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Pet Supermarket is a one stop shop for pet lovers and understands that people with pets tend to be pet lovers and not merely pet owners. The online pet store sells everything from pet food to pet furniture; pet clothes to accessories. Pet medications, cages and other equipment such as feeders and pet toys can also be found here. Some of the highlights of the store are everyday low price offers, no quibble returns and quick delivery of your order. You will also find pet advice here.
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-10% Discount
-10% Discount
Pet supermarket are offering 10% off orders with the code. Some great prices! CODE : PS1-GYB2-LATL-2Z1P Give is some heat Guys!!

worked for me heat (Voucher is Only valid for an order value above £39..)


Sorry guys. My apologies.


Just tried it but unfortunately didn’t work, so I think it’s for recipient only


Think it might be single use; only time will tell


I got it via email but I'm sure it can be used. Maybe im wrong.

-10% Discount
-10% Discount
10% off at Pet Supermarket
INSTRUCTIONS: Received a code in e-mail, 10% off my 'favourite product' but tried it with lots of items and it works. Unsure when the discount code expires. Free delivery whe… Read more

this has expired now. sorry guys


Afternoon kiaclare, thanks for posting, do you know if there are any terms & conditions with using the code & what the expiry date is? Thanks again

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SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap Connect with Hub £132.99 @ Pet Supermarket
-59° Expired
Posted 9th Jan 2020Posted 9th Jan 2020
SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap Connect with Hub £132.99 @ Pet Supermarket£132.99£15011% off
App controlled microchip cat flap with Hub. The app can be used to set schedule, lock pets (selectively in case of multiple pets) in, out or in/out. Excellent to be aware of the p… Read more

Just an update that I purchased off ebay and it came new in the box, with hub and I've got as far as setting up the hub without any issues. Now to source 4 C batteries... Also, installation in a glass door is much more expensive than the product itself!


That is a good deal then, haven't seen it that cheap.


Says it comes with the hub:


He also arches his back and hisses/screams (?Not sure of proper term) at thin air though. Like he's squaring up to a ghost cat. (fierce)


Your cat is perfectly healthy in that case. That is what all cats do (y)

Felix - As good as it looks Kitten Fish Selection 48 x 100g - Buy 2 for £34.48 (96 Pouches) @ Pet Supermarket
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Posted 16th Sep 2019Posted 16th Sep 2019
Felix - As good as it looks Kitten Fish Selection 48 x 100g - Buy 2 for £34.48 (96 Pouches) @ Pet Supermarket£34.48
Save 50% on the SECOND box - Totalling 96 pouches!

The adult one is 80 pouches for £20 in farm foods


Sainsburys has this 12x100g pack for £3.5 so 8x12=96 pouches means 8x3.5=£28. so not a deal?



Do you know if this contains any allergens, like nuts?



Kills fleas and ticks, Collar for cats by Seresto up to 8 month protection - £29.39 @ Pet Supermarket
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Posted 11th Jun 2019Posted 11th Jun 2019
Kills fleas and ticks, Collar for cats by Seresto up to 8 month protection - £29.39 @ Pet Supermarket£29.39
Cheapest place I have found with free delivery and paypal option.

Local vets recommended frontline however I am finding the frontline spot on drops are no longer working effectively for fleas longer than max of two weeks most likely because our two cats love to groom each other. Like any product, they can have a reaction with your pets, same with humans can have a reaction to medications just have to look out for it and be aware. I noticed other bayer companies, drontal and advantage have other spot on treatments but I guess it depends what works for your pet I am giving a collar a go this time. Hopefully a good solution for our cats :)


Not a fan of the Bayer collars. Tried once on my 2 cats, both had severe neck burns/blisters, a common reaction says my vet.

Kokoba Igloo Bed (Winter Edition)  Only £3.25 + £2.99 delivery Pet Supermarket
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Posted 21st Aug 2018Posted 21st Aug 2018
Kokoba Igloo Bed (Winter Edition) Only £3.25 + £2.99 delivery Pet Supermarket£3.25£12.9975% off
You can get this Kokoba Igloo Bed reduced from £12.99 to just £3.25 .Free delivery on orders over £19.00 •easy removable cover •soft cotton-blend cover and spongy polyester base … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*



Cold. Absolutely no way I’m keeping my heating off during winter to stop it melting


hot for good price, but wont purchase because my cat never uses what I provide, no matter how cosy.


Ideal for storing cat silhouettes.


Hot !! Shame my cat is very big for an igloo ;)

James well beloved turkey and rice 15kgx2 £63.15
20° Expired
Posted 21st Aug 2016Posted 21st Aug 2016
James well beloved turkey and rice 15kgx2 £63.15£63.15
Was looking for a change in dog biscuits and came across this which I thought was a good deal, Buy 2 15kg sacks for £83.50 and it will take off £12 at the checkout taking it to £7… Read more

Just had mine delivered using the free delivery option, the sacks have an 04/17 shelf life and the dog can't seem to get enough of them at the minute, :)

Advantage 400 for Dogs 25kg plus (4 x 4.0ml pipettes)  £8.25 delivered  pet supermarket
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Posted 16th Aug 2016Posted 16th Aug 2016
Advantage 400 for Dogs 25kg plus (4 x 4.0ml pipettes) £8.25 delivered pet supermarket£8.25
10% off when addet to basket + another 15% after CATEGORY15 code

Funny but it doesn't seem that they are an accredited internet retailer and that they are selling prescription drugs without a prescription ? or am I wrong ? what's their retailer number with DEFRA's VMD ?


Me too plus my small dog. Thanks, I've ordered :)


Great price, I get this size for my cat and with a syringe use 0.4ml so lasts ages.

24° Expired
Posted 7th Feb 2016Posted 7th Feb 2016
Pet-Supermarket have 10% off some of their James Wellbeloved (& other brands) cat & dog foods that are discounted by 10%, they also have an offer if you by a twin pack that… Read more

also the food was delivered today only 36 hours after ordering & delivery was free. so our pooch is sorted for a while Madcow


if anyone can tell me where i can get 2 x 10kg bags for less than £47 i will be amazed. you are lucky to get 2 for £60. pet-supermarket may not be the cheapest on everything, but pick the right products & i thinks it's cracking deal as described above Cheers Madcow


zoo plus, Bitiba, fetch and Amazon all a lot cheaper. Pet supermarket are about as good value as pets@home. Not very!


If you have a dog with a gluten allergy I'd recommend skinners rather than James well beloved far cheaper and my lot much prefer it.


zooplus is cheaper

20% off all orders today at Pet Supermarket on +£49 spend
Posted 28th Jan 2016Posted 28th Jan 2016
20% off all orders today at Pet Supermarket on +£49 spend£49
Get stocking up on pet food! EDIT - no wonder with the cold votes! I added the code that needs to be used using the iPhone app and later on have visited on a laptop and see the c… Read more

Took 20% off even though it was less than a £49 spend :) thanks


Thank you the code worked! Subtotal: £47.67 Estimated delivery: FREE Savings: -£9.53 Total: £38.14


Try again using code PSJAN20


Try again using code PSJAN20


It's not an account specific code - iPhone HUKD app is useless - no code being shown despite me adding it first thing this morning - the code is PSJAN20 and I have trialled it and it works. I also added this to vouchers but it seems to have added it to deals and I cannot edit it. App is officially awful!

Applaws Cat Food Pate 10pack x 100g, Free del + 10% off first order £1.44 + £1.94 p&p £3.38 Pet Supermarket
217° Expired
Posted 5th May 2015Posted 5th May 2015
Applaws Cat Food Pate 10pack x 100g, Free del + 10% off first order £1.44 + £1.94 p&p £3.38 Pet Supermarket£3.38
I am hoping this is not a miss price as have ordered a large quantity. If this is them clearing stock then an absolute bargain for quality cat food that has a minimum meat content … Read more

yeah, same here refunded received.


got refund today, finally


well i sent them two emails and they failed to get back to me so i called them. After waiting (about an hour) they told me it was a misprice they had sent me the 8 tins of each as they thought that was what i wanted ( I ordered 8 packets of 10 of each). They offered to send me an extra 10 individual packets as a sorry for the error but im still not paying £35 for 34 individual sachets. They are sending DPD to collect the parcel on Friday and arranging a full refund


anyone heard back from them about the incorrect order being sent out


Exactly the same as i got - emailed them to say my order was incomplete

Sureflap cat flap £59.90 @ Pet Supermarket
Posted 18th Apr 2015Posted 18th Apr 2015
Sureflap cat flap £59.90 @ Pet Supermarket£59.90
Cheapest I've seen these. I pad £70 this time last year. These work really well. We have one for our two cats on our back door. Your cat needs to be microchipped for the sensor to … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

My bad :-(


Comment Totally different cat flap. This is the "cat mate" cat flap.


We bought this cat flap a couple of weeks ago after trying a few others, which were no good. This one works really well and is simple to set up. We paid £65 and it's doing a fantastic job of keeping out the neighbours cats. Some days we'd have up to 7 cats in our house! We only have two of our own! Well worth the money.


£48 on Amazon Check other new from Amazon on side


bought this from here for £60.87 delivered including the glass patio door adaptor (£15) a few weeks ago. There was a 15% discount code (now expired). Also 6% Topcashback. Great cat flap, we are very happy.

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