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-94% Discount
-94% Discount
Picanova canvas sale 75% - 94% off.
Just ordered a couple of canvas' using the auto-activated 70% discount and an advert popped up offering between 75% and 94% off depending on size of canvas ordered. Edit: Only work… Read more

Nice, just ordered. Thank you.


the code worked but nothing pops up offering 75-94% off or whatever it was


Thankyou, worked fine for me and I tried all sizes and payments out


Just tried again and still working. Only works on 30 x 20, 40 x 30, 60 x 40 and 80 x 60 canvases.


Didn’t work for me

One canvas FREE/2nd canvas 50% OFF using discount code @ Picanova
Great quality canvas pics at bargain prices using code MO18BGUK. I've just paid £36 for TWO 75cm x 50cm pics, saving over £80

update finally been able to get hold of them now


have you heard from picanova lately I have been unable to contact them?


Only ever seems to be for 24 hours but the deal pops up every couple of weeks if you sign up


Do you know when this code expires?


Dude! That's a sweet deal. Saved £188 thanks to you.

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Picanova - 30x20cm photo canvas now £1.99 + £5 del
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Posted 24th Apr 2020Posted 24th Apr 2020
Picanova - 30x20cm photo canvas now £1.99 + £5 del£6.99
One-Off Sale - Limited Time Only on photograph prints on canvas. 30x20cm Canvas £34.90 NOW £1.99 40x30cm Canvas £37.90 NOW £7.99 60x40cm Canvas £49.90 NOW £12.99 8… Read more

It was around 4 - 6 business days both times I ordered. One was 3 60x80 frames and 1 order was 30x20 frame.


Don't they ship from from Germany? How many days, roughly, can you remember?


I have used them (only for canvases). Very prompt delivery and happy with the quality, taking the price into consideration!


Code still seems to be working (since 2017??) Did anyone go for this? Anyone used this company before?


Nice, thanks

High quality canvas prints @ Picanova - Including 20cmx20cm - £8.97
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Posted 10th Apr 2020Posted 10th Apr 2020Shipping from GermanyShipping from Germany
High quality canvas prints @ Picanova - Including 20cmx20cm - £8.97£8.97 £5
Picanova are running a deal in their canvases, which are superb quality. I’ve ordered several from them and they really are great quality. Discount on their website: 20cmx20cm - £… Read more

How's the quality, and the delivery time, anyone? :)


I got this message after I placed my order if it helps (can only be used for one item): One-Off Sale - Limited Time Only! 30x20cm Canvas £34.90 NOW £1.99 40x30cm Canvas £37.90 NOW £7.99 60x40cm Canvas £49.90 NOW £12.99 80x60cm Canvas £69.90 NOW £17.99 Use Code: CANVASSALE2017


New offer just posted for those who signed up to the newsletter!


Excellent. That did the trick. Thank you!


Just tried and hit the same, but then tried uploading photo not straight from the main page but after selecting Photo on canvas and that got me to the discounted prices, must be a bug at their end!

Gigantic Canvas Prints for only £22 each at Picanova
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Posted 22nd Mar 2020Posted 22nd Mar 2020
Gigantic Canvas Prints for only £22 each at Picanova£22
Just saw this online Gigantic Canvas Prints for only £22 each*! 80x60cm £69.90 £22.00 100x75cm £99.90 £22.00 120x80cm £119.90 £22.00

Shipping is £5, worked out to £22 for the canvas and £5 for shipping for me, total £27


Thanks, Op! Good quality prints. I had a 120x80 print done for an artwork last year, and the quality was exceptional!! Paid £17 back then, including free delivery, but am so pleased with the quality, that I would willingly pay £22 for another! (highfive)


Shipping is a fiver, showed price of £22 on home screen then £35 (before postage) after I uploaded a pic


Maybe my-picture is the newer company then. Still strange to have 2 identical companies :/


Have they? I got this XXL canvas deal from them 6 years ago. So they're not new?

Canvas prints at their cheapest - £19 + £5 p&p for 80x80cm / 80x40cm / 80x60cm at picanova
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Posted 29th May 2019Posted 29th May 2019Shipping from GermanyShipping from Germany
Canvas prints at their cheapest - £19 + £5 p&p for 80x80cm / 80x40cm / 80x60cm at picanova£24£8572% off
Picanova is one of the best sites for canvas prints, that I have come across in past 8 years.. I have had few prints as presents to family and even suggested the same for few of m… Read more

not expired


I've ordered many times all very good quality and fast delivery


Depends on what size you are looking to print them.. Do give me some more information, I will see if i can help you in anyway.. :)


Thanks much appreciated! thats a good comparison, I used My picture several times and if you are sub via email they send almost once a day with promotions, sometimes they get dirty cheap. Hence why I questioned the statement :) , and Good post!:{


First: I have written that particular sentence "Picanova is one of the best sites for canvas prints" based on my personal experience. Second: I have not found any cheaper deals than this, for the sizes I have mentioned. If you have found it, then post it in the deals. I am sure it will help people who are wanting much cheaper deal than I have posted already. Last image is from Canvas champ! I posted this deal after doing research on what I am posting is cheaper than any other general websites I use.. Hope attcahed images help!! (y)

Canvas for £12 - Mug £5 - Cushion £10* at Picanova (Shipping costs from £7.99)
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Posted 8th Aug 2018Posted 8th Aug 2018
Canvas for £12 - Mug £5 - Cushion £10* at Picanova (Shipping costs from £7.99)
used them a few times very good

£19.99 for 30X20cm Canvas.... Price wise I've definitely had a better price in the past.


Are the canvasses good quality? Is it a good price?


Mug was £30!!!! Only for a dumb mug. Their prices are mostly inflated as they then have “offers” nearly every week. I constantly get emails. But some offers are good. I’ve used before and their canvas are as you’d expect.


I don't think £12.99 is particulary cheap for a mug. Each to their own I suppose.

Canvas print 120 x 80 only £22 @ Picanova
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Posted 18th May 2018Posted 18th May 2018
Canvas print 120 x 80 only £22 @ Picanova£22
This has been advertised before but I got an email saying it’s back on. I recently bought the large canvas print and can confirm the quality is very good too! Photo Canvases: 60x4… Read more

If you were to get the one canvas, £29 is worth it. I’ve had a fair few canvas made and this company did a good job


Plus delivery of £7.99: Shipping costs £7.99 for the first article, with additional articles tagging on for free.


Thanks for sharing @gillianwerrett - been keeping an eye out for a decent canvas print deal for a while. I'll check this out - heat :)

Picanova 120cm x 80cm "XXXL" canvas print for £22 (EDIT: Until 5th May) (£7.99 shipping)
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Posted 4th May 2018Posted 4th May 2018
Picanova 120cm x 80cm "XXXL" canvas print for £22 (EDIT: Until 5th May) (£7.99 shipping)£22£109.9980% off
Picanova always seem to have discounts, but this seemed particularly good... their largest canvas (120cm x 80cm) on a 2cm frame for £22. Standard price is £119, but take that with … Read more

Do they check for copyright on uploaded images? (angel)


I've scaled 10 megapixel images to this size and they look just fine.


Whats the minimum photo megapixel that will look good on this

Three canvas sizes, one price (£15) @ Picanova
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Posted 15th Dec 2017Posted 15th Dec 2017
Three canvas sizes, one price (£15) @ Picanova£15
60x30, 60x40 or 75x50cm canvases all for £15 each.

Wow that's got to be the highest p&p I've seen in a while! They must come round and hang it for that price


£7.99 postage

Canvas  60cm x 40cm £14.90 delivered sold by Picanova
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Posted 19th Apr 2017Posted 19th Apr 2017
Canvas 60cm x 40cm £14.90 delivered sold by Picanova£14.90
Used this company before for a canvas and the quality is very good. 1 size per household, delivery is free. Copy and paste the link below to get this deal as clicking link wont sho… Read more

Charging me full price, offer must have expired early :(


​no worries mate, glad it worked :)


Thanks very much- had to reset my cookies and use firefox but got there - appreciate the help!


​isit freel delivery? Il have a look in a bit see if I can get it to work and let you know


Thanks - there's an offer in the corner of the site offering a free canvas with a code , but for the life of me I can't see where to enter it (I've gone through the payment stages etc) am I being blind?

Two 40x30cm Canvas prints for £20 +£7.99 P&P (£27.99) @ Picanova
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Posted 7th Feb 2017Posted 7th Feb 2017
Two 40x30cm Canvas prints for £20 +£7.99 P&P (£27.99) @ Picanova£27.99
Just had an e-mail for discounted canvas prints- code INW2DIUK

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