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iPad Pro 11 blue origami case (and others available) £4.95 with code +£5.94 delivery @ Pipetto
92° Expired
Posted 14th Mar 2020Posted 14th Mar 2020
iPad Pro 11 blue origami case (and others available) £4.95 with code +£5.94 delivery @ Pipetto£4.95
Blue iPad Pro 11 origami style case on sale reduced from £39.95 to £9.95, plus use code GA5 at checkout to get a further £5 reduction taking it down to £4.95. Other reduced iPad P… Read more

This is defo not Apple... this also seems to have the clip on case where stuff is glued to it and falls apart... I’d avoid


https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/223894515440 I brought one Real McCoy


This isn't apple either.


I would like to know where ? - lots of cheap copies of course but not genuine Apple.......


Less than £11 delivered for a genuine Apple case is a brilliant deal ..... order placed.

Pipetto London Leather iPhone 4S Pouch Case @ £14.95
-116° Expired
Posted 19th Aug 2013Posted 19th Aug 2013
Pipetto London Leather iPhone 4S Pouch Case @ £14.95£14.95
First deal, hope I've done everything right. Pipetto London are having a big sale, with this particular case dropping from £35. I have an iPad case that I bought from the Apple S… Read more

I've have a pipetto case for my Macbook pro, and it's amazing; still looks totally fresh/zip 100% perfect. I use it daily for work too. Had it for 3 years now, due to a misprice on the Orange Accessories website when they sold a bunch of them for about £10 each!




Looks slick, not my choice of design, but assuming it's a genuine rep and HQ leather it's an ok price. Anybody else had a product from here can comment on quality?

Pipetto Ipad 2/3/4 cover (Hunter Wanderer) reduced from £99.94 to £32.68 (inc postage) with code HW25
-55° Expired
Posted 19th Dec 2012Posted 19th Dec 2012
Pipetto Ipad 2/3/4 cover (Hunter Wanderer) reduced from £99.94 to £32.68 (inc postage) with code HW25£32.68
Not a bad price for a good quality Ipad 2, 3 or 4 case. As title, reduced from £100. Postage is about £6 but I've ordered from these before and they send out by next day delivery s… Read more

Not for me but different and a good find well done


Very tempted by this....


Poundland one's does the job :)


Good price, would not buy a man one though looks too much like a handbag. People moaning about £32 for a ipad cover :| didnt think £32 was that expensive maybe just me :{


Heat from me, love Pipetto products, always quality.

Pipetto 100% Leather and 100% Handmade iphone 4/4S case with Lifetime Warranty £12.90 delivered @ pipetto
52° Expired
Posted 17th Dec 2012Posted 17th Dec 2012
Pipetto 100% Leather and 100% Handmade iphone 4/4S case with Lifetime Warranty £12.90 delivered @ pipetto£12.90
Use Code: IP4S24h Delivery Cost: £5.95 (for single transaction, so more you buy better is the price) 100% Leather. 100% Handmade. Lifetime Warranty In addition to being both ch… Read more

Thanks Man Show


As the Bard of Flom says - it is indeed a very nice case 8)


Nice case. Hot


100% guaranteed to have been 'handmade' by some poor soul in a sweatshop earning 50p a week!


This should say £12.87 DELIVERED. Not sure why a cover would cost that much to ship.

Pipetto Luxury Leather Sleeves for Macbook Pro £53.50 inc (Usually £100+) @ Pipetto
-45° Expired
Posted 5th Mar 2011Posted 5th Mar 2011
Pipetto Luxury Leather Sleeves for Macbook Pro £53.50 inc (Usually £100+) @ Pipetto£53.50
Choice of Rocker/Satchel/Vintage & Patent. I have the Rocker and it's beautiful, proper leather not corrected grain rubbish. Usually £100 plus. Whether you're looking for a p… Read more

Well said Alasrati, all some people do is just whine and expect everyone else to reason just like they do. We are all free to vote for whatever reason we want, which is why i'm not voting because i'm happy with my much cheaper LArobe neoprene sleeve which "probably" (before i get attacked) offers more protection than these leather sleeves.


Well I would hope that people vote based on whether or not they think something is a good deal. A good deal to most people is about more than just price. Obviously the product itself is the other major part of the deal: a crap but cheap product is still a crap product. There may be further considerations such as the relative prices of similar alternative products, the reputation of the retailer, the warranty, the delivery time, etc, etc, etc. As humans we can factor all these things into our judgements. Yes these things are subjective, but hopefully the aggregated subjective votes give a good, if not perfect, indication of whether something is hot or not. This is the wisdom of crowds. That is the beauty of this site. The stuff you mention about avatars is nonsense. Unfortunately some people probably do vote on stuff that really has nothing to do with the product or the deal, but what can you do? People vote for politicians based on their smiles or how much they sweat during TV debates. Hopefully these idiotic votes are a tiny minority and overall the aggregated votes are meaningful. If you want to vote cold on my deal because you don't like the film then that is your prerogative. I probably would vote cold on a deal for a properly crap film unless it was very cheap: I wouldn't go out of my way to do so though. If we just voted hot on every film that was the cheapest available, then all films would end up having the same heat and it would be impossible to spot the real bargains. @Stu this site is not simply a means of finding a given product at the lowest price. This site is far richer than that; it highlights good deals amongst many thousands of products being sold. You can browse this site and find out about deals for things you wouldn't have bought otherwise (which is dangerous :D). I would say that being the lowest price available is the bare minimum for a hot deal, but it's not enough to make it stand out from the crowd and get voted hot. If the product is crap, if there is a cheaper alternative product, if the retailer is a charlatan, if there is no stock for a month: any of these things could prevent a lowest price deal from actually being a hot deal. If you just want to find the lowest price for a particular product, then why would you care about the heat rating anyway? If you know the product you are looking for, you can search for it on the site then see the price regardless of the heat rating. The point of the heat rating, as far as I can tell, is to give prominence to certain deals that are better value than others. This is more useful for people browsing than for people searching. Do you buy things in your everyday life purely based on price? Do you always decide on the specific product first then try to find that product and only that product at the lowest price? I can see how you might do this for an Apple laptop or something where, if you are an Apple zealot, there are very few choices. But do you really apply this to everything? What about groceries? I think ultimately your side of the argument makes very little sense if you think it through carefully. Voting based purely on price for identical products is like voting on whether 2 + 2 = 4 or not: there is only one right answer regardless of how many people vote either way. If you guys want to vote purely on price then do so, but don't expect everyone else to and don't whine about it when they don't!


Correct it isn't Froogle or Pricerunner but neither is it Which or REVOO. It is however a place to share with others a place or means by which to obtain an item at the lowest price.


'The conclusion that the only valid reason for voting things cold is if the exact same item is cheaper elsewhere is not justified by reason or by any rules or guidelines on this site' You are correct there are no rules or guidelines, however on what basis should we vote deals cold? On the basis that one person over another has a more persuasive argument, perhaps the quality of their avatar, maybe the amount of badges they have? Personally I would prefer to vote on who posts the cheapest deal, with the caveat that it's available to the majority and not from a store with a particularly bad reputation. I see you posted a deal for 'The Lives of Others Blu Ray £6.99 @ Amazon' would I be justified in voting it cold because I don't like the film? Or because we don't agree on what is a good deal? In my opinion a good deal is based on price! Others however may disagree and are perfectly entitled to.


Yes I agree it would be nice if people said why they were voting cold. However, to jump to the conclusion that the only valid reason for voting things cold is if the exact same item is cheaper elsewhere is not justified by reason or by any rules or guidelines on this site. If all we did was dumbly compare prices of identical items, we may as well be replaced by computers. What's more, there would be no measure of how hot a deal is; either it's cheaper or it's not cheaper: every single vote would then either have to be hot or have to be cold as any other vote would be "incorrect". The very idea that a vote can be incorrect is absurd. A vote is an expression of preference or opinion. So fine, ask people to justify themselves but don't tell them that they can only vote cold if the identical item is cheaper elsewhere.

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