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Free Month plex pass
Looking to test the DVR updates and found the 1 month plex code to use go to buy plex pass for 1 month and insert the promo code. SPRINGBUNDLE Go Premium with a Plex PassPlex P… Read more

Possibly, but that's not what Spotify's for is it? The whole point of Spotify is so you DON'T need a massive personal library. :)


Plex server running with a massive personal music library and remote access set up?


I love Plex but I haven't used any of the paid features since I've had the pass. (lol)


Google play music is a good option, you can add 50,000 tracks from your own library for free, then stream them / sync them across various devices (android / ios / Windows, etc)


Thanks for this always wanted to try this out

Free month of Plex Pass with voucher code
Use link to get a free month of Plex Pass. I used the offer last month for a free month and this still worked for me. Enjoy!

Fantastic. Don't really care about the DVR features. Just wanted to trial the Plex Pass for other premium features though!


I didn't get this email but did get one for 25% off silicon dust tuners, just bought the 4 tuner one for 112 instead of 150


Just cancelled it but still doesn't work, I guess as my subscription does not run out till April. I'm hoping that as I've tried the service they might give me the half price lifetime subscription,but if not their loss. Not sure what services I lose when my subscription ends but will see if the free version works for me


don't forget 20% off a Western Digitial Store for Plex pass holders


I cancelled mine during the trial and it expired yesterday so I guess it might be that you need to not have an active subscription at the moment. Worth a try nevertheless!

Plex Pass - Free Month
Got an e-mail saying they're offering a month on them as promo for the olympics and their DVR stuff. Link should auto apply the discount:… Read more

Who are you using pls. PM welcome.


Yes. Just log in to their site, account, subscription and cancel. I did it within 5 mins of sign up and got email to confirm


That was my thinking. Our Samsung can record to usb so I don't see the point in accessing live TV through an app on the TV. Only have two TVs in the house so the benefit is limited


So I had a HDHR and plex dvr all set up and working. It was ok! Its nice to have your recordings in the same location as plex, and most of the time it worked ok - but it was really annoying when it didn't. The main reason I sold my hdhr is because I really don't watch much live tv, the only real benefit to recording stuff was for shows like MOTD which aren't immediately on iplayer. It was pretty cool to get live tv on any device on my network, but again, as I didn't watch a great deal it didnt matter. I recently bought a new TV which could record straight to a hdd and it fills the gap sufficiently for me.


The code doesn't work if you are currently a plex pass subscriber.

PLEX - 25% off Annual Plexpass Subscription
got this emailed to me: Not feeling the holiday spirit? If you want to curl up and marathon sub-par holiday-edition movies, you're not alone. Get your BAH HUMBUG on with with 25% … Read more

Just joined you in that, I’ve even sent them an email saying how they can get me back


I got a lifetime offer years back. Love Plex


I've been a long time user, I only got this code as I've cancelled my renewal. Unless I get a lifetime offer I'm not going back. Emby. Nuff said.


I get nothing off them been a plus subscriber for years


I think these codes might be account specific. They emailed me a 25% off annual pass, but the following day offered a lifetime pass for £59...

Plex Pass 12 months 25% off - £23.99
I have just received a code for 25% off a 12 month plex pass. Enter code CYBERPLEX to get 12 months for £23.99!

They offer a lot of the key incentives for free users . The only option I can see is the offline syncing which could look nice in a plex display ... but it ways too steep for just that . DVr pvr I don’t get it as most people would Have sky virgin iptv


Update - I assumed it would expire yesterday but it still works.


I thought the biggest benefit was being able to use Plex apps on consoles to login and access your media server. Either way its a tempting price but I've managed OK using the web portal on my media PC (which is also the server) and iPad logs in for free so I don't think I need it. Great app though and hopefully the post brings more general awareness to a kickass program for all those with downloaded movies and TV.


Free users still pay. Not directly (of course) but Plex basically flog and/or pimp user data they collect. They've clarified they won't do this related to personal library contents mind.


Used plex server for years for my own films !! dont need the pass.

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Plex Pass - 3 Months free with code
The Plex Pass normally costs $4.95/month and has a lot of added features including offline caching for your chosen media, parental controls and managed accounts for the little on… Read more

Plex lifetime ace. On Nvidia shield perfect as a server works so well


expired for me


Code expired


Yes and no. They both stream media to compatible devices (Android, Windows, Roku, NVidia Shield, PlayStation, some smart TVs and anything with a web browser). The main difference is that Plex relies on you having your own content whereas Now TV is a subscription-based service for content that's not yours. There are two elements to Plex - a server and a client. Either you or a friend needs to set up a server and then you set the server up to serve your own content (music, TV shows, movies, photos). You can then connect to the server through a Plex client and stream that content. You can do this on the same network (if the server is in your own home) or remotely (connect to your own server from a a remote location, e.g. hotel, or connect to a friend's server). It's basically more like KODI than NowTV, Netflix, Amazon, etc. It does support plug-ins that stream various content for free, but it's nothing like the content you get from a subscription service (although there are a handful of 'illegal' add-ons where you can stream movies and TV shows). Due to the requirement of needing a server that is capable of streaming media, it's not for everyone.


Not working now

20% off WD Hard Drives with Plex Pass
INSTRUCTIONS: If you're a Plex Pass member you can enjoy a 20% off on selected products from Western Digital. It states that the unique code doesn't work on recertified product… Read more

INSTRUCTIONS: If you're a Plex Pass member you can enjoy a 20% off on selected products from Western Digital. It states that the unique code doesn't work on recertified products but I've just bought 2x 4tb external recertified HDDs for £119. Expires on April 30th 2017.

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