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Thats the same as robbing it from the shelves aint it? I thought they got money back for unsold copies.


or go around the back of whsmith at the end of the month (if it's on a highstreet) and nick it from the returns boxes :P got myself a copy a couple of months ago

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Windows 10 Professional £39.99 / Home £29.99 from PC Pro software shop
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Posted 30th Jun 2020Posted 30th Jun 2020
Windows 10 Professional £39.99 / Home £29.99 from PC Pro software shop£39.99
Saw this advertised in the PCPro magazine earlier this month. Looks a little more legit than the licences you can get on ebay for £10! Seems to be a retail licence (not OEM) so you… Read more

You got any links for this please? Can't find it anywhere on eBay. Cheers.


I didn't need to download the software but yes you get a link to download it. And after checkout they give you the key. As I already had Windows on my system u just input the key and it worked perfectly.


Can you tell me if you get a key on the account and is it a link to Download the software?


If the PC was advertised as new with Windows 10 then it should be a genuine key so I would contact the seller, if it was second hand then could be a key that's been revoked by M$. You shouldn't need to install W10 again just buy another key, either from eBay or from this deal and activate with the new key. Alternatively you could contact M$ to explain W10 has been working fine for months until the last update and now it requires activation, that happened to me back in the W7 days after my PC died and I had to replace the Motherboard, they sorted it out over the phone and never had a problem after that.


I bought a windows PC from Facebook. It had Windows already activated. I have been using it for nearly six months no problem. After the last update from Microsoft, I keep getting a Activate Windows watermark. Does that mean my copy was illegal? Can I buy a Product Key or do I need to get a DVD and reinstall. I'm concerned that its not safe to use as it is.

Windows 10 Pro license for £39.99 from a legitimate source @ PCPro Software store
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Posted 20th May 2020Posted 20th May 2020
Windows 10 Pro license for £39.99 from a legitimate source @ PCPro Software store£39.99 Free P&P Free
Microsoft Windows 10 Professional includes a 1-PC, lifetime licence Windows 10 Professional offers additional security features such as a sandbox to stop malware infecting your PC… Read more

kewl (y)


Message from seller, got the key, nice clear instructions for changing edition from home to pro, and key worked (y)


I'll give the seller some time I guess. Only contacted the seller directly as yet.


Don't know what to say bro. Contacted team e-Bay?


So I took this general advice and bought a key last night from an ebay account with high ratings that's been around since 2007. No sign of the key after the payment. No communication (annoyed)

PC Pro Magazine offering Norton 360 Premium 10 Devices for 2 years for £29.99 or 10 devices 1 year for £19.99
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Posted 6th Oct 2019Posted 6th Oct 2019
PC Pro Magazine offering Norton 360 Premium 10 Devices for 2 years for £29.99 or 10 devices 1 year for £19.99£29.99
Just Reading the December 2019 edition of PC Pro magazine.page 123 PC Pro Magazine are offering via the PC Pro Software Store :- Norton 360 Premium 10 Devices for 2 years for £29… Read more

Thanks op. Excellent deal. Have bought and will be using when my current Norton ends. Have used NIS for years, great software


Strangely enough I really wonder why I bothered posting the deal in the 1st place with your warm receptive open minded attitude. Now I know why I dont spend as much time on this site as I used to..... (y)


And the audience never got it wrong?


Well the audience has spoken - cold.


Nope - are you? Your input is worth a commission - about 10% of the cost of a free AV!

3 issues of PC Pro for £1 with a free 26 piece toolkit
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Posted 24th Sep 2012Posted 24th Sep 2012
3 issues of PC Pro for £1 with a free 26 piece toolkit£1
3 issues of PC Pro for £1 with a free 26 piece toolkit You can cancel after the three issues. This includes both print and digital magazines.
Get deal*Get deal*

Just a reminder from every other time it has been posted, it's a pound shop toolkit, nothing amazing. But still a good deal for a great mag.

3 Issues of PC Pro Magazine and a Free 1GB USB Drive for £1
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Posted 13th Apr 2012Posted 13th Apr 2012
3 Issues of PC Pro Magazine and a Free 1GB USB Drive for £1£1
You get a Free 1GB USB Flash Drive if you subscribe to the magazine and then cancel the magazine after the end of the first 3 magazine term.
Get deal*Get deal*

They were THESE They were originally supposed to be Muse 'carpenter' phones but they ran out. Actually the above phones aren't bad. Bit pricey for what they are but, hey, they were free (_;)




What were they mate? Booking my sennheisers for an RMA at the moment as the sound only comes out one ear.


Not as good as the headphones I got from the last PC Pro offer, but still good for a few issues.

PC Pro Store: AVG Anti-Virus 2012 [1-PC] includes 1-PC, 1-Year license
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Posted 13th Feb 2012Posted 13th Feb 2012
PC Pro Store: AVG Anti-Virus 2012 [1-PC] includes 1-PC, 1-Year license£4.95
1st Time Poster, go easy... 83% Saving on RRP. Posted 2 months ago but expired, now available again. Better than the freebies out there as it offers Identity protection as well as… Read more
AVG Anti-Virus 2012 Free 1 year Serial Number / License Key with PCPro
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Posted 16th Jan 2012Posted 16th Jan 2012
AVG Anti-Virus 2012 Free 1 year Serial Number / License Key with PCPro
AVG Anti-Virus 2012 is paid upgraded version of the company’s much popular Anti-Virus Free Edition, and one of a handful of the best-performing antivirus software products in the w… Read more

Not sure if AVG has free malware scanner included. but Avast has it in the paid version. However, if you need a free malware scanner there are several: 1. SuperAntiSpyware - still very good and recently much quicker to use. 2. Emisoft Malware scanner - you can try full paid version for 30 days, then becomes free scan only. 3. Malwarebytes - quick at scanning and is well thought of, but I don't use it, so I can't comment. 4. As mentioned already, Microsoft Security Essentials includes a malware scanner I'd use two of your choice. Always a good idea to run two separate scans occasionally.


Anyone know if AVG or Avast (free) contains a malware scanner?


Used to like AVG but in recent times was having problems with it. Was a nightmare to get it removed. Happy with MSE now :)O


Whenever the subject comes up on here people always recommend MSE over Avast although Avast is still very good which is what I use and it does a great job.


I use Microsoft Security Essentials (free) :)

PC Pro Magazine 3 issues for £1 plus free 26 piece toolkit
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Posted 9th Jan 2012Posted 9th Jan 2012
PC Pro Magazine 3 issues for £1 plus free 26 piece toolkit£1
This offer seems to keep coming up & its always nice to get a few cheap magazines. The offer seems to be for this magazine and also Custom PC magazine. The free toolkit will co… Read more

I would thoroughly recommend PC Pro if you've not read it before. A lot of really in depth discussion and insight into a broad range of issues. £1 for 3 mags is money well spent, it will keep you occupied and thinking for hours. The free gifts however (I have received both) are tat. The toolkit is of the pound-shop variety, and, yes, it's a maglite, but technology has moved on tremendously since these mini-torches were introduced: any pound-shop LED torch, and probably the LED flash/torch on your phone, are better than this. So in conclusion, I say, order for the mags but not purely for the gifts.


Thanks DodgyDave. Btw I meant PC Pro, not PC shopper :P


I'd say probably cancel once you've received the 2nd trial magazine and the free gift? Sometimes these offers tell you in the confirmation emails the dates that the direct debits are due. The 1st direct debit will be for £1 so i'd look in the emails for an indication of when the 2nd and more heavyweight direct debit is due. Or you could email dennis publishing for the date if you give them your subscriber number which will be on the main confirmation email. I normally just cancel the direct debits by calling into the bank or cancelling through internet banking. You could let the publisher know you're cancelling but i don't know if that is 100% necessary.


Sweet! Ordered both (PC Shopper + Custom PC) Hotness! BTW when should I cancel and how? :/


No....hang on....they've found some more toolkits under someone's desk.

AVG Anti-Virus 2012 £4.95 @ PC Pro Software Store
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Posted 10th Dec 2011Posted 10th Dec 2011
AVG Anti-Virus 2012 £4.95 @ PC Pro Software Store£4.95
Yea this is for the latest AVG Anti-Virus version 2012 software, for less than a fiver you can get a 1-year license to use the non-free version with these added features Automatic… Read more

i hope so.... just bought it.... register on http://www.groupon.co.uk/, get 8 pounds credit, and buy One Year AVG Security Package 2012 For One (£9) or Two (£12) Users from AVG (Up to 88% Off) with pc tune up for £ 1... i just did!!!!


Much better and free.. http://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/security/pc-security/mse.aspx


Yeah AVG is fantastic. Fast. Doesn't slow down machine and take up lots of resources.


Is AVG any good? I am looking for a anti virus for my laptop.

3 Issues of PC Pro Magazine + Free 26 Piece Toolkit - £1 @ PC Pro
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Posted 23rd Sep 2011Posted 23rd Sep 2011
3 Issues of PC Pro Magazine + Free 26 Piece Toolkit - £1 @ PC Pro£1
Get 3 issues of PC Pro, together with a 26 piece toolkit. All for the princely sum of £1.00. You can cancel at any time during the first 3 months and keep your toolkit. I picked u… Read more



I'm not knocking the price, but it came with a 3 month sub to Auto Express. Wouldn't let them near a car. If I had one. Russell


This is such a poor quality toolkit that it's not even good enough to give to the charity shop. If anyone is desperate enough, they can have mine - postcode N2. It's unused.


and it cost....... a £1... subtracting the cost of 3 mags... blimey...there is no such thing as a free lunch...:p


Got the tool set with another mag sub. It's a bit Poundland-ish. Russell

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