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great- ta for this, need to get some frontline spot-on for teh cat

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me too! Little git is riddled again, I've ordered this instead this time Effipro Spot On Flea Treatment
For Cats (4) think it was about £12 delivered for 4.

have you tried effipro before? did some research on net and got results saying advocat, advantage aND STRONGHOLD ARE better.
found this to be cheapest for frontline 6m supply £16.33

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not used Effipro before but it seemed to have more ingredient fipronil in it than Frontline spot on that I've been using for a year. My vet did warn me 9 months ago that frontline wasn't as effective as it used to be/fleas resistant- and offered me another product. I declined at the time because my cat has health issues heart/lungs, given max 2 years to live 4 years ago (!) and he used to react like subdued, dozy with the flea spot on stuff. He doesn't anymore, dh suggested the internet stuff is watered down?? Dh does him with a flea comb nearly every night, it does help if the fleas are slow. ( cat wants to eat the corpse fleas spread out on a tissue eek )
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