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Free Delivery by Tracked Royal Mail of Repeat Prescriptions @ Pharmacy2u
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Posted 24th Jan 2018Posted 24th Jan 2018
Free Delivery by Tracked Royal Mail of Repeat Prescriptions @ Pharmacy2u
Free home delivery of repeat prescriptions, really simple to set up.
Avatar deleted476778
Get deal*Get deal*

Yes but they get Free Prescriptions in Scotland. So if you are able bodied go and collect hem ;)


They wouldn't deliver my monthly crystal meth supply, apparently a prescription by Razor Joe isn't the same as one from an NHS Doctor.




Different NHS in scotland.


In my experiences all the birthday cards were delivered, It's just the cash and gift vouchers inside that was missing.

Free delivery on all orders at until midday 23/3
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Posted 22nd Mar 2016Posted 22nd Mar 2016
Free delivery on all orders at until midday 23/3
free delivery on all orders, could be useful for small orders- their generic products like hay fever tabs etc look good value, expires 23/3 at midday so only 24 hours left

Works perfectly! Thanks


avoid... there were some serious issues with them over last Christmas, people not getting their medication on time...


Gambling with your health lol


I've used their service for years with no issues!


why would you still use them considering their rep? They sold medical records to a betting company!

sildenafil (generic viagra) 10x 100mg for £8.50 plus delivery from
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Posted 8th Jul 2013Posted 8th Jul 2013
sildenafil (generic viagra) 10x 100mg for £8.50 plus delivery from£8.50
The viagra (sildenafil) patent has expired. Generic manufacturers can legally manufacture and sell Sildenafil in the UK. This is the best price I could find. It is a high dose so y… Read more
Avatar deleted827323
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I prefer the other medical term for Viagra - Mycoxafloppin.


I used to have a Banjo until the missus found out I really enjoyed to play it! She strummed it through a cheese grater in a fit of jealous rage and knackered it permanently, no more strumming for me folks!! Take heed peeps there is a moral to this story Consequently I won´t be needing any of this stuff UncleStan


Snapped banjo string??!! OUCH!!!!!


Are you George Formby?


Ironic that Bieber lyrics are quoted in this thread, he's a little pr*ck who bigs himself up. 8)

OI SLAP HEADS.....Regaine 6 months..... pharmacy2u - £84.90 Delivered (cheaper than this see inside)
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Posted 15th Dec 2011Posted 15th Dec 2011
OI SLAP HEADS.....Regaine 6 months..... pharmacy2u - £84.90 Delivered (cheaper than this see inside)£84.90
so its £89.90 - £5 (USE CODE: P2UBDAY) = £84.90 - 8.5% quidco Potentially £77.69 for a whole 6 months supply. Please do not vote cold if you dont 'think' it works. This will wo… Read more

i've voted hot as it is a hot deal (i.e. best price available) not tried myself however but i am tempted to give it a go at this price for anyone who is going bald this article is good note rogaine is regaine in the uk also note regaine only works in 51% of people


What do you mean it doesnt work? have you seen before and after mug shots of random people on youtube? its clinically PROVEN to work hence why its approved by doctors here in the uk and usa. REGAINE and PROPECIA are the only tested and proven to work formulas. Theres many success storys. But like i say it wont work for everyone. Everyone loses there hair for different reasons, diet, stress, genetics, fungus and hundreds of other reasons. Its not a miracle cure otherwise it would work for all. I took a risk posting this deal. I know it only appeals to a small minority of people in the UK and on here even less. But its the cheapest deal ever to be posted of this product. The cold votes are as i predicted from people with hair or those who know it doesnt work because they think so. Theres no posts here from people who have tried it for 6 months to a year??????


i'm going to take a chance and buy it....i aint bald yet but feel that my hair is getting a bit thinner ...just orderd it..fingers crossed..


Fitz: Mach 3? I don't want to be that shiny, I have enough on top to not want to get rid of it completely.


0.001%? - if only! (Plenty of proof on HUKD!).

Pussy Lawn - Indoor grass for your kitty. £2.25 delivered at Pharmacy2u
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Posted 10th Oct 2011Posted 10th Oct 2011
Pussy Lawn - Indoor grass for your kitty. £2.25 delivered at Pharmacy2u£2.25
Pussy Lawn is essential indoor greenery for cats, and loved by most animals. Essentially its for indoor cats so that they get the essential roughage an outdoor moggy would get, bes… Read more

This isn't for the cats to deposit on - it's for them to eat.


I have never known any cats that even like walking on grass yet alone depositing on it. Do I just know strange cats or is this product useless?


Anybody over the age of 15?


I personally prefer wet pussy on the lawn......but apparently it is 'animal cruelty' if you spray the cat with a pressure washer.


If there's grass on the wicket, lets play cricket.

Alli alli 60mg hard 84 Capsules £34.95  delivered + 8.58 % Topcashback@ pharmacy2U
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Posted 6th Jul 2011Posted 6th Jul 2011
Alli alli 60mg hard 84 Capsules £34.95 delivered + 8.58 % Topcashback@ pharmacy2U£34.95
Seems New Cheap deal Around & don't forget cashback Too! alli 60mg hard 84 capsules pn: alli84 SAVE £22.14 Off RRP Only £0.357 Per Capsule 60mg Orlistat Expires Aug 2011 Siz… Read more

Then the tablets are worthless as they bind to fat. Since you are hardly taking any in, there is no fat to bind to :-/


I tried these to kick start my diet, i didn't have any side affects and no leakage that everyone talks about, however I did monitor everything i ate and made sure my diet in the first place contained as little fat as possible.




and here is the answer Wil fit cost less in the long run and makes you stronger as well as thinner and you will not "leek" orange stuff that will ruin your pants and make you smell of you know what O and you will not know until you look or what happened to my friend I pointed it our to her


Bought these when they were first available and they did nothing! Gave up on them and bought a wii with wii fit instead, went on a diet and have now lost 3 and half stone. Waste of money these tablets imo. (_;)

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Dr Lewinn's Ultra R4 Restorative Cream Buy One Get One Free - less than half price £43.99 or less with 10% code@ Pharmacy2u
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Posted 29th Oct 2010Posted 29th Oct 2010
Dr Lewinn's Ultra R4 Restorative Cream Buy One Get One Free - less than half price £43.99 or less with 10% code@ Pharmacy2u£39.59
RRP £89.99 - using the 10% code you can get 2 for £39.59 delivered! Experience peptide power in the revolutionary Ultra R4 Restorative Cream. It offers 4R action - it Rejuvenates, … Read more
Avatar deleted18839
Get deal*Get deal*

£40 for face cream....stroll on


£1.99 a pot at Aldi for similarly useless stuff!

Beconase nasal spray for hay fever 180 dose £6.26 (with code) delivered @ Pharmacy2u + 8.5% quidco
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Posted 21st Jun 2010Posted 21st Jun 2010
Beconase nasal spray for hay fever 180 dose £6.26 (with code) delivered @ Pharmacy2u + 8.5% quidco£6.26
As the hay fever has started giving problems for lot of us, this deal should hopefully be helpful for some. Use the 10% off code ECSP12 to get the discount. New customers could g… Read more

I just got mine from pharmacy first. generic version. 1.99 for 200 sprays, 3.95 for postage if you spend less than 35. Its the cheapest pharmacy I found online. no problems so far. Postage is quite abit, but I tend to stock up on my other medications as well so if you are buying a few, it works out to be cheaper. The expiry date for the spray is 10/2012 so good to last


its 4p cheaper than the price of a prescription charge. As above you can buy generic beclometasone for less than a fiver


Cheapest generic version I found online was: £2.19 for the 180 spray. Bargain if you're buying some other things or stocking up. Delivery is £4.95 less than £40. Nothing at all different to the Beconase - really are just paying for the brand name.


Cheaper still to buy a generic, from similar online chemists, rather than branded stuff. Could get perhaps two for the same price. eg.

Pharmacy2U offering FREE UK DELIVERY  (no minimum order)
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Posted 23rd Jan 2010Posted 23rd Jan 2010
Pharmacy2U offering FREE UK DELIVERY (no minimum order)
Pharmacy2U are celebrating 10th Birthday and offering free UK delivery on all orders! It's a good deal for some one who is ordering a small amount order. Don't forget your 8.5% ca… Read more
Avatar deleted26949
Get deal*Get deal*

I has been free delivery since before xmas - I think it is permanent. I doubt it - places like chemist direct sell generic zirtek 30p for 30 tabs and at the end-of-summer clearout it goes down to about 15p.


Thanks I was just about to order some stuff from an online chemist! :thumbsup:


Cheapest place for anti-histamines is Asdas own brand, have had them many times and was recommended by doctor.


Yes they do. £2.25 for 30


do they sell cheap anti-histamines on there? can only find expensive brand ones...if not, does anyone know the cheapest place to get them?? :thumbsup:

alli 60mg hard capsule- 84 £35.79 delivered @ Pharmacy2u
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Posted 19th Jan 2010Posted 19th Jan 2010
alli 60mg hard capsule- 84 £35.79 delivered @ Pharmacy2u£35.79
This is only for people who are taking this product!! alli is for adults who are overweight and have a BMI of 28 or over, who want to lose weight and understand the importance of … Read more

They do work, I get mine from my GP and have done for sometime. You must follow a sensible low fat diet and do some exercise. If you food with a high fat content, be prepared to be on the loo, in fact remain very close to the loo. Good luck


what i should have said is i didnt lose any weight at all however i did lose the fat that was meant to be absorbed, and i followed a diet.


That would seem contrary to the medical evidence which suggests they do help prevent the absorbtion of fat into the body (with anecdotal evidence of where the fat ends up backing up this theory). Why do you suggest that the medical studies are wrong?


and they dont work



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