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Asus Echelon Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Black £49.08 + £5.88 del - PCNation.co.uk
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Posted 8th Sep 2015Posted 8th Sep 2015
Asus Echelon Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Black £49.08 + £5.88 del - PCNation.co.uk£54.96
Nice keyboard if you like the 'black' switches. Going for £95 on amazon!

Ooh, does it come with integrated keylogger? :);)(_;)


great price, looks us layout though. is it back lit too?


It's an OEM keyboard that quite a few companies slap their logo on. Good keyboard though, especially for the price.


Yep that's a re-badged MK85 if the photo's are correct.


Looks eerily similar to Qpad MK85.

Qpad Pro Gaming Mechanical Keyboard - MK-50 - MX Red £51.19 PCNation.co.uk
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Posted 25th Aug 2015Posted 25th Aug 2015
Qpad Pro Gaming Mechanical Keyboard - MK-50 - MX Red £51.19 PCNation.co.uk£51.19
•Full N-Key roll over with PS/2 •Cherry MX Red mechanical switch technology •Ultra-durable keys, designed to last 50 million strokes •Gold plated USB connectors for extremely low l… Read more

any idea when this will come? it's been a while since I ordered but I don't think they even sent it out yet!


All gone


​i have the k70 myself and love it but there is no real difference, just the look and build


I've got the mk85, looks pretty similar, but backlit, picked it up thanks to a deal on here earlier this year, it's bloody lovely, feels like a real quality product, nice and heavy, it'll be my weapon of choice come the zombie apocalypse.


Nope its not competitive, the Tesoro can be had for £12 less on Amazon, that aside, WTF do you mean by chinese styling?

ASUS Transformer Pad TF103c 10.1" - £130.25/£80.25 with ASUS £50 trade in offer at PC Nation
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Posted 7th Mar 2015Posted 7th Mar 2015
ASUS Transformer Pad TF103c 10.1" - £130.25/£80.25 with ASUS £50 trade in offer at PC Nation£130.25
Not really knowledgeable on tablets, but this seems a good deal on a 10" screen and with 16gb of memory, albeit with only 1gb of RAM. Most of you will probably be aware of the AS… Read more

PC Nation have revised their web page and removed the "16GB" claim that was there yesterday.


It's the same tablet as the John Lewis one ! From the description on the PC-Nation website - Additional 8GB of MicroSD storage Your ASUS Transformer Pad comes with 8GB of onboard storage that can be supplemented with up to a 64GB MicroSD card.


I'm not convinced this is actually 16GB, looks more like a typo to me. The PC Nation web page says "TF103CX-1A020A" and uses TF103C *and* TF103CX The John Lewis (8GB) page says "TF103CX-1A020A"


Same question from me. Is there a list of qualifying sellers for the trade in promotion?


OP, I haven't checked the full specs, but if the only difference between the JLP deal and this is the fact that this has 8GB MORE memory, then it's simply another example of the fact that HUKD members regularly struggle to read plain and simple English!! If the specs are otherwise the same, then obviously this is the better deal. Voted HOT

CnM Core2 1TB External Hard Drive, Free Shipping £36 @ PCNATION
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Posted 23rd Feb 2015Posted 23rd Feb 2015
CnM Core2 1TB External Hard Drive, Free Shipping £36 @ PCNATION£36
Was looking around for a cheap 1TB external hard drive and so far this is the cheapest I've found - but I have no experience with either the brand or the seller, so any help would … Read more

Had the 750GB version for around 4 years - inside that is a re-certified Hitatchi Drive. Works fine though as a backup of a backup ;)


I got one of these over a year ago when they were going on Tesco for £31.50. Back then it was a good deal. Haven't had any problems with it since I've had it. Good as a backup drive but it's a USB 2.0 desktop external and nowadays you can get a USB 3.0 1TB portable external for not much more than this price so I'd recommend spending a few quid extra and getting one of those instead.


One of mine went wrong the other week, it was a mdt drive inside .


Well I have had one for a long time and it has worked fine. Odd that its posted today as only last night I took the HD out to put as a backup drive in my new PC. I now have an enclosure that I can use to connect any of my old sata drives. The disk inside mine was a Hitachi HDE721010SLA330 7200rpm sata II 3Gb


actually, looking at reviews for PCNATION, I think I'm just gonna delete this deal - they sound pretty damn shoddy!

Palit GeForce GTX 970 4GB GDDR5 PCI-E 3.0 Graphics Card £256.52 @ PC Nation
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Posted 14th Dec 2014Posted 14th Dec 2014
Palit GeForce GTX 970 4GB GDDR5 PCI-E 3.0 Graphics Card £256.52 @ PC Nation£256.52
Looking to upgrade my graphics card and saw the GTX 970 was at a pretty good price on pcnation, better then any of the current amazon deals. Specs: Item Code : GCP-NE5X970014G220… Read more

This should be deleted lol


Terrible deal. Voted cold. There are several types with better coolers available with a free game you can sell for £20 for around £265-£270. Also as posted above, dabs at £234.99 with SANTA10 (£10 off code) + game you can sell for £20 = £214.99


£244.99 @ dabs + free game http://www.dabs.com/products/best-value-palit-geforce-gtx-970-4gb-pci-express-3-0-hdmi-9S5Q.html?q=gtx%20970&src=16

Patriot 8GB DDR3 1600Mhz/1866Mhz/2133Mhz Viper 3 £54.76 @ PC Nation
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Posted 25th Nov 2014Posted 25th Nov 2014
Patriot 8GB DDR3 1600Mhz/1866Mhz/2133Mhz Viper 3 £54.76 @ PC Nation£54.76
Found this RAM at PC Nation, seems a decent price for all 3 speeds and includes £2.21 delivery, RAM is £52.55 without delivery and if you spend over £75 it is free delivery. With … Read more

That sold out quick!!