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the link is to peugots own site that doesn't do citroen (but does do 10% of accessories) *shrugs* when i emailed robins & day if they had a part - they told me to use the buy it now link....which i assume means they've got an ebay site and i should go search for the item.... not great service from them so far, a link to the item would have been a start...but even then there's nowhere to put the code on ebay & as i won't be going into store i won't be using the all in don't think i'll, bother bit rubbish really.

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Peugeot Speed Camera / Danger Zone 3 Year Subscription £89 at Peugeot Service Store
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Posted 19th Jul 2020Posted 19th Jul 2020
Peugeot Speed Camera / Danger Zone 3 Year Subscription £89 at Peugeot Service Store£89£13936% off
Morning All This is a deal that will be specifically for Peugeot owners that want to fully utilise their car's inbuilt satnav/speedcam functionality. It will therefore probably at… Read more

Thanks for posting this. A great offer for Peugeot owners with the compatible setup especially when it extends the satnav subscription at no extra cost (y)


Muted, bye (y)


Haha. Yeah. And the moons made out of cheese, I'm an expert. Edit. I'm not an expert.


I have this service in my 3008 and it works extremely well always beeps before cameras. I paid £149 and it’s worth it to me so this is good deal.


... or drive within the speed limit, for free!

Peugot 308 48 hour Test Drive aswell
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Posted 25th May 2016Posted 25th May 2016
Peugot 308 48 hour Test Drive aswell
Discover the new 5-Door Peugeot 308. ... including the GT line and SW, find out more about the award winning new 308 today. ... 48 HR TEST DRIVE

They have advertised this 48 hour test drive nationwide but most of the Peugeot dealership only gives it for 20 minuets!!!!!!!!! (apparently their insurance does not cover it). Only very few do but they don’t have a demonstrator car so they can’t give it!!!


I have applied didn't see anywhere about 48


trolls who don't like Peugot


Yeh found it cheers don't know why this has been voted cold


follow the link - the car symbol has the 48hr on it

Peugot 308 72 hour Business Test Drive
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Posted 25th May 2016Posted 25th May 2016
Peugot 308 72 hour Business Test Drive
Experience can make all the difference in business. And it’s just as important when it comes to choosing the right fleet car. So to give you and your drivers time to fully experien… Read more
Peugeot Full Service price error - £179.99
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Posted 23rd Apr 2014Posted 23rd Apr 2014
Peugeot Full Service price error - £179.99£179.99
Rang around local main dealerships and best price for most comprehensive service they offered was £250 for a full scheduled service. Went onto Peugeot online booking and came up at… Read more

Luckily my sister's boyfriend works at a Peugeot garage :) so we both got Peugeot and he's not allowed to leave!


They look after your car better generally too. My Golf GTD was taken on a 28 mile joyride on someone's lunch break when it was recently in at Benfield for some minor warranty work that did not require a test drive, and they managed to put a cluster of 4 paint chips on one of the wings and then crudely splodged clear lacquer over the top of each chip (I suspect they dropped a tool on the wing while adjusting the door hinges) and said nowt. It's in for remedial work (sort out the paint chips) and I fear it will come out in a worse state than it went in.


I got 2 years manufacturer servicing and 1st MOT for £259 when buying a 1 year old Peugeot. Some crazy prices being quoted here for what's little more than an oil change.


Main dealers are generally awful in my experience. I go to a local garage where they care about repeat custom and will do it cheaper.


Just checked as my Peugeot is due a full service soon and I can pick from 3 Peugeot garages local to me and for the same service the cheapest is £250 and highest is £310. Sod's law the most expensive is the closest garage.

Peugeot 207 Just Add Fuel ONLY £179.00 per month
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Posted 11th Sep 2011Posted 11th Sep 2011
Peugeot 207 Just Add Fuel ONLY £179.00 per month£179
Fab monthly deal!! You get: -The car -Insurance -Roadside cover -Servicing -Road tax All provided for the 3 year lease period for a mere £179 per month!! 1st payment £1533.00
Get deal*Get deal*

Thats changed, we looked into it when it was first launched and I'm sure it was 21. Now drivers need two years no claims too.


Who is eligible for Insurance? * Drivers over 25 (Over 30 for 308 CC 156bhp models) and under 75. * A maximum of 1 motoring conviction in the last 5 years (CU, MW, PC, PL, SP, TS codes only). * Must have a minimum of 2 years No Claims Discount. * A maximum of 1 fault or theft claim per driver in the past 3 years. * All drivers must have a full UK/EU licence for a minimum of 2 years.


@Leitchyleck You can't lie... As they'll be settleing the finance for you in Your deal... I'm just saying when you've decided what you like you start negotiations for your part exchange price. The price you negotiate for your used car should be done regardless for your soul benifit of getting a good price for your car. If you let on it's on a hp plan their instant response is that they'll settle it for you and steer you away from giving you more. 9/10 customers would just be happy to have the finance settled. Why just settle for that when your car can be worth more than the settlement figure and lower the price of your new purchace. It's just advice. No lies. Why should you instantly get less for your car just because it's got out standing finance. You shouldn't.


read the terms and conditions. no way would this be available to young drivers.... my first year insurance was 180 a month (though paid for it annually)


Lease Option First Payment = £1,500 179x36 = £6,444 Total £7,944 Equiv Monthly £221 Buy Option WhatCar Target price £8,990 Yr1 depreciation -£1,798 Yr2 depreciation -£1,438 Yr3 depreciation -£1,151 Depreciation -£4,387 Resale value £4,603 Interest on £9k loan £900 servicing £1,000 Breakdown cover £200 Insurance £1,000 Road Tax £390 Total £7,877 Equiv Monthly £219 So more or less equivalent to buy or lease it. Advantage of the lease is the flat monthly cost. Buying it you have to pay out more to start off with then recoup at the end when you sell. £275/ month on the loan and the blips of servicing, insurance etc.

Just Add Fuel *Fixed Price Motoring* for 3 years from  £179 pm @ Peugeot
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Posted 24th Aug 2011Posted 24th Aug 2011
Just Add Fuel *Fixed Price Motoring* for 3 years from £179 pm @ Peugeot£179
What is Just Add Fuel? It is a revolutionary way to drive a new Peugeot. Just Add Fuel includes three years of motor insurance, servicing, roadside assistance, warranty and Road Fu… Read more

Hardly a deal, it's a permanent offer. Voted cold as it's clever marketing to hide the fact you're basically hiring the car, and you would need a big wedge of money to hand at the end of the lease if you want to keep the car.


6k a year is plenty for a second car - for commuting and the shopping trip. Not sure about this deal - have not read in to it - but my parents have always leased their cars and done very well out of it.


But the target buyer is not somebody doing 10-12 k miles, otherwise it would be a 10-12 k miles offer and cost more than the sale price. Plenty of people do 6.667k or less a year. Even if they do hit 8 k, the difference in cost would only be less than £100. Equally, you would be unlikely to take out a lease car agreement if the mileage limit was 12k, as you said you do 15k.


O/K., I don't want to start argument, but he said "average".. Which means that when you take into account that lots of company car drivers for example make 10s of thousands, there must be a lot below 10 000, around the 5000 mark to make the "average". Like when they say "average" salary in UK is £25000, but I know hell of a lot who only earn £15k and some who earn £60-100k... That is what makes average. This deal is just not for you. You wouldn't get a small Peugeot for that amount of miles anyway, even if it was a good deal (more mileage available), would you?


OK, so is doing 10-12k miles going to cost you a fortune over 3 years, seeing as you are paying (probably circa 6p a mile) over 6667 per annum, OR NOT?! This being my point, i hardly think your pedantic reply was worth posting.

Peugeot 107 2010license plate on Just Add Fuel Deal £179 per month
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Posted 7th Oct 2010Posted 7th Oct 2010
Peugeot 107 2010license plate on Just Add Fuel Deal £179 per month£179
This is my second post (the first kinda flopped but heres hoping this does better apologies if anything is wrong and I don't know what quidco is, so I'm leaving that out for a star… Read more

hi, im really interested in this deal, but i have 9 points on my license. will i still be able to qualify for this does anybody know?


I'm trying to buy a 207 under this scheme, and I feel that Peugeot have done everything to thwart my efforts. Three phone calls to their insurance people, five visits to the garage (two in the space of an hour), a car that was supposed to be picked up tonight, but couldn't be. We were actually in the garage at the agreed handover time and, although Peugeot Finance have had all the papers for 10 days, they decided at the last minute that they need yet more information before they'll release payment to the garage. We're now provisionally looking at tomorrow before we get the car. Would I recommend this scheme? Not on your life - it's not worth the hassle.


Hi, Ive got a conviction on my licence will this mean im not eligible?


Fare enough if you can get it cheaper for you but there is no way i can get insurance for anywhere near £40 quid a month


I was looking at this myself on the 207 but the deposit of £1500 was a killer! I went to Vauxhall explained what they were doing at peugoet and the guy said sure we can sort you out. 1st with the swappage scheme i was givin £1500 for my old fiesta (which is what i paid a year agao) to put down as the deposit. he also took another £200 off for the tax and included 2 years servicing. So im paying £159 a month for the car (Corsa) everything covered and i just sort out my own insurance. I can see this would benefit a new driver if their insurance is through the roof! My Advice, Shop around!

Test drive peugeot 207cc 207 for 24 hours for free
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Posted 11th Feb 2009Posted 11th Feb 2009
Test drive peugeot 207cc 207 for 24 hours for free
As above this is similar to that of the renault, fiat. Although this is not as good...... only for 24 hours. However I think I would rather have the 207cc instead of the bravo...… Read more

Ditto, some little herbert seem taken aback by the idea of a 24 test drive. He offered a 'spin round the block'!


Had a call from a dealer. Said that the test drive is only for 1hour. What about the 24-hour offer? I don't think I will bother.


Good ... but not 24 yo. I don't agree with these age limits. A 24 yo might have just passed their test, yet I'm a couple of years younger and I've been driving for 4 years with thousands of miles experience.


Thanks, got a call last night, picking it up Tuesday eve,


thanks put down the 4007 would like the 207cc but have to think of the kids . Might teat myself to the 207cc for my birthday !!!! thanks tested the Lexus, Renault waithing for Fiat to contact

SNO!Zone Free* Indoor Ski
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Posted 6th Oct 2008Posted 6th Oct 2008
SNO!Zone Free* Indoor Ski£1
Peugeot are running free* family night indoor ski sessions at SNO!Zone - the indoor ski slope with real snow to promote their first SUV - the 4007. Activities include family tobog… Read more

hope this comes again for 2009


got a booking for 4 tonight at 7 at castleford- cant go, pm me if you want the booking...


We've had to cancel our free booking tonight for Braehead, Glasgow - so if anybody still fancies a night of free snowboarding etc then you should give them a phone on 0871 222 5672 to see if they have that space available now (be aware, this is a "premium" rate number I think which is roughly 10p a min I think). I should say that it was a booking for 8pm that we had.


give them a call to see if any places are left


Is this still available . I wana go MK

Free Family Day out Tickets to Silverstone
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Posted 20th Aug 2008Posted 20th Aug 2008
Free Family Day out Tickets to Silverstone
Enjoy a Family Fun Day Out At Silverstone To celebrate, we want to offer you FREE TICKETS to a fun packed day with Peugeot at Silverstone for the series finale, on the 14th Septem… Read more

hi just returned from the peugeot family day out at silverstone. thanks for the heads up. what agreat day out my family and i had. thanks michelle


just got tix, SWEET! thanks. rep.


:-( Regret not seeing this earlier too...! :x


Mine came this morning, gutted that im 7 months to young to take a test drive :-(


Peugeot Sport Family Day.Registration for the Peugeot Sport Family Day at Silverstone is now closed :(

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