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Free Google Meet for everyone with a Google account. Starting from 4 May, no meeting time limits
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Posted 29th Apr 2020Posted 29th Apr 2020
Free Google Meet for everyone with a Google account. Starting from 4 May, no meeting time limitsFREE£0.01
Google is moving to stem the stratospheric rise of Zoom, by offering its own mass-scale online meeting solution Google Meet to everyone with a Google account. Starting from 4 May, … Read more

This one's been used internally by the company for some time, so it's doubtful.


WebEx is good too, unlike zoom, don't have to install extra software on your laptop (y)


Zoom’s Flawed Encryption Linked to China https://theintercept.com/2020/04/03/zooms-encryption-is-not-suited-for-secrets-and-has-surprising-links-to-china-researchers-discover/


It was a rolled out access. But website says it is now free for all.


Is this free for everyone yet ?

SaferVPN - Lifetime Subscription $44 with 10% Coupon £34 @ Pocket-lint
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Posted 26th Sep 2016Posted 26th Sep 2016
SaferVPN - Lifetime Subscription $44 with 10% Coupon £34 @ Pocket-lint£34
Great deal for a lifetime VPN Subscription with a good VPN Provider. I have contacted them via life chat to verify if this is real and they confirmed it was. They are offering Li… Read more

how do you install this on kodi on firestick? because alot of content is geo blocked.


Tempted but then it states.. "•Usable with 2 devices simultaneously" I would have rather have a couple more at least.


Hoxx.com vpn free does it for me.


Interesting ..................


​ cheers ;)

120 Steam Games from £0.65 per game @ Pocket lint
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Posted 3rd Aug 2016Posted 3rd Aug 2016
120 Steam Games from £0.65 per game @ Pocket lint£78
Long time lurker here, First time posting, So be gentle :) Heard about this from Pocket-Lint, and seemed pretty cool. Its 70% Off Normal Price, and they promise £30 minimum per cra… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

No. In most cases Steam will not let you activate a key for a game you already own. Occassionally some will slip through though, for example if you own a standard edition and the key is for an "ultimate super deluxe goty edition" then the key will usually activate and simply add the extra content to your account (you don't get an extra copy of the game itself though). Sometimes though it can have a separate appID in Steam for different editions and you will in fact end up with a second copy on your account.


I thought that is how it worked but having a quick google myself i could be wrong. https://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/1/490121928338805971/


woah seriously once you use a key its gone even if you already have it???, i always try the keys just to be sure have it then have a documents of all the keys that i havent used....so this means those keys now are invalied/useless?


If you really want random games (can be a fun way to build your library a bit) then why not get something like this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/162152726057 Works out less than 50p each game (so a good 15p per game less than this deal) and no commitment whatsoever, just buy it when you want it....


just get humble bundles

Google Play Music FAMILY plan now available £14.99 p/m
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Posted 10th Dec 2015Posted 10th Dec 2015
Google Play Music FAMILY plan now available £14.99 p/m£14.99
This may not consitute a deal unless you compare against the competition, namely Spotify, Amazon and iTunes, also rather annoyingly the price is 33% more than the US and you don't … Read more

As a Google Play Music customer since the introductory £8 price, would recommend if you got a few people to share with as it's only £5 more than single account.


All access is a marketing scam. It doesn't give you access to all the music... Just as an example hed kandi and mos are not available through this


5 mates on board, £2.50 a month each.. bargain!!


I think the iTunes devotees may be voting cold :p:p:p


link to a recent comparison of UK music services HERE!

IDrive Unlimited Mobile Backup: Lifetime Subscription 79% Off $10 £6.62 @ Pocket-Lint
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Posted 16th Jun 2015Posted 16th Jun 2015
IDrive Unlimited Mobile Backup: Lifetime Subscription 79% Off $10 £6.62 @ Pocket-Lint£6.62
First time I have posted a deal, thought this looked good value. Deal ends in 6 days Protect Your Digital Life with Unlimited Data Backup for up to 5 Mobile Devices Your phone h… Read more

If you're on Android or iOS you can use Google Photos which backs up ALL your pictures in the cloud (with unlimited storage if you slect optimized quality which shouldn't scale down under 14 mpix). Contacts are in your Apple/Google/MS account and if I lose the rest ... well doesn't matter to me (personally)


I'm sure all these companies will still be around in years to come ;)


Well that went cold quick, guess it's a bit **** then!


not quite got my head around cloud back up. sounds a good deal . but I guess if you can only back up from a mobile you would struggle to put hundreds of gb of stuff on it


poor service

Pimp your PS4 or PS3 controller for the World Cup for free
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Posted 14th May 2014Posted 14th May 2014
Pimp your PS4 or PS3 controller for the World Cup for free
To celebrate PlayStation being the official games console brand of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Sony is offering PS4 and PS3 owners the chance to have their DualShock 4 and DualSh… Read more

Thanks for the directions. 3 hour wait. Not what I expected but all a bit of fun


They are outside. From the underground entrance you walk forward past the first escalator to the next. You take one floor up and take the left exit. You will see a blue playstation container with a big queue. The guys there are lovely. It's not like how it is in the pictures though. They don't design the back and only use pens, spray paint and lacquer. But you can pretty much get it done how you like. Even if it's not related to the world cup. If you still can't find it ask for directions at the reception. You can take a PS3 and PS4 controller together.


Anyone know where in Stratford Westfield they will be based today?




It's a shame Scotland don't have a football team.

Easter Bunny hunt in Asda using an app for free gift on Sat 12th April 2014
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Posted 9th Apr 2014Posted 9th Apr 2014
Easter Bunny hunt in Asda using an app for free gift on Sat 12th April 2014
Augmented reality specialist Zappar and UK supermarket chain Asda have partnered to offer a day of Easter fun up and down the country. Almost 400 Asda stores across the UK will ho… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I can guarantee you I am not promoting it for self gain. The deal was sent to me in an email. If I was promoting myself, I would have given you a link to click to it directly! This website makes me cross, people don't always have to have an ulterior motive for posting deals, nor do people have to make fun of posts that are not even funny e.g the tickets to the Alzheimers show the other day. Some people could really do with growing up around here!


they get commission on people downloading this, I told the lady in store who was promoting it I didn't have time to do it in store, after a conversation she reminded me 3 or 4 times to PLEASE download it when I get home for her as it 'goes towards what she gets for getting ppl to d/l' .. hope OP isnt promoting it for a reason ;-)


Have you tried losing her at ASDA on one of the 'crowded Saturdays'?


If your wife was as ugly as mine, you would find 'a cheap paper bunny mask' manna from heaven!:{


Free Deal! :p Heat Added!

Ipad mini £19.99 a month with three. Special offer. 5gb data on 24 month contract
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Posted 13th Aug 2013Posted 13th Aug 2013
Ipad mini £19.99 a month with three. Special offer. 5gb data on 24 month contract£19.99
Free ipad mini for £19.99 a month 5gb of data every month you have to get a code ofd the pockwt lint website before going into store to get this deal Shared Via The HUKD App For … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I reckon £130 for 24 months of 5GB per month data would be pretty good value. The 3g iPad mini (regardless of whether you think its old/inferior tech) is going for around £350. The deal is pretty hot for whats currently available elsewhere.


Ha that's not me being insular, I'm just observing that I'm a data fiend and even I struggle with that amount, my earnest question was how someone uses data that much, no need to get sassy (_;)


I dont know why you think people won't use this just because you don't...


A friend of mine is in a temporary flat and just started a Three 10Gb a month @ £15 a month contract. Thirty day rolling. He streams a lot of video and cannot get broadband because he'll be moving before the contract expires.


I had 3gb included with Vodafone and always using the whole allowance just on my iPhone, I also used a 3 mifi with 3gb of data spread over 3 months - easy to eat it all up

iPhone 5 16GB - In store - Ultimate 500 plan on Three £29/pm with no upfront cost using code @ Pocket-Lint
509° Expired
Posted 12th Aug 2013Posted 12th Aug 2013
iPhone 5 16GB - In store - Ultimate 500 plan on Three £29/pm with no upfront cost using code @ Pocket-Lint£29
I work for Three and as of two days ago we have started accepting this in store. Currently the list price of an iPhone 5 16GB on Ultimate 500 is £29 per month with an up front cos… Read more

when i click the link there is no voucher. can you please tell me the link


Was a good deal. This has now expired as three increased their iPhone prices


The 2000 additional 3 to 3 mins are JUST for existing customers on a monthly term or a new customer having two connections. Be careful with what you post on here!!!


I ordered mine via carphone warehouse and received by next day delivery for free. Had to go and exchange the phone as it was faulty but the replacement is perfect, working well. Quidco cashback tracking at initial lower rate of £35 so I've already smashed this deal by £6, should track at £80 when it all goes through properly. I'm happy. Think its a better offer to go for cash back personally, I took the 1000 minutes and switched my number from o2 within 24 hours. Easy as.. Great signal too, cant complain!


Good deal, I'm currently after an iPhone. Not sure whether to get this, or wait for the new one, although I reckon the new one will be far, far more expensive on contract than this?

Free Weetabix on-the-go biscuit from Boots tomorrow
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Posted 22nd Apr 2013Posted 22nd Apr 2013
Free Weetabix on-the-go biscuit from Boots tomorrow
Weetabix is to allow shoppers to pay for its Weetabix On The Go breakfast biscuits using just a picture taken on a smartphone or tablet. The cereal brand has partnered with Boots i… Read more

Picked mine up today too thanks. I normally miss out on these freebies. 8)


Great! Picked mine up today X)


Didn't even need the photo for the self-service at Birmingham Bull Ring...went through for free. So I grabbed another 4!


got it today :) can't wait to try them


Got some today, thanks for the pic