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FREE 30 Day Plex Pass (With Code) @ Plex
Posted 3rd SepPosted 3rd Sep
You can pick up 30 days free Plex Pass with the code - credit to the OP at MyDealz for the code. Steps Use the link…ift and then apply the promo code - it sh… Read more

They got some good free films every month and live tv is decent


100% agree.


Old stuff becomes hard to get and once it is gone, sometimes you can never get it again. Delete nothing, buy more storage is my thing. Just annoying that storage is so expensive again.


Thanks. I already signed up so all


jaffamuffin wrote: i'm looking for a good deal on the lifetime, anyone know when they will have one Plex have a 20% offer of this week for lifetime, best to get in as could be a while for next offer,

Plex lifetime Plex pass £75.99 with Plex ‘Pro week’
898° Expired
Posted 13th SepPosted 13th Sep
20% off Plex lifetime pass again. Expire on 17th September. Get the upgrade of a lifetime for 20% off, this week only. A more premium personal media experience is waiting. Beco… Read more

Think you need to reply to the person asking what setups people use


i`m using rasppbery pi 4gb with free plex. work a treat and dead cheap.


I've built a server rather than opt for an off the shelf NAS - this way I can upgrade parts as require. I'm running: -i5-6500 -16GB RAM -Kingston 240GB M.2 SSD -5x 4TB WD Reds -Phantom 820 case - it's blooming huge and can hold 10 HDDs Not including HDDs (which are usually shucked from external caddies) cost me around £150. No issues with anything up to 4k as the CPU transcodes if required, and it only does this when the file has Atmos or something similar as I don't have an amp as yet. Only upgrades I'm planning so far is to add more HDDs as I'm running out of space.


I don't disagree that Plex can be buggy. But I don't know of any competitor that isn't. And it seems to be the most feature rich of the lot. Its a good deal for a lifetime subscription, and one that you can certainly get your money's worth of use



1 Month Free Plex Pass + 7 Days Plex Arcade Free Trial / £2.29 pm thereafter (using code) @ Plex
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Posted 26th JanPosted 26th Jan
Plex has now launched a new streaming service to play retro games. As well as being able to emulate your own ROMs, there are 27 ATARI games included in the service at launch. Cur… Read more

I was pretty bamboozled when trying this the other day. Without any prior knowledge of it, I just assumed it was serving your ROMs to be played directly on your devices (which makes more sense imho). But no, effectively it's a frontend for Parsec that you pay a subscription for. Very strange. The input lag was jarring and that was on my 10Gbit local network, you really can't play a lot of retro games like this.


I am a bit puzzled why added this but have flatly refused to add PDF/Comics/eBooks library (which is a much more commonly asked for feature). It would have been nice to have photos, film and books.


Didn't even think of the Pi! I just really don't understand why Plex done this, or why anyone would buy into it.


Even a £10 raspberry pi zero will run them using retropie.


I completely agree! The best plex pass features are hardware transcoding which is genuinely useful and, more recently, HDR tone mapping. I can't imagine anyone asking for old arcade games on their tv!

20% off Lifetime Plex pass - £75.99
584° Expired
Posted 16th Dec 2020Posted 16th Dec 2020
20% off Lifetime Plex pass - £75.99£75.99£94.9920% off
Plex are offering 20% off a lifetime plex pass. Previous deals made it cheaper still by changing the currency to Brazilian Real and paying with paypal which seems to be about £60. … Read more

I agree with everything you mentioned BUT you if you don’t need this extras the free version is still very good. I upgraded my NAS to run the plex server and use the Apple TV to run the client to watch movies from the NAS which works fine don’t need any more extras atm to be honest.


Check your pm mate


Please PM me - I'm new to ukhotdeals and can't pm you !


Plex as a TV PVR/Guide replacement is a disaster and has been for circa 2 years Look at the threads in their forum long tales of wow The response from Plex to fix issues is virtually none existent


Yeah, grid view isn’t there at the mo, but is coming at some point according to the dev’s post on reddit here which is cool. Ta for checking for the downloaded Plex files (y)

Plex lifetime pass £71.24 @ Plex
2081° Expired
Posted 23rd Nov 2020Posted 23rd Nov 2020
Plex lifetime pass £71.24 @ Plex£71.24
Apply voucher code for 25% off Plex lifetime membership reducing it to £71.24. It's also possible to pay between £51 and £55 if paying by PayPal. Change the currency to Brazilian… Read more

I have a spare Plex Lifetime Account if anyone is interested. Just drop me a PM


Did someone offer a Plex lifetime pass?


I can not pay with PayPal or credit card when changing to Brazil Does anyone know how to bypass it? Thanks


Sorry i couldn't say, i haven't used the other products and not sure what medusa is


Any better than Synology.. or has medusa like option

FREE 30 Day Plex Pass (With Code) @ Plex
345° Expired
Posted 17th Nov 2020Posted 17th Nov 2020
FREE 30 Day Plex Pass (With Code) @ PlexFREE£3.99
You can pick up 30 days free Plex Pass with the code. Steps Use the link and then apply the promo code - it should show you someth… Read more

It's really worth it if you have a NAS that can transcode. I got Plex Pass and have had no transcoding issues since. There is a NAS compatibility guide, check it out.


'Skip intro' - worth its weight in gold (y)


Is the hardware transcoding really worth it? This is the only feature that majorly differs from the free version for me, the rest i can skip. In my case NAS and small CPU boxes for plex - there are transcoding issues, but mostly can just run the "play direct" mode to tv etc and that works ok-ish. But when on a computer or ipad, the transcoding kicks in and the whole thing freezes up - i assume as hardware transcode not allowed. I am going to try out JellyFin to see if hardware transcode makes a big diff. Thats free for all this stuff...


At least the free trial offers you the chance to see what it is. And you can judge for yourself to see if it's worth having on your server and devices.


I'm other words yes, but if you have a server it's nice to have. i.e. family videos and photos etc, which you can access via the app while you are on the move. But if you don't have a server, no reason to by imo.

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Lifetime Plex Pass for £58.13@ Plex - new subscriptions (maybe account specific)
260° Expired
Posted 1st Oct 2020Posted 1st Oct 2020
From my email: We’re going old school with a throwback to the original lifetime plex Pass pricing. Thank you for all of your support! This exclusive discount on a lifetime Plex Pas… Read more

I have a spare no longer requiered Plex Lifetime if anyone wants it... Drop me a PM

tehreedy >Watch and record live broadcast TV—including local news and sports— directly on your device (in HD where available). A Plex Pass, antenna, and tuner are all you need.


I've got a Synology NAS, and want to record live TV to it. Do I need the Plex Pass, or can I do this using the free version. Was looking at buying a SiliconDust Homerun device .Thanks


Hi Guys, sorry to resurrect this old thread. Am interested as to how to get 3d movies to work on plex. I have a 3d projector and an old Panasonic plasma that does 3d also. For the 3d films I used Makemkv to rip and ticked the appropriate file for 3d. But am stumped as to next step. Do I need to encode the file into a different file type rather than mkv? Tried to google it but got no concrete answer. Thx in advance for all help. Edit: I use a nuc as my plex server and the apps I use to watch the films are on my xbox one x or ps4 pro, so perhaps it could also be a player issue.


I’ve tried 50-60gb files which haven’t caused issues on Plex. Although they definitely used to. But I wonder if they display better on Infuse. Anyway thanks for all the info...I will do a trial period and use that time to compare.

Plex Lifetime Pass - £53.70 via Brazil Store
355° Expired
Posted 29th Aug 2020Posted 29th Aug 2020
No VPN needed! Step 1: Go to “Get Deal” Step 2: Paste the code: 8PLEXPASS8 Step 3: Click PayPal and click “Checkout with PayPal and choose the card you’d like to pay with Step 4: … Read more

I'm gutted I missed this. If anyone else finds a deal on plex lifetime can they please post and also tag on here (y) Thanks OP this was a cracking deal for anyone who managed to get it...


what IPTV provider are you using if you don't mind me asking?



What's the program you used?


Thanks for this tip. Managed to get it working today. Very impressive. Have it running on a Synology NAS in a Docker container. I love the fact I can now use Plex to record and playback my IPTV. I'd never heard of this until I read your post. Thanks again!

Lifetime Plex Pass for ~ £69.39
457° Expired
Posted 28th Aug 2020Posted 28th Aug 2020
Lifetime Plex Pass for ~ £69.39£69.39£94.9927% off
Put on your party hats—Plex Pass turns 8 today—and we want you here for the celebration! (party) Now through 5:59 AM PT on 8.29.2020 a Lifetime Plex Pass can be yours for only $8… Read more

Thanks for posting and @a belated welcome to hotukdeals (y)


Am I the only one that has no idea what Plex is??


Nice one, been waiting for this, incidentally my dvr with hdhomerun and server on shield pro works well, it let me ditch the virgin tivo. Between that and iptv I get everything I need


Change to Brazil and pay with PayPal to get it for £53.70 Credit to @AggyMarmite


Yeah Plex is something I'd never pay for despite using it regularly. There are regular outages when they have issues on their end and you cannot even watch your locally stored media. And any issues you try to raise on their support forums you get angry developers telling you that you're in fact doing it wrong.

30 days free Plex Pass w/code
257° Expired
Posted 31st Jul 2020Posted 31st Jul 2020
30 days free Plex Pass w/codeFREE£3.99
Use code TOUCHDOWN for first month free on £3.99 monthly deal Gives you free 30 days subscription - don’t forget to cancel otherwise you’ll pay £3.99 rolling subs Just doing it … Read more

From what I’ve read, it’s a one man show but the dev is constantly working on new features. Useful ones too that users are requesting (such as an EQ), not just cluttering the app up with free stuff that nobody is fussed about like Plex XD He’s quick to respond to mails too, I contacted him with a query, got a reply back same day. Thumbs up so far.


Totally forgot about that app! - that May just do me as only want ability to download my plex music for the kids really (only thing missing was ability to alter sound output etc)


I nearly picked up a Plex pass a couple of weeks ago when I had an account specific discount, mainly for the ability to sync music to my iPhone. Instead, after a bit of Googling, I picked up an app called Prism Music that connects to your Plex server and lets you sync your music to your phone (without any transcoding). Think it was 5 quids (Plex pass would’ve been £59!). Nice clean interface too. Defo worth a look, think there’s a free 7 day trial.


Ok not for me then..prefer online streaming that setting up PC etc


plex does have content of it's own a live channels nothing exciting but not too shabby either.