Photo Mug Just £3 Each at TRUprint (£1.99 P&P)

Get code & visit siteME4


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Limit of 20 mugs per customer at this price (who would want more???)

How much is P&P?

[FONT=Arial]Thanks, very good price going to order a couple, heat and rep added:thumbsup: [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]Might worth mentioning that new costumers get £4 if they go through QuidCo;-) [/FONT]

I was just about to mention the £4 for QuidCo. Nice spot, voted hot.

ok, this might be a really stupid question, but when I go to select the picture to use all I get is the "demo album", there is no button to press to select from hard disk etc - help! :oops:

edit: ok found it - you have to add the pictures BEFORE selecting the mug! not the best system tbh

Top find!

Can't get this to work for me every time i put SLIME4 in the coupon box it give me this "Oops—there's invalid or missing info. " Any ideas? :oops:

Hi someone else has also asked but could you tell me what the p&p charges are please? Thank you.

P+P is £1.99... So the mug's £4.99 delivered

Just ordered 4 mugs. Total price being £14.71, as shown below:-

4 photo ceramic mug 31.96

3 25% off additional copies -5.99

cost of photo gifts: 25.97

SLIME4: -16.22

subtotal: 9.75
Postage & Packing: 4.96

total: 14.71

Very good deal. Thanks.


Just ordered 4 mugs. Total price being £14.71, as shown below:-4 photo … Just ordered 4 mugs. Total price being £14.71, as shown below:-4 photo ceramic mug 31.963 25% off additional copies -5.99 cost of photo gifts: 25.97SLIME4: -16.22 subtotal: 9.75 Postage & Packing: 4.96 total: 14.71Very good deal. Thanks.

Not bad, £15.00 for something you didn't know you wanted till you came here.:w00t:


AND you didn't use quidco??

I didn't use Quidco because the post above says new customers only. I am an existing Truprint customer.

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Glad to see the deal is being used

Will try out

Will get 1 of these for my Mum B'day which is next mth will order tonight.

lol someone who drinks a lot and lazy and not do washing up ?


just ordered Total Price 4.99 voted hot

got a mug and 29 prints for £6.88 minus £4.50 which tracked and validated within 5 minutes so a total of £2.38...sweet!

(my girlfriend is gonna flip out when she sees a mug with her face on it though)

Thanks for the info . . .

It's part of my business to manufacture this type of personalised mug. I sell to the trade and also on eBay and can say this is a very good price indeed if you use all the voucher codes and go through quidco.

The good thing with me though is I can put ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING on the mug for you and believe me, I've been asked for some very very weird things from the people who buy from me off eBay!!!


Sorry to anyone thats just bought one but you may be able to cancle or reorder?...


for some reason doesnt seem to work?

worked fine just await its arrival

cheers ears

£1.99 inc del in my thread as above.
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