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An extra 10% off 2018 sale bikes, clothing, parts and accessories for Christmas only @ Pedalon
I bought my 2017 Giant Defy Advanced Pro 1 last Christmas and absolutely love it, I paid £1999 which was around a third cheaper than the RRP. Anyway I'm on their mailing list and … Read more

Collection related constraints aside, this makes for a decent price for an EX 8 Eagle if 17.5" works for you, £1530! 🔥


Sometimes they will post but the warranty is invalid because it's been posted and not been setup by an approved dealer. Check the terms and conditions of the warranty.


That maybe policy, but I had a new Trek posted to me earlier this year from another retailer so I would hope they would do the same.


Looks like a good buy, only thing is it's store only pickup, they won't deliver it as it's Trek's policy according to the website: Please note: this Trek Emonda ALR 6 is available for in store collection only. This is a global policy of Trek Bicycles. If you would like to purchase this model we recommend using our Click & Collect payment method to reserve your bike online.


They have a 2018 Trek Emonda ALR 6 in size 56 for £1255 with code

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Shimano PD M324 Pedals £36.95 delivered @ Pedalon
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Posted 25th Oct 2020Posted 25th Oct 2020
Shimano PD M324 Pedals £36.95 delivered @ Pedalon£36.95 Free P&P Free
Entry level SPD pedal Features one sided cleat mechanism with flat pedal surface on other side Ideal for beginners Aluminium body, Chromoly axle Approx. weight: 530g Includes singl… Read more

not really a "beginners" pedal, thats a bit condescending. Maybe one day I can move onto an advanced one. (flirt)




Good quality pedals ideal for commuters indeed. Price is ok given the current situation (just the fact that there is stock makes it hot 🤦) but I remember 2-3 years ago these were discounted to 30-34 every couple of weeks


Good peddles for the commute. I have a pair plus this is a decent price .

Giant Fathom 29 1 Trail Bicycle - £1299 @ Pedal On
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Posted 6th Jul 2020Posted 6th Jul 2020
Giant Fathom 29 1 Trail Bicycle - £1299 @ Pedal On£1,299
Giant Fathom 1 , Decent specfication Bike In Stock in Large, sold out in most places. Description This Giant Fathom 29 1 2020 is available with our legendary Podium Point free a… Read more

Some irony that the company is called "Pedal On", but they don't give you any pedals (lol)


100mm travel on shox (lol) on a positive large is in stock

Giant TCR Advanced 0 Save 37% Ultegra Di2, Carbon £1699 @ Pedal on
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Posted 27th Nov 2018Posted 27th Nov 2018
Giant TCR Advanced 0 Save 37% Ultegra Di2, Carbon £1699 @ Pedal on£1,699£2,69937% off
Having already bought 2 bikes this year I'm not allowed any more but this one is almost worth getting into trouble for! The full Ultegra Di2 groupset is worth £1150 on its own (Wig… Read more

I doubt manufacturers will put much R&D into rim brake frames. All about discs now.


Really great price. Interested if 2020 will see a new iteration of the tcr, as its long overdue.


That's assuming I can justify it anyway. (lol) On one hand it's a massively OTT purchase when I'm riding indoors over 90% of the time, plus Di2 is a huge uplift in cost over 105. On the other it's a proper investment, a bike I could keep for a long time to cover all manner of riding.


I saw this deal at the time and ever since I've not seen anything remotely comparable. I realise bikes at this budget are a fairly niche market but I'm amazed they're not sold out in all sizes. The TCR is a very highly rated frame. Perhaps it's the lack of discs as you say, or maybe because it's not clear from the specs that this is the latest R8050 groupset. Could be the yellow! It's just a pity I'd be a small and so it'd cost me about £75 more to buy one (elsewhere).


Thanks for spotting it's back to life. Cracking bike for the money - especially if you really want Di2. A lot of people are after discs these days but I don't see the point unless you ride a lot in the rain.

Giant Defy Advanced Pro 1 2018 at Pedalon - save 26% on last year's price £2199
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Posted 27th Sep 2018Posted 27th Sep 2018
Giant Defy Advanced Pro 1 2018 at Pedalon - save 26% on last year's price £2199£2,199
Bought this a few weeks ago from Pedalon. Great service from them - it was £2,399 when I bought it and they called me the next day to say they were reducing the price by £200 in a … Read more

Running 28mm conti gp4000 on mine.. still a bit of clearence left.


My wife and daughter's bikes (about a grand each or thereabouts) came with cheap pedals and straps...which were immediately removed and stuck in a box in the garage to be replaced by their choice of pedal (both SPD, as it happens). These are relatively cheap bikes too, so for more expensive stuff it's even more likely that the rider will want their own pedal. Of course, you could negotiate with the shop to include them in a bundle deal as a sweetener, but that's up to you. My son even swaps pedals around depending on discipline, so has a few sets in the garage!


Platinum discount of 12% is only off the RRP. So no benefit for items that are reduced by more than 12% already.


I find myself continually looking at road bikes, especially the cannondale synapse range. I can currently get a carbon ultegra di2 2019 for £2800. I really don’t know any other brand so am reluctant to switch. I’m not so concerned with racing, just want all day comfort.


How exactly is it used to defy giants? Do you just zip round and between their legs or something?

Giant Defy Advanced Pro 1 2017, Ultegra, Carbon Rims, save 31% on last years price. £1999 free delivery from Pedalon
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Posted 19th Mar 2018Posted 19th Mar 2018
Giant Defy Advanced Pro 1 2017, Ultegra, Carbon Rims, save 31% on last years price. £1999 free delivery from Pedalon£1,999
I bought this bike for Christmas and it's a great ride, best bike I've owned so far. Yes you can buy a car for that kind on money but what ever floats your boat I suppose, for thos… Read more

Medium and Large still available, 5 months into ownership and couldn't be happier, excellent bike


Wading in (excited) you’ve posted daft comments on an open forum, I’ll leave you to go talk to the lads you know who regret paying for a higher quality bike, I’d seriously jog on before you end up making more of a fool of yourself (highfive)


Yes I do think a lot of new cyclists could get just as good a ride on a cheaper (not to cheap) bike. I had read somewhere that some of the higher spec bikes can be a bit skittish to ride and might actually put people off. I talked to a lad on a bike who had just bought an expensive bike after having a cheaper one and he said he regretted it after loads of problems. He had taken it back to the shop loads for different issues


Yeah I know you cannot comment on stuff and get some intelligent conversation without getting people,like you wading in. I will leave it there now before it descends any further (y)


It amazes me why people like you even bother wasting your time messaging? It’s obvious you don’t understand why this bike is priced as it is, no comprehension whatsoever, just simply spoiling for attention to your comments.

Trek Domane 4.3 2014 Road bike £999 @ Pedalon 50/54/56 Cm available - RRP £1800
Posted 22nd Jun 2015Posted 22nd Jun 2015
Trek Domane 4.3 2014 Road bike £999 @ Pedalon 50/54/56 Cm available - RRP £1800£999
Trek Say: '400 Series OCLV Carbon frame, race-optimised cable routing Power Transfer Construction puts all your power to the road Trek IsoSpeed decoupler gives you an incredibly sm… Read more

A great price for such a good bike.


Never understood why they still have 11-25 as the most popular ones. I mean let's face it, the vast majority of us do not ever go near the 11 and and even the 12. I'd rather they started at 13 or 14 and went up to 30 personally.


Nice one only 56 cm £949.99 105 5800. Another 105 for £869.95 only 53cm.


Only 10 speed? Trek are known to mix n match components. Tiagra cassettes aren't bad, cheap to replace. Least we got some range with the cassette, sick of seeing 12-25 and 11-25 with a compact :D


Seems a good deal though Tiagra / 105 mix seems a little strange and components wise its fairly middle of the road, and "only" 10 speed.

Giant Defy 1 Road Bike £699 @ pedalon
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Posted 28th Jul 2014Posted 28th Jul 2014
Giant Defy 1 Road Bike £699 @ pedalon£699
Great deal for this well regarded bike: 2014 Giant Defy is the best road bike in countless magazine tests - including Cycling Plus Magazine's 2013 Best £1000 Bike and a Bicycling… Read more
bendip £699 at Rutland , both colours available, i bought the tcr sl2 deal from Rutland last year and they were great topcashback tracked and paid quickly too. You get £13.98 reward points with the defy too


No Their website said £699 but they added 10% on to the quote when I ordered mine bumping it up to £768.90 So no, it's not £699 but still reasonably priced


it wasnt £699 when I ordered mines on Monday. They added 10% bumping the price up to £768.90 but still a good price. has anyone previously shopped with Pedalon before? what are their customer service like?


You surely implied that I did.


I haven't said that you did; try and stay on topic, there's a good chap.

Cannondale CAAD8 Tiagra Road Bike £699.99 delivered at Pedalon
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Posted 19th Aug 2013Posted 19th Aug 2013
Cannondale CAAD8 Tiagra Road Bike £699.99 delivered at Pedalon£699.99
Cannondale CAAD8 Tiagra £699.99 delivered at Pedalon. Was £765 on Evans a week or so ago and thought that was good, now I've gone and bought one, couldn't resist this price!! :-) … Read more

Thats far more than you would be doing


if you have a look on the pedalon website their bikes come serviced and ready to use,they show you on the website all you need to do to get them ready,im no pro but its very simple :-)


Found this: Seems a tad more complicated than I hoped / been told.


good deal, I appreciate the decent components, but I guess the colour is not for me either


it puts you off posting deals on here doesn't it, idiots like that

Giant Anthem X5 Men's Full Suspension Mountain Bike for £899.99 @ pedalon
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Posted 13th Sep 2011Posted 13th Sep 2011
Giant Anthem X5 Men's Full Suspension Mountain Bike for £899.99 @ pedalon£899.99
Giant Anthem X5 for 899.99 delivered @ pedalon Bike Get's a good review here; And I cant find it anywhere else for less th… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

lovely bike but unfortunately im almost skint due to too many other bargains on hotukdeals :3


Cracking frame, a great platform for future upgrades.


The bike whores are back.....:p

Trek Pilot 2.0 (2010) - £575 Delivered @ Pedal On
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Posted 24th Feb 2011Posted 24th Feb 2011
Trek Pilot 2.0 (2010) - £575 Delivered @ Pedal On £575
I have just bought one of these, i was looking at other bikes they have offers on as well - including the cannondale CAAD8 - but preferred the gearchange of this one. Some of the … Read more

Evans price match too so you can probably get it for the same price from them.


The only probelm with Trek now is that they have to be picked up from store so you would have to travel to Hampshire. Evans have the bike in for £599 here and they have branches across the UK


Link not working properly in title post

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