Pizza Hut 50% off £40 spend (includes drinks/deserts/etc.) (possible glitch)

Pizza Hut 50% off £40 spend (includes drinks/deserts/etc.) (possible glitch)


Oops! Code for one time only and has already been used.

Oops! Code for one time only and has already been used

worked for me and my mate. two different orders 100% off. one for delivery one for collection....

My email says i have to pay £0!

Has anyone tried the actual personal sky code you got for the world cup party thing?

Tried again - but got the Oops! message.

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Hahah, I got the code from SKY. Didn't realise it was a one use code.

Ah well.

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Didn't even get to place my own order! Good luck with the free food though.

sorry - does that mean me and my friend used your PERSONAL code? I'll be thinking of you when I dig in IF I can collect the pizza fine. :whistling:

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It'll be quite funny to see their reaction when you stroll up and basically walk away with a free pizza.

If anyone has the code from their Sky HD party emails, the codes are taking £50 off, not 50%. I just recieved 3 large pizzas and garlic bread for £2.61

Just finishing off the pizza. Thanks for that :-)
when I went in apparently they have a 'cash unpaid' status. And a webcard. This was cash unpaid. However I clarified the amount to pay is 0. When queried how I got this I said it was a special online discount. ;-)

but anyway my main annoyance with pizza hit is for the food it's way way way overpriced in be first place!
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