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Samsung Galaxy S7 Black - £349.00 at Phone shop by Sainsbury's
152° Expired
Posted 25th May 2017Posted 25th May 2017
Samsung Galaxy S7 Black - £349.00 at Phone shop by Sainsbury's£349
IP68 Water Resistance 5.1" Super AMOLED screen 12 Megapixel dual-pixel camera Expandable memory up to 200GB 3000mAh battery Exynos 8890 Octacore SIM Free - The price in store wil… Read more

I have recently discovered that they launched a new Galaxy smartphone (I know that I am a Slowpoke, lol) so as I see its specs are pretty much better that this one here and there is a deal on it for about 500 dollars, so I would go for a newer model, I guess


did anyone else get the phone before they closed their website


Yes got mine delivered today


Has anyone received their phones yet?


Some were taken over by EE. Irrelevant though as you still get a manufacturers warranty, so who cares.

EXPIRED! Alcatel Pixi 4 Phablet 6 inches 4G 16Gb 1.5 Gb RAM Metallic Silver sim-free £49 at PhoneShop by Sainsbury's
59° Expired
Posted 24th May 2017Posted 24th May 2017
EXPIRED! Alcatel Pixi 4 Phablet 6 inches 4G 16Gb 1.5 Gb RAM Metallic Silver sim-free £49 at PhoneShop by Sainsbury's£49
Another price drop at PS by Sainsbury's. Model 9001X with 1.5Gb RAM /16Gb internal Memory, Snapdragon 210 Quadcore processor and 4G Support. Also available in Metallic Gold for th… Read more

a nice final purchase from them! Anyone found any decent cases for this phone?


.. and they(phoneshop) have just closed their business!


same here.


Hi thanks just got mine it is 16 g plus I got a free 8 g card free


Mine has now been delivered unfortunately I am at work.

Moto G4 £99.99 @ Sainsbury's phone shop
-30° Expired
Posted 23rd May 2017Posted 23rd May 2017
Moto G4 £99.99 @ Sainsbury's phone shop£99.99
The Cheapest I've seen it Octa-core processor: runs multiple apps at the same time without slowing down. Plus, powerful graphics capabilities support rich 3D images. 5.5" Full H… Read more

With you there Robert! CS are hopeless as well. They don't know what phones are coming in until they are on the website. Useless!


what a surprise - a sainsburys phone deal that is oos


They should've retired the MotoG after the G3...was never gonna get any better than that. Now its just a confused model. Is it budget? Is it mid ranged? Is it top end? Its ended up being none of the above and alienated its support base ( including me - bought 7 from G1 to G3). Now moved over to Xiaomi


That's what I thought until my daughter's four month old G4 started playing up. Initially thought it was due to her not taking good care of it, but when the ghosting got worse I contacted Amazon and was told it was a known problem and they were having lots of returns as a result. Reports of it all over the internet. Wouldn't buy another.



iphone 6 plus 16gb silver vodafone refurbished £179 @ Sainsbury's phone shop
38° Expired
Posted 19th May 2017Posted 19th May 2017
iphone 6 plus 16gb silver vodafone refurbished £179 @ Sainsbury's phone shop£179
Vodaphone, but Sainsburys refurbished tend to be of decent quality. The Grade A Standard When you purchase your Apple iPhone 6 Plus, you will be getting a Grade A refurbished han… Read more

why do people bother ordering anything from Saintsbury's phoneshop?


I'd agree with this. I bought the iphone 6 deal - a "very good" for £193. It came in a right state, filthy and with more gashes/dents than expected. The phone battery shows as 75% on one app and 80% on another app and is classed as "bad". I know from reading MM's reviews that they reject phones as faulty if the phone shows a battery capacity at less than 80%. Paying extra for "very good" I thought it would actually be in a good condition. Also I am too scared to ask for a refund because after reading the reviews of how they treat people selling their phones to them - they seem to treat the phones badly effectively wrecking phones during the testing period and then claim the seller sent it like that and then the seller only gets a couple of quid for the phone they sent in a decent condition. Last thing I want is to send it back and not get a refund so stuck with a phone with a crap battery. Would rather have done the o2 thing instead. The phones I've got refurbed from them have only every had a few charge cycles on them and the cases/phone really was "like new" with just a single mark or small gash or scratch on the case.


Sounds ok to me.


They had the Harrier Mini available for ages, at least before the £15, last few, price.


​That doesn't sound particularly bad!

Vodafone Smart Turbo 7 Refurbished £20 from Sainsburys Phoneshop
-19° Expired
Posted 18th May 2017Posted 18th May 2017
Vodafone Smart Turbo 7 Refurbished £20 from Sainsburys Phoneshop£20
Vodafone Smart Turbo 7: Refurbished for £20 specs: 5 inch touchscreen, IPS LCD 5 Megapixel camera 8GB Marshmallow Edit: £2.50 postage charges unless your order is over £30

Tha Thanks - no idea why it went cold though. Possibly mentality of some to vote cold as they buy as many as they can...


Thanks, ordered two delivered today.


I ordered two - and got the despatch email.


Not cancelled my 2 so probably got the last ones


​yes buddy. but unfortunately all orders cancelled as no stock :D

iPhone 6 Plus 16GB refurbuished £199 Sainsburys phoneshop
75° Expired
Posted 18th May 2017Posted 18th May 2017
iPhone 6 Plus 16GB refurbuished £199 Sainsburys phoneshop£199
Looks to be a good deal to me, only 16GB, but may be enough for some people.

Phone received in security sealed Apple certified refurbished box, looks brand new! 12 month Apple warranty. Needless to say I'm happy. Thanks OP




Dear andrew, Thank you for your order from Phone shop by Sainsbury's. We're delighted to tell you that your order has been despatched. You can check the progress of your delivery by clicking on the tracking number below or by logging in to my account. You can see your shipping confirmation below. Thank you again for your order. If you have any questions you can email us here or


I'll never trust Sainsburys again after the Jamie Oliver fiasco


The ones who ordered, Wait for the cancellation emails - lol

Alcatel Idol 4 Black Sim FREE £99 Del @ Phone Shop by Sainsbury's
-90° Expired
Posted 16th May 2017Posted 16th May 2017
Alcatel Idol 4 Black Sim FREE £99 Del @ Phone Shop by Sainsbury's£99
Seems decent i know it's a sainsburys deal so probably go cold.

I called them and asked them to do stock check there stock changes 8am. Every day


how are you checking stock?


No but it's a bargin for what u get for £99 Last week they had 187 on hand now they have 84 in stock


Is this dual sim version?


It's not a Samsung so it should be fine

Medion S5004 @ Phoneshop by Sainsburys - £59
-92° Expired
Posted 12th May 2017Posted 12th May 2017
Medion S5004 @ Phoneshop by Sainsburys - £59£59
13 Megapixel camera - auto focus and digital zoom 1.3 GHz processor 5 inch HD display 2320 mAh battery seems to be £100+ everywhere else link: http://www.phoneshopbysainsburys… Read more

1st one would not switch on, relaced and 2nd one would not switch on, expecting another one to arrive on monday, but if honest dont expect it to switch on perhapsthis is why they have further reduced the price.


1gb ram lol


yeah like these mo fo s are gonna honour this. you'll get a no stock email an hour later.


Yeah - don't touch Sainsburys for mobile phones. I wasted a lot of time chasing up a great Moto E phone which was advertised as SIM free, but came locked to 'a network'. I contacted their customer service and have never come across such a hapless bunch of people. They couldn't tell me which network it was locked to, if I could have found out the unlock codes are plentiful on eBay, but not knowing the correct network may have locked the phone needing a technician to unlock it in the lab. I had to drive to the nearest Sainsburys where I got a refund, they wouldn't accept it returned by post. My local Sainsburys couldn't believe my issue, but did however issue a refund. Waste of time and I avoid that store altogether now.


Sneaky bast***s. :{

Apple Iphone 5c refurbished (white) -£49.00
-25° Expired
Posted 12th May 2017Posted 12th May 2017
Apple Iphone 5c refurbished (white) -£49.00£49
Iphone 5c white refurbished from sainsburys phone shop. I know its only 8gb but its not bad for the kids or a second phone since it's Sim free. I am unsure about the quality of t… Read more

Is 8gb even big enough for iOS now?


you probably wouldn't get one even if they did have stock oO


Not surprised when you see who is selling it, I am beginning to believe that Sainsbury's phone shop doesn't actually have any phones in stock!


has been OOS for weeks, both colours.



Iphone 7 128GB Sim Free (Jet Black, Rose Gold) - £599 (RRP 659)  - Sainsburys Phone Shop
-153° Expired
Posted 11th May 2017Posted 11th May 2017
Iphone 7 128GB Sim Free (Jet Black, Rose Gold) - £599 (RRP 659) - Sainsburys Phone Shop£599
Iphone 7 128GB Sim Free (Jet Black) - £599 (RRP 659) Iphone 7 128GB Sim Free (Rose Gold) - £599 (RRP 659) ht… Read more

Factual? Hmm


With one factual comment? That's something of a record thank you.


But ALL the chavs will have one and only costing them a fiver


Time for the ignore list I think !!


It's gonna be the same as the last four releases.....except this time made from Samsung components. Ah how times have changed.