste a deal the least you could do is credit the source. Thanks holiday pirates :)

Poultons Park With Peppa Pig World - 2 days worth of Tickets and Night in Hotel With Breakfast from £177 (based on Fam four = from £44.25pp)
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Posted 13th Jul 2015Posted 13th Jul 2015
Poultons Park With Peppa Pig World - 2 days worth of Tickets and Night in Hotel With Breakfast from £177 (based on Fam four = from £44.25pp)£177
I know a lot of kids are breaking up this week, and some have broken up already, so thought i'd have a good old mooch around for a decent offer for a kids break and spotted this. … Read more

Heated went there 2 weeks ago with my little one who is nearly 2 and she loved it.


From what I recall the Park had a lot of rides outside the Peppa Pig part which allowed younger children on which is rare and good considering how busy it was in the Peppa Pig part.


Thanks for everyone's replies


your 11 year old will still enjoy it and the park has some older rides too. Been 3 times and never bored of it.


Get there when it opens and head for the ride with the longest queue first!

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2nd Day Free at Paultons Park - packages from £44pp
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Posted 7th May 2015Posted 7th May 2015
2nd Day Free at Paultons Park - packages from £44pp£44
Paultons Breaks are available to book now and include your Park tickets with a 2nd day free — you can save up to £92 per family on the price of two-day entry! Paultons Park packag… Read more
Peppa Pig Christmas wonderland @ Paultons Park (Includes Peppa Pig World +  Reindeer Blitzen and Elf  + Meet Santa + Free Gift + 4D Cinema + Ice Cavern & More) eg 2 Adults + 2 Children £90.50 or if season tix holder little as £56 for fam of 4
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Posted 8th Sep 2014Posted 8th Sep 2014
Peppa Pig Christmas wonderland @ Paultons Park (Includes Peppa Pig World + Reindeer Blitzen and Elf + Meet Santa + Free Gift + 4D Cinema + Ice Cavern & More) eg 2 Adults + 2 Children £90.50 or if season tix holder little as £56 for fam of 4
Very good reviews on this. Note above price includes booking fee If your a season ticket holder you can go for as little as £56 for a family of four. Cheapest in November then £… Read more

How much would all this be for 2 adults one child aged 2 and half?


I recommend it 100%, we have done it twice now and the kids absolutely love it, yes it's cold but you go prepared for it, top tip...stay til the end, til it's dark as the place looks amazing and there's no q,s on the rides


Looks like quite a lot of rides are open this year from website - Magma, The Cobra, The Flying Frog, The Rabbit Ride, The Sky Swinger, Kontiki, Tea Cup Ride, Pirate Ship, Rio Grande Train, Gold Rush Falls, Viking Boats, Wave Runner, Trekking Tractors, 4D Cinema, Miss Rabbit's Helicopter Ride, Grandpa Pig's Little Train Ride, Daddy Pig's Car Ride, George's Dinosaur Adventure, Grandpa Pig's Boat Ride, Peppa's Big Balloon Ride, The Windy Castle, George's Spaceship Indoor Playzone and Santa's Christmas Wonderland. Queues are normally pretty short - we wrap up warm & take hot chocolate! :0)


A close friend of mine is friends with someone who works this every year and he told us to stay away from it! Half the rides don't run during it. The weather is cold and if it starts to rain, you're stuck queuing in the rain and cold (imagine that with toddlers and pre-schoolers...).


If you read the review on Trip Advisor its just someone who has beef years ago, They have changed it since then increasing the capacity and there are lot's of other good reviews as well. I've booked tickets already as it normally sells out quite quickly - Peppa Pig World looks amazing with all the decorations up and the kids enjoyed the wonderland and meeting father christmas last year. Lovely memories.

Paultons Park (Includes Peppa Pig World) + 1 night stay in hotel & Breakfast with 2 days tickets from approx  £175 for family of four
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Posted 15th May 2014Posted 15th May 2014
Paultons Park (Includes Peppa Pig World) + 1 night stay in hotel & Breakfast with 2 days tickets from approx £175 for family of four
Note the Holiday inn is only 5 miles away family of four Holiday Inn Express Southampton West £187 with breakfast (5 miles from park) 13th August / 14th August / 6th August fam… Read more

Don't think we will go there as it's 6 hour drive but nicklodeon land is good , looking forward to the new cbeebies land soon


Each to their own but we found his a very nice park. Very clean and tidy, and very well looked after. All of the rides are well maintained and there are some very good rides there. The park on the whole I'd say was aimed at the younger generation, and by that I mean up to about the age of 16, some of the bigger rides are still fairly tame in comparison to the big hitters like Alton Towers etc. Edge, Cobra and Magma are the good ones of course. We went on a school weekday in October and the park was all but empty, it was eerily quiet to be honest but on the flip side there were no queues so you could just stay on the rides if you wanted! The Peppa Pig section did get a bit busier though as you'd expect and by lunchtime expect lots of tears where the overwhelmed little ones start to meltdown. We found the afternoon's in the PP section much quieter, presumably where a lot of afternoon naps where being had elsewhere.A friend of ours has been since and said the queues were colossal so do pick your moments carefully. For the PP section, if your a fan of The Simpsons then think Krusty World and you won't be far wrong. The design team have done a brilliant job of making the whole experience magical and enjoyable for all and the rides aren't just glorified fairground rides like I've experienced at other parks, they have geniunely gone out of their way to make each ride that little bit more individual here. The windy Castle was the stand out favourite for me though. Another thing to note, the teacups just out the PP section are the free wheel variety, this pleases me very much. All in all, well worth the visit and to those asking is is better than Thomas land? In my opinion, yes without a doubt although understandably the bigger rides at Drayton Manor are more adult based so it does depend on what you want from your day. If it's purely for the kids then Paultons all the way.


What really annoys me about these places is that they will just flog as many tickets as they can regardless of how long you have to wait and assume you will just come back the next day to make sure you get on all the rides. They should have a limit on how many they sell.


We were very lucky and didn't find the queues a problem at all. We did however go in May - a Sunday and a Monday. The Monday was by far the better day as there were hardly any queues. The longest we had to wait was 15 minutes and normally it was no more than 5. I was told by one of the staff however that it was crazy in the summer and especially the holiday season.


We haven't been to Thomas land but have been to Legoland. If your LO is a fan of PP I would recommend it, if not there's probably other places you would enjoy. Get there for when/before park opens. They start letting people in from 9.30 (at Easter they did anyway) but you can only get so far before you reach one of two entrances which are gated off. So you basically only have access to the toilets, shop and can see some flamingos. We waited there both days from 9.30 til 10 when they opened the gate and went straight to PP section, which most others did too. Went straight for Miss Rabbit's helicopter ride got straight on any by the time we got off the ride was probably about 15/20 min long. Busiest rides seem to be that one, balloon ride and windy castle. The others do get busy but not quite as much. The thing is with all the rides in PP the queues don't look long so you think you'll only be stood there for like 10 minutes but they are slow rides and don't let many people on at a time it's more like 30 minutes or more. Do as any of the 'big' rides first then the smaller ones and then the playground/houses when it gets too busy to queue.

paultons park, on the gate, its a family ticket for 3 for £68.
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Posted 1st May 2014Posted 1st May 2014
paultons park, on the gate, its a family ticket for 3 for £68.£68
now we went here a few years back, its totally fab !! peppa pig world here, birds and animals, gardens and lake, events and shows ,all kinds of rides, for little ones and big ones.… Read more
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Standard advance price.


didn't even know there was such a place. thanks op. looks awesome. gonna take the kids :-)


Am I missing the "deal" here?