Personalised Mothers Day Card for only 50p delivered :)

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excellent, just ordered one

thanks heat added!!!!

thanks, heat added

Thanks, added heat

voted hot +rep

just ordered one for my mum cheers.

just ordered one for my mil! thanks

i'm holding out for a free one ;-)

50p what a bargin- thanks ;-)

looks nice but i want to write a little in myself, do you think its all done in a nice envelope


Just ordered one


Cheers mate, ordered my mother one!


Thanks - nice one!

Cheers, she will like this

Great stuff, thanks alot.

dont think I'll risk it.......other half didn't get free valentine card....lol, feeeeeel the guilt!!!:oops:

Thanks just ordered one for my daughters Gran for mothersday
I got both the free Valentines ones I ordered (I changed one to a Thank you card!):whistling:

Excellent - thank you!

lovely idea, especially at 50p bargain!!!! just order mine

BRILL quite fun too !! thanks voted HOT. X

I ordered my mother in law one, should keep her happy! thanks

Just successfully ordered, thank you!

I just got mine it's really good quality, well worth ordering!

Got mine today, thank you. :thumbsup:

Has anyone got an email from bonusprint saying dispatched etc??

Order mine a few weeks ago and havent got it yet. I have an email from worldpay saying its been paid etc but just wondering if they send u an email before they send u the card?


bump please!!

NOT EXPIRED - still working 28/2/08
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