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Baxi 25kw combi boiler with magnaclean filter & 10yr warranty £879.99 @ plumbnation
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Posted 25th Feb 2020Posted 25th Feb 2020
Baxi 25kw combi boiler with magnaclean filter & 10yr warranty £879.99 @ plumbnation£852.94
The new super compact, super light and easy to operate Baxi 825 combi boiler is part of Baxi's 800 series, comes complete with MagnaClean Micro 2 filter and horizontal flue and is … Read more

Landlords/ budget boiler. Only done 2 etec 28's (while back so can't remember but think they are 7 year warranty?) Not had any bother with either of them and we ain't been back to service them so not sure if they are being done. We do the annual cp12 inspection so I know are both running well though.


Any experience with Alpha? Specifically Alpha Etec 33? I’m having one fitted tomorrow hence the question.. thanks


Thanks 🤝


Honestly, ive never known of a problem with mixing inhibitors but I really wouldn't advise it. If at all possible, try drain the system and start afresh. Then you know what is in and how much.


Brilliant info thanks very much. Would help to know what was put in by installer, no sticker or anything. I found there was no universal kit like you said online only specific products and different colour codes for samples, etc. Ridiculous prices too. I'll take your advice and top up each two years. Good to know you can not overdose at all. So different brands of inhibitor are okay to mix if you don't know what's in the system?

Hive self installation thermostat complete with hub and free lightbulb £147.63 @ PlumbNation
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Posted 14th Dec 2017Posted 14th Dec 2017
Hive self installation thermostat complete with hub and free lightbulb £147.63 @ PlumbNation£147.63
Hive v2 thermostat and a free Lightbulb. For those who cannot find my hit and miss Asda deal.
Sentinel X400 system restorer £10 (free delivery) @ Plumbnation
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Posted 8th May 2017Posted 8th May 2017
Sentinel X400 system restorer £10 (free delivery) @ Plumbnation£10
Was looking to do a manual flush of my system and couldn't find this cheaper anywhere. Abit pricier than some brands but has really good reviews. Abit of blurb below: Sentinel X4… Read more



So why has this gone cold? I read the title and for a moment wondered why Plumbnation were selling computer software :|


Good price - I used some of this over the weekend. It's about £17 at both amazon & screwfix. I think it was this price on Friday, I needed it for Saturday so I didn't go for it but I saw it was £10 at plumbnation. After flushing the system you'll need x100, this £9.99 at screwfix but £13.71 at plumbnation so worth grabbing that one from screwfix if you have one near but this is a good saving on the x400!

[New] Heatmiser NeoUltra £116.09 delivered @ Plumb nation
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Posted 4th Nov 2016Posted 4th Nov 2016
[New] Heatmiser NeoUltra £116.09 delivered @ Plumb nation£116.09
New touchscreen version of the Heatmiser neoStats: The Heatmiser neoUltra has been designed to work as a standalone thermostat or as part of an app controlled Neo System. In addit… Read more
Heatmiser Neostat Programmable Thermostat £51.76 plus £10.20 del @ Plumbnation
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Posted 22nd Apr 2016Posted 22nd Apr 2016
Heatmiser Neostat Programmable Thermostat £51.76 plus £10.20 del @ Plumbnation£61.96
Great price for this programmable thermostat with mobile control. Best price is normally around £65. There is a 10.20 delivery fee on the whole order, so it only good if you are bu… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*
Sentinel X200 Boiler Noise Reducer 1 Litre £11.99 @ PlumbNation
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Posted 12th Apr 2016Posted 12th Apr 2016
Sentinel X200 Boiler Noise Reducer 1 Litre £11.99 @ PlumbNation£11.99
Helps with reducing limescale buildup in your heating boiler. Cheapest I have seen this. Includes free delivery.



I would say if your boiler and heating system is in good working order, then this is good as a preventative maintenance measure. Alternatively if your system is having major issues, and poor history of maintenance then best to identify the cause of these issues, and get these rectified first.


A ha ha ha love it.


would this silence my old boiler. Perhaps if I slipped it in her slimfast.


Is this any good?

Worcester Greenstar Junior 28I Combi Boiler Natural Gas PLUMBNATION
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Posted 2nd Jan 2013Posted 2nd Jan 2013
Worcester Greenstar Junior 28I Combi Boiler Natural Gas PLUMBNATION£813.02
Handy to keep in the garage as a spare for that coin

The plumber told their mum to buy this brand of boiler Lol lol lol lol lolololooloollloooooooool lol lol


What's funny?


my mums Baxi boiler is knackered the plumber tolder her to buy a worcester one lol. where can I buy parts off cheap from to try an repair her boiler ?

deleted498993 if you ring them the boiler and flue is 873 delivered, this was the lowest i could find as i was paying about 920 for them


Are u free this weekend-mine broke new year day :D