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Planet X was founded in Sheffield more than two decades ago and is still operated by riders and for the benefit of riders. The company designs and builds Planet X, On-One and Titus bikes and bike products. Browse the website to find a collection of vintage stock and diverse brands that may be difficult to find elsewhere. Mountain bikers, triathletes, cross racers, fixie riders, and roadies will all find a variety of products at no nonsense prices that are far lower than high street prices.
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-30% Discount
-30% Discount
Planet X - Sizzling Summer Sale Now On - 30% off bikes and accesorries
Sizzling Summer Sale Now on! - Use code SIZZLING30 at Checkout for an extra 30% off A lot of offers for bikes and accesorries

Anyone got /recommend one of their On one enduro led reflective helmets. Same price as other helmets with discount. Thanks


This looks pretty tasty.


Great prices, not any more!


They were doing lots of cheap 99p tubes a short while ago and now they are £1.99 which is £1.40 with the 30% off, tyres that I bought last year for £2.99 are now £7.99. I feel Planet X are probably really busy at the moment with the huge increase in cycling sales so this sale doesn't need to be that good as the staff only have a finite number of orders they can process. This is a previous order of mine from March. 2 leather grips, 5 saddles, 2 tyres and 2 laptop bags for under £42. I had 2 bikes that needed saddles but they had a promotion on saddles so I ordered a range of saddles to see which I preferred. I used to always order tyres from Planet X they were ridiculously cheap at the time but if you ordered more than 2 the postage price shot up to close to £20 unless it was road bike tyres where I think you could order 4. Just making the point prices at Planet X were much more competitive before covid 19 hit, whether they will return to that level is another matter. At the moment bike shops are still struggling to get stock.


Sure, but strong sales tactics should promote you to buy things when properly discounted, plus then you buy extras that you need. Plus with Planet Xs postal costs, it’s not efficient to just buy what you want, you need to bulk buy.... So not right I’m afraid, but nice idea

-20% Discount
-20% Discount
Planet X - super 7 bike offers 20% off SRAM, gravel,road,carbon, titanium bikes planetx
There's a choice of 7 planet X - planetx bikes on offer with an extra 20% off SUPER - 20% Off Nine Selected Bikes For 7 Days Various groupsets and models. £1499 Holdsworth Super… Read more

It's worth noting that the prices mentioned are the full price so take 20% off the price your reading on HUKD.

-20% Discount
-20% Discount
20% off all bike tyres and inner tubes at Planet X
Some great deals to be had here - both MTB and road. example: Michelin Power Comp 700c Folding Tyre / 25mm - reduced to 23.99 + postage

Looks like there is 20% off saddles at the moment although I didn't catch the code it should popup for you.


No schwalbe marathon pluses in 700c unfortunately :(


Schwalbe Century's look good for effectively £6.40 each plus postage. Good for a owner of a 29" mountain bike who wants some road tyres. 700x50 size so effectively 29" x 1.95"

£200 Discount
£200 Discount
extra £200 discount on clearance bikes at planetX using code
INSTRUCTIONS: Use the voucher code to get an extra £200 off the bikes in the planetx clearance section. (the XS RT58 is sold :) )

Don't know about expiry I'm afraid. Seems to apply to all complete bikes in the clearance section. I rang them to place an order and there was no issue about getting the discount. If you able to collect from them they'll discount by £250. Frankly I was just delighted to get a complete bike with good spec for less than the current price of the frame.


Hello mas99, thanks for posting, do you know if there are any terms & conditions with using the code & what the expiry date is? Thanks again

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On-one Free Ranger Sram Rival 1 Gravel Bike £1399.99 @ PlanetX
Posted 4 h, 41 m agoPosted 4 h, 41 m ago
£200 off a great carbon gravel bike. ------------------------------------------ The most affordable full fixture, fat tyre carbon adventurer in lightweight 700c SRAM spec from O… Read more

It's more the jumps, your doing 19mph and gradient changes slightly you go from cadence 85 to 95 or whatever. Freehub in and out as you try to spin, power drops and you slow down. On an 11-28 you are just getting 1 more tooth in the middle and cadence stays the same. Much smoother and more constant power etc. Like I said if your not bothered by it being a bit clunky at moderate speeds then it's fine. Spin out isn't a big deal at 42-11, you'd be going some anyway. Although it would limit you if you were racing, it's not like most of us would take those sort of risks desending anyway when your not. They are geared to climb so again that's not the issue. I'm making a comparison Vs a proper road bike so that people considering this can compare. I'm not saying it won't cope on the roads, I'm just explaining the reasons why road bikes have different groupsets.


I have SRAM Force 1 on my steel gravel bike. Stuck Conti GP5000 32c tubeless tyres on it and rode it throughout the winter. I'm in Norfolk, but there are some hills here, and it was prety rare that my legs were spinning out. I average 18-19 mph.


we Sounds sensible. Should be a more comfortable ride as well.


Yeah a lot of people do this, but bare in mind the 1x drive train will limit your top speed on the road a bit (not a big deal) and result in larger gaps between shifts which can be a pain when you can't find a sweet gear. The 8 speed crowd will be along soon to tell me about the good old days but if you are coming from an 11x2 road bike with a nice close ratio cassette then you will not enjoy 1x on the paved stuff. If you are not riding quickly then it will be perfect, infact no front mech is a bonus. If you are wanting to push hard/race/train then it will hold you back.


Really tempted by this, I need a new road bike but am leaning towards a gravel bike and sticking road tyres on it as the roads around me are awful. I feel like I need a bike that can take a bit of a battering.

Pre order. Planet X London Road Titanium Sram Rival 1 Bike - £1,499.99 (+£24.99 Delivery) @ Planet X
Posted 9th JunPosted 9th Jun
Perhaps the only bike you'll ever need...... Forever. Titanium could last a lifetime and at this price for a hydraulic disc brake bike with clearance for gravel and a geometry for … Read more

That's the benefit of open mould frames, they evolve over time with strength improvements from feedback from the huge number of importers around the world. They can be much stronger than the premium carbon fibre frames for a much reduced price albeit with a small weight penalty normally. Not so long ago Planet X were offering carbon frame and forks for £300 sadly not now though.


I have a Planet X Tempest, their titanium gravel model. It's a great bike. I've done 100 mile sportives on it and covered over 7000 miles both on and off road. I'd not hesitate in buying another.


Getting one, just need to confirm medium is the size I have had two carbon bikes from Planet X since 2010, both going strong, after tens of thousands of miles of cycling.


No but in theory it covers a lot of bases and titanium should last a life time, though that is a very debatable


Thank you. What I thought, with decent enough wheels (£170) and hydraulic disc gruppo (£550) one could do worse than this defo!

Planet x fat baz mountain bike £350 + £25 delivery
154° Expired
Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
Decent spec for the price. Only large size left in "polished lacquer". Fork: RST Gila 29" Coil Strre28.6 120mm travel MLO Tyres/Tubes: Front - K1010 BLACK w/Skinwall 29"x2.2 30… Read more

Sold out


If you dont need the forks theres a hybrid deal thats 3kg lighter. 12kg hydraulic disk hybdrid for £350 is a great deal too


Excellent commuter


Very good value for an entry mtb city


Normally around £450, Never seen it this low before

Jobsworth Bicycle Repair Workstand £36.99 delivered at Planet X
302° Expired
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Planet X Jobsworth bike stand reduced to a price comparable to Aldi / Lidl for all those for who were waiting for one of those.

Poor experience with planet X. Incredibly soft alloy used on crank which then stripped leaving me stranded. "Customer fault" was the response. Designed to fail and earn money from after sales. Avoid.


Lidl is £25, Aldi is £20 and it could well be the last time we see them at £20, it won't surprise me if Aldi is £25 in the future. In fact maybe the container ship issue has increased their costs and it will be £25 instore when sold sometime in June.


I agree, but only if you can get one. This is the best alternative price i have seen.


20 quid lidl or aldi why pay more


I assume the Aldi bicycle stand is coming soon, I think it was delayed on that container ship but maybe available in June. Worth keeping an eye out for as instore its only £20. It will probably sell out very quickly though.

Jobsworth Bike Repair Stand and Torque Wrench Set Bundle - £56.99 Delivered @ Planet X
422° Expired
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
- Jobsworth Pro Torque Wrench Set - Jobsworth Bicycle Repair Workstand

Poor experience with planet X. Incredibly soft alloy used on crank which then stripped leaving me stranded. "Customer fault" was the response. Designed to fail and earn money from after sales. Avoid.


That stand is identical right down to the stabilising rod hanging from the grip arm to the one I got from Lidl last autumn for £17.99, so they have gone up even more than you think. It was an impulse buy for me and I didn't think I would use it much. Wouldn't be without it now.


only realised today not - £6.99 dpd (annoyed)


I think it was a flash sale. I spent the £5 saved on a cafe lock, so I'm not sure it really helped much in the end. Tbh, the stand seems very robust, and a quick play with the wrench feels ok - it doesn't click but sort of bends when it reaches the preset, and lets you keep turning, so it might take a bit of getting used to. Overall, if you want both things it's probably worth getting, and maybe add some cheap socks, or wait until later in May in case they add more stuff to the sale.



3 Wall Mounted Bike Hangers Bundle - £3 + £6.99 Delivery @ Planet X
881° Expired
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Getting your bikes up off the the floor and onto the wall is a sure fire way to clear up a whole load of space in your house. The Jobsworth Wall Mounted Bike Hanger is perfect for … Read more

Poor experience with planet X. Incredibly soft alloy used on crank which then stripped leaving me stranded. "Customer fault" was the response. Designed to fail and earn money from after sales. Avoid.


I have a couple of these and agree with all the points made, they work pretty well. Yes they save space if you aren't using the wall space for anything else. Don't use the supplied wall plugs, buy quality ones. If you have deep/wide wheels then you might need to cut the hook slightly.


Thanks for posting (y) Your thread has been selected for our Highlights pages (highfive)


Hanging ideas :)


Great first deal @thiccfish - thanks for posting :)

Planet X: Carnac Podium SL Road Bike Helmet £24.99 + £3.99 delivery: Flash Sale @ Planet x
96° Expired
Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
Seems to be a decent cycle helmet for the price at the lower-mid end of the price scale: flash sale until end of Bank Holiday Monday takes another £5 off the previous sale price, u… Read more

I can't see it. Any specific jersey is the offer on?


Got my helmet yesterday. It's actually pretty good for a basic helmet, looks the part and quite comfortable. Straps are a bit long though which requires some faffing about to get them into three right position. Overall not a bad buy for the price.

There is deal on Planet X buy a jersey get a free helmet sorry haven’t got a clue how to post deal on here


The two tones look absolutely class. Whilst I don't have one, I recently bought a Carnac Crois LED and I've been very impressed. Nicer (and much lighter) than my MET helmet that I paid double the amount for. Support a British business, have some heat (y)

Planet X LED road bike helmet - £19.99 + £3.99 delivery @ Planet X
382° Expired
Posted 15th AprPosted 15th Apr
Planet X LED road bike helmet - £19.99 + £3.99 delivery @ Planet X£23.98
4 day sale. Normally £29.99 + postage. I've been waiting for them to go back on sale The Carnac Croix SE LED has all the features, function and great fit you need, in in a safe, c… Read more

Yeah, must admit I wasn’t expecting much from the LED, but it’s defo got enough sequences to satisfy beyond the novelty aspect


Is it available for kids?


Mine arrived today, box slightly squished but all looks ok. Pleased with the looks and the light which has quite a few options


Ok your on repeat and as I said MIPs is an add on feature alongside the safety testing that has in testing made helmets safer. In my opinion I would like MIPs so wish they would do a MIPs one. Thank you for you time but I need to do other things now . I'm commuting today in my MIPs helmet so I may not make it to reply


Again, absolutely nothing to do with helmet certification and none of those bodies are involved in certification. It would be completely illegal to sell a MIPs helmet if it wasn't certified and tested to the required safety standards which have nothing to do with MIPs. There are no helmet certification standards in the world that recognise MIPs.

Planet X Pro-Line bibshorts - £19.99 + £3.99 Delivery @ Planet X
79° Expired
Posted 2nd AprPosted 2nd Apr
Planet X Pro-Line bibshorts - £19.99 + £3.99 Delivery @ Planet X£23.98£33.9829% off
Looking for simple decent Bib shorts that will last but dont want to pay a fortune?. The PX Pro lines are sturdy with fuller length legs, decent chamois, wide grippers and subtle g… Read more

Is there such thing as bibs that don’t chafe the nipples (confused)

Looks good deal reasonable price (y)


Yes. They do them up to 3xl which will be pretty big size wise. Being high waisted they will probably be more comfortable and supportive round the middle. The purpose of the shoulder straps is to help keep the chamois in the right place and your back covered while you ride so if you have less well defined hips and are prone to a bit of 'builders bum' with normal shorts then these are probably more useful. There are some brands that specialize in larger lycra such as Fat Lad At The Back who do really large sizes. Anything that helps you ride your bike more and get more mental relief and physical exercise has got to be good.


Tabks Ordered. Plus 6 other things that I totally needed! ;)


These are decent bibs for the money.

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