Pizza Express Offers: Voucher, 2 Pizzas For £10 at Lunchtime at Pizza Express-£2

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great i just love they pizza's heat added

THE BEST! thank you ever so much! heat & rep added :thumbsup:

Is it for a set range of Pizzas or any of them? The Romanas are great but £9+ so to get two for a tenner would be luverly!

Charlie Brown

Excellent deal! Not as good as the 2 for 1 deals that they used to run before, but almost as good.

Just to let you guys know, I used this voucher up London for dinner (about 7pm!) and they accepted it so it doesn't matter what time you use it. If it did, it would say on the voucher somewhere!

Doesnt mention lunch on the voucher just says cannot be used on a Saturday. You also need one voucher for every two pizzas ordered so hopefully a family of 4 could take 2 vouchers. Would put different names on the vouchers to be safe.

doe this include take away?

I think its for eat in only.

8 of us from work had lunch in the Pizza Express in Westfield yesterday...no quibbles whatsoever...you can have any pizza from the manu (and some are more than £10 for one normally...so in those cases its better than 2 for 1!)


Use 3 of these vouchers this week. All used at night with no probs and all reprints of the original that I PDF'd with no problems.

Tonight 4 of us used 2 vouchers and we also had no problem getting the free bottle of wine as I am a PE Club member (which I highly recommend).


pizza hut are much nicer

Om, nom, nom, nom! Thanks!


yum! thanks

Don't know if it's been posted, you can also redeem tesco vouchers £2.50 for £10 token value to be used at Pizza Express for food, excluding drinks.

Get your vouchers exchanged online, delivery of tokens takes about 3-5 working days.

Oh, and "Which" said they had the best Pizza, lowest fat content

Charlie Brown

MMMM. i love P.E. so much nicer without loads of cheese.

just been voted and tested this place.

supposedly its got the healthiest and tastiest pizza( i imagine store dependant though)


Thanks a lot! Heat

Hi, could the title be updated? It's not just lunchtime, it's anytime except saturdays.

"Order any 2 pizzas at PizzaExpress on any day except Saturday, up to the 30th September 2009 and pay just £10."

I missed the voucher as the title's wrong! Luckily a friend had seen it on another site and brought theirs along...
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