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Mazda CX-5 only £219.35 / 24 month, deposit £6,250.00 & 0% APR - Optional final payment £13,936.50 at Perrys
Posted 7th Jul 2020Posted 7th Jul 2020
Mazda CX-5 only £219.35 / 24 month, deposit £6,250.00 & 0% APR - Optional final payment £13,936.50 at Perrys£15,462.70 Free P&P Free
Motability Finance Contact us MAZDA CX-5 2.0 Sport Nav 5dr Perrys price£29,399.00 or only £219.00 per month RRP £30,130.00 Saving £731.00 Request a brochure Book a test drive Ask … Read more

Does motability cover the monthly payments?


The initial deposit amount doesn't impact the final optional payment on PCP, also known as the "Guaranteed Minimum Future Value" (GMFV). Even if the car is worth less than the GMFV at the end of the agreement, the customer can hand the car back without paying anything more, so it's not in the finance company's interest for the GMFV to be more than the car is worth. If the deposit on this was lower, the monthly payments would be higher to counter it. The final payment would be the same either way.


We’re not in April again are we already?!


The description for this completely wrong, it's 42 monthly payments not 24. Deposit = £6,250 42 monthly payments of £219.35 = £9212.70 Optional final payment = £13,936.50 £15462.70 is the total you'll pay if you hand the car back after 42 months, equivalent to £368.16 per month If you pay the optional final payment to own the car, you'll pay £29,399.20 in total.


Yes I understand the initial depreciation on a new vehicle is vast, that’s why it’s usually more sensible to buy a low mileage 3/4 year old car when it’s reached the point where the depreciation levels out to around £500- £800 per year. My figures are based on buying and selling privately and experience.

MAZDA New CX-30 2.0 Skyactiv-G MHEV SE-L 5dr PCP £169.56 42m, deposit £3,650.00 Optional final payment £11,227.50 Total £21,999.00 at Perrys
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Posted 13th Jul 2020Posted 13th Jul 2020
MAZDA New CX-30 2.0 Skyactiv-G MHEV SE-L 5dr PCP £169.56 42m, deposit £3,650.00 Optional final payment £11,227.50 Total £21,999.00 at Perrys£21,999 Free P&P Free
Duration: 42 Monthly payments of: £169.56 Deposit contribution: £0.00 Customer deposit: £3,650.00 Retail cash price: £21,999.00 Optional final payment: £11,227.50 Option to purch… Read more

Love a Mazda and was excited for this deal but I agree with other comments that the engine is unexciting and the trim looks cheap.


As I said though, there’s always some sort of discount. Every new car RRP is inflated just so it can have an attractive sale price. “Dealer contribution” “test drive discount” “scrappage scheme” “0%” etc etc. E.g. this car was eligible for the scrappage scheme earlier in the year, and took £3000 off the price. Without the scrappage scheme, Perrys could offer a better discount as they had less fees and it hit a different target, then with the 0% it actually worked out as a marginally better deal- but my point is that even with £3000 off, the total price was about the same.


I agree, they’ve gone for the “urban crossover” effect. It would look much nicer without it.


Agree , why didn’t the colour match them . Makes car look cheap all that matte black plastic


Far too much plastic round the car's edge's IMHO.

MAZDA MX-5 - Discounted by over £3,000 at Perrys £15,848
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Posted 24th May 2018Posted 24th May 2018
MAZDA MX-5 - Discounted by over £3,000 at Perrys £15,848£15,848
I thought I'd post this after the £5,400 deal to lease it for 2 years/12,000 miles got so hot. Less than 3 times the hire cost to keep for life. Same model, which is 1.5 ltr SE. … Read more

Gone up to £15,999 now, so expired.


I agree. They probably drive a BMW 1series or a Ford Focus.


Always love it when people talk about MX5s being a hairdressers' car, nice to watch people show they don't actually know much about cars. The MX5 is one of the best handling cars you can buy at any price.


I ruined the cheapo huge bore exhaust that some previous owner had installed on my old GC8 after upgrading to BC coil overs and trying to clear a middle of lane speedbump (annoyed) Cornering speed was insane on her though 8)


Well maybe an exaggeration, but plenty certainly need to stop to go over speed bumps after the "sup-ing-up" done by their petrolheads :D

Brand New Fiat Panda 1.2 Pop £6395 @ Perrys
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Posted 10th Dec 2016Posted 10th Dec 2016
Brand New Fiat Panda 1.2 Pop £6395 @ Perrys£6,395
Cheapest anywhere in the country for a base model Brand New Fiat Panda 1.2 pop 5 doors as well add £60 if you want the extra seatbelt to make it into a 5 seater. i would recomme… Read more
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Hot deal


yes the punto in question was a 2005 model using a mid 90s chassis and some components the panda is a modern chassis with completely different components built in a different factory to the Punto thanks


You think that Fiat make the Panda any better?


This is the Panda - not the Punto


Be 3 kids across the back seat only. I found I didn't like the driving position/pedals.

astra mk 5 cambelts £209 @ Perrys
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Posted 21st Apr 2016Posted 21st Apr 2016
astra mk 5 cambelts £209 @ Perrys£209
looking for new timing belt fitted .a few months ago.costs a lot. found out last week.Perry's are doing it.on Astra's ;3 years and over £209.including the belt.and a car for the da… Read more
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​should of said my car is a ford shouldn't i.


was this from a main dealer, and you have a stamp ,from Vauxhalls, main dealer, in your book,


​I very much doubt it for that price.


​where is that?


i got my cambelt waterpump and a full service for £278. full oil change, every filter and fluid

Citroen C4 1.2 PureTech Feel for £11995 or 1.6 eco diesel for £12499 @ Perrys
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Posted 2nd Jun 2015Posted 2nd Jun 2015
Citroen C4 1.2 PureTech Feel for £11995 or 1.6 eco diesel for £12499 @ Perrys£11,995
hi, i posted another citroen deal couple of months ago which i bought the car, , i will buy another one from perry's, but they don't have the 1.6 standard model for £9.000. but co… Read more

Tgere i there is invoice gap and there is replacement gap. If you buy the gap for a brand new car within 3months, they offer you replacement, might be a new car or money enough to buy one. But only in replacement gap insurance.


GAP is generally return to invoice, I've not heard of return to list, so doubt you'll see profit. Can you put up a larger image of the damage as it looks like a damaged bumper. That would put me off buying another.


Everyone is right in their own mind. I like this car, and i like buying new as the gap gives me the chance to renew it. So practical they will pay me 17000,because of new for old replacement deal, and i will renew my car and pocket aprox. £4000.


Comment Crashed cars depreciate fastest.


you could lease a golf r for 2 years for less than half the money. far better than this heap

Delivery Mileage Nissan Micra 1.2 Visia 5 door - NEW 15 registration - save £3300 £6995 @ Perrys Blackburn
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Posted 8th Mar 2015Posted 8th Mar 2015
Delivery Mileage Nissan Micra 1.2 Visia 5 door - NEW 15 registration - save £3300 £6995 @ Perrys Blackburn£6,995
Brand New Micra 1.2 Visia 5 Door Only £6995 from Perrys Nissan, Blackburn, saving £3300 on Nissan MRRP. Specification includes bluetooth phone integration, USB socket, trip compute… Read more

No AC damn hot.


Fortunately they have came out and said no Alfa will ever be built outside of Italy so at least means no plans of rebranding. They have said they do not wish to "dilute" the name guess reiterated by not rebadging the MX5 as an Alfa which they worked on as a joined project with Mazda. Though apparently its rumored that the New Chrysler 200 is almost a sneak peek into what the Giulia (a Giulietta saloon) will look like as it was the first Chrysler than an Alfa designer worked on and the same design team that's working on the Giulia. The new Alfa Crossover vehicle due next year is meant to be based on the Giulietta platform although after that it is rumored all future releases will go back to a new designed RWD and 4WD platform. QV yes is cloverleaf, always was just that we translate "Quadrifoglio Verde" - Green Cloverleaf. Though they now have a model called "QV Line" which is not a true QV only "inspired by" more or less same kit not same engine and used to be called the Sportiva. True QV's should have the new 1.75l Petrol engine the same one they used for the 4C (although they tuned it ever so slightly for the 4C). Though the informat/sat nav touch screen system (Blue and Me) is actually lifted out of the Dodge series that they use in the Fiat/Alfa's currently! Quote in there somewhere about never rebranding.MX5 will become a Fiat/Abarth 124 spider. Give away from posting a trademark on the name the day they announced it wouldn't be badged as an Alfa!.


Ooh thats very nice, I didn't realise the QV designation meant essentially meant "cloverleaf". Maybe a choice in 10 years time for me :). The future is starting to look good again for Alfa, with them returning to the USA market, I just hope they don't go down the route of just re badging Chrysler's. I didn't know that about the MX5 variant, I guess Fiat are looking to bring back the "Barchetta", I wish they would make a new "Coupe". I'm getting tired of Fiat's over reliance on the "500" cars these days.


It's much better to be cool and comfortable rather than hot and sticky, and don't say you can open a window because I would rather have the quite of a/c or climate control than the buffeting noisy window open. It's not a necessity it's a requirement and not a luxury. Dacia don't do luxury but they do A/C.


I had no idea we were so close to the 'end of days' When people can't fathom life without air conditioning then we have all become way to soft and useless as human beings and it probably means we are all headed for a big fall. Air conditioning is a luxury and a million miles away from being a necessity. Anyone that think otherwise needs to shake themselves.

NEW Family Car £20 Tax & 70mpg Citroen C4 1.6 HDi VTR 5 door DIESEL £16,355 NEW save £6,360 - £9995 @ Perrys
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Posted 19th Feb 2015Posted 19th Feb 2015
NEW Family Car £20 Tax & 70mpg Citroen C4 1.6 HDi VTR 5 door DIESEL £16,355 NEW save £6,360 - £9995 @ Perrys£9,995
We are looking for a family car and came across this C4 saving £6,360 on RRP of £16,355 Yes its French, but some of us cant afford premium cars. This is only £20 tax a year and … Read more

To answer your question, yes, he was indeed


Ive had 2 citreon zsara picassos and been fine.Great value for money.


Thanks. No need to explain,I've been selling new cars for 20 years.:3


these have deliver mileage on them, agreed if they are the salesmens own cars they will be spanked..these will be a large number, pre reg, to achieve a back end bonus from manufacturer


c4 picasso got a very good write up with which and top gear as vfm

brand new c4 1.6 diesel for almost half price!!! £9995 @ Perrys
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Posted 18th Nov 2014Posted 18th Nov 2014
brand new c4 1.6 diesel for almost half price!!! £9995 @ Perrys£9,995
I have just bought myself a new c4, I am happy with the offer, I wanted to share. instead of leasing a new car, just buy this one. same engine £16.600 something... a/c and cruise … Read more

Legally speaking warranties don't have to be transferable. Just because many companies allow the warranty to be transferred because it's good business practice, doesn't mean they have to. Citroen are well within their rights to void the warranty if the vehicle has been resold. It should be noted that a warranty is something completely different to consumer rights. The only 'guarantee' this car would have to have according to the sales of goods act would be for 60 days and that would be with the dealership, not Citroen.


sold out


Warranty definitely won't be cancelled, there are European laws that the manufacturers must adhere to. What does happen when a car is registered to a fleet is any applicable 'retail offers' are lost, such as low rate finance/deposit contribution, cheap/free servicing deals, free insurance etc.


They are also registered as fleet buyers so they can buy cars at a discount at the end of the month to make up any sales deficits, but I've already explained why they only do this as a last resort. No, it's not 'illegal' to buy cars using a fleet discount and then immediately resell them. However, in previous years one of the stipulations Citroen etc. made was that any cars using this discount had to be kept for a minimum term of X months. The way dealerships got around this was by retaining the V5 document until that period has expired. THIS is illegal, and is what prompted car manufacturers to change their policy. When a dealership buys a car from a manufacturer, there are two different prices they pay to the manufacturer. One is the for private sale, and one is for fleet sales. A large proportion of the fleet discount comes from the manufacturers profits. Just because they are registered fleets, doesn't mean they use this discount on normal purchases. Any fleet purchases have to be made in the name of the fleet. Therefore a brand new car, with no previous owners listed on the V5 will not be subject to the fleet discount. When dealerships purchase cars at the end of the month to meet sales targets, they are registered in the fleet/dealerships name and therefore subject to the fleet discount from the manufacturer. They're risking some potentially bad publicity, yes. Although you have to consider the risk is quite low and pre-reg cars are definitely in the minority of sales. But they have no other choice, sales incentives are enormous as I've already said and for dealerships to do well, they NEED to meet these targets. Citroen won't really be **** off, they know about and tolerate the practice, but by potentially voiding the warranty, they have ensured dealerships only sell these cars as a last resort. The Quarters are dated as following: 1st January – 31st March, 1st April – 30th June, 1st July – 30th September and 1st October – 31st December. These cars will almost certainly have been bought to meet the 3rd quarter sales targets and probably delivered sometime in the last few weeks. I would guess you've never bought a brand new car using a fleet discount. Around 4 years ago there was a clause stating something to the effect of "You must continue to own any cars bought for a period of X months before reselling them. If you resell the vehicle within this time, you agree to repay 'the manufacturer' the fleet discount'. As such, when dealerships did this, they would retain the V5 for X months after reselling them, and this was illegal. To stop this practice, manufacturers changed their policy and void the warranty instead. I've tried to explain everything as easily as I can, but if you still don't understand I suggest you contact one of the manufacturers and ask them what the terms and conditions of the fleet discount are. Just don't be surprised if you're not covered by the manufacturers warranty if something goes wrong.


It is not " Brand New " you will be the second recorded owner, most insurers will not replace the car in it's first year if it is a total loss, whereas, most will replace a new car, with a like for like replacement. Also when the time comes to sell the car, it will be of less value being a " two owner " car.

Cheap motoring. Electric Car Renault Twizy 13kW Urban 2 door Auto £6895.00 @ Perrys
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Posted 11th May 2014Posted 11th May 2014
Cheap motoring. Electric Car Renault Twizy 13kW Urban 2 door Auto £6895.00 @ Perrys£6,895
No more expensive trips to the fuel station. One charge costs approx £1 Body Glass Heated windscreen Tinted windscreen Brakes Automatic parking brake Brake energy regeneration … Read more

I was in Palma last year and noticed that Hertz hire these out for the day for sightseeing. They sort of make sense there - nice climate so lack of windows doesn't matter, being small they can fit up narrow side streets and into tiny parking spaces and very good at pulling out quickly at busy junctions. I wouldn't feel like a twizat driving one there but I would here.


I believe people who drive this are called twizats


Probably has a negative NCAP rating Presumably pretty specialised to repair and I bet you can't get replacement parts at your average motor factors


I feel a motorbike engine mod coming on. :D


They've got a cheek calling them doors... maybe I'm old fashioned, but I expect a door to actually close me off from the elements. edit: Apparently the only car that can be charged by dancing.