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Waterproof Socks Half Price - £17.99 + £5.99 Delivery @ Polaris Bikewear
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Posted 11th Sep 2020Posted 11th Sep 2020
Waterproof Socks Half Price - £17.99 + £5.99 Delivery @ Polaris Bikewear£23.98
Got 2 pairs of these when they where £19.99 great for walking as well as cycling in the cold and wet.

Underrated comment this. Drown presumably in one’s own sweat... ewwwwwwww!


Just like a witch then... I knew it!!


if there on inside out you drown


The blurb says it keeps water out but also moves moisture away from your feet. How does it know to do that? What happens if you put them on inside out? This smells of witchcraft...


crazy price for delivery, cheaper to pay a courier to collect them

Polaris Cargo Bike Bag £5 + £10 delivery @ Polaris Bikewear
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Posted 1st Feb 2020Posted 1st Feb 2020
Polaris Cargo Bike Bag £5 + £10 delivery @ Polaris Bikewear£15
This is a proper padded bike bag with padding, straps and wheels for transporting your bike. I wouldn't pay £160 for it but at a fiver (plus £10 delivery) is an absolute no brainer… Read more

Did anyone get it delivered, they cancelled mine (mad)




Paypal refunded, no email as yet. I called to ask them to remove my personal info from their system.


I can’t see the code, either.


me too - said they'd give me free carriage code but nothing attached

Cycling bib shorts - Good brand £14.99 + £5.99 delivery @ Polaris Bikewear
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Posted 27th Jan 2020Posted 27th Jan 2020
Cycling bib shorts - Good brand £14.99 + £5.99 delivery @ Polaris Bikewear£14.99
The reviews of these are good, if like me you cycle indoors, changing bib shorts after every ride is a must. So was looking for a few new pairs. Company blurb - The Polaris Pursu… Read more

I went L should have gone XL... The straps are tiresome after a while... But this is my first pair. I guess I have to get used to it... Or go XL ... Just waiting for the next deal


Polaris should get done by trading standards. Like ‘dare 2 be’ they advertise their products at a high price but never sell them for that. They are very cheap but you get what you pay for. If you are doing short rides/commutes they will be great. Serious riders need to be looking at other brands. Sounds snobby but it’s the truth... been there done that... it’s a process


Got it. Great fit. Not treated yet.. I'm a fair weather cyclist...mtb .. Will wear with mtb shorts.


Excellent shorts really please with them thanks OP (y)


May not be of use to many but you can pick up from their office in Dronfield, I did it this week for an order.

Polaris Bikewear Boxing Day Sale
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Posted 26th Dec 2019Posted 26th Dec 2019
Polaris Bikewear Boxing Day Sale
Polaris Bikewear sale on many things across the site. Everything from shoe bags, gloves, leg warmers, jerseys and bib shorts. Prices start from £2.00 Shipping £5.99 or collect i… Read more

I can recommend the knee warmers. Their arm and leg warmers are great, too.


First offer posted by me, so am pleased it was of use to someone. Hoping to pull trigger on kneewarmers at 2 quid a pop!


Thanks op. £5.99 shipping is a bit much, but offset by the discounts. Got some nice bits.


£5.99 shipping

RBS Windproof Cycling Jacket - £17.98 @ Polaris Bikewear
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Posted 30th Oct 2019Posted 30th Oct 2019
RBS Windproof Cycling Jacket - £17.98 @ Polaris Bikewear£16.78
Polaris often have really good deals on clothing such as this Windproof RBS jacket down from £54.99 to £14.99. Now get an extra 20% off with halloween code BOO20. Discount is one… Read more

Their P&P charges often stop me from buying from them. That and you can often find their items much cheaper at a number of online stores who offer cheaper postage or free click and collect.


A couple of mediums on ebay for £14.99. Trying to find an xl or xxl myself. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Polaris-RBS-Windproof-Cycling-Jacket/163539904586


You can collect from store for free if you live near Dronfield


Good spot OP, shame about the £5.99 postage which seems a bit steep for a lightweight item that "packs down small for ease of carrying" bot not for posting it seems.

Winter cycling gear on sale e.g. Am Defy MTB Gloves - £3 @ Polaris Bikewear (£4.50 delivery)
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Posted 5th Jan 2019Posted 5th Jan 2019
Winter cycling gear on sale e.g. Am Defy MTB Gloves - £3 @ Polaris Bikewear (£4.50 delivery)£3
An abundance of cycling gear, & especially for winter P&P rates depend on what you order Remember folks just cos it's cold, no excuses to not be out on your bikes...

Their stuff is good quality i think the cold is because of postage. If you add more than 1 thing postsge jumps to £6.50 too. Heat in terms of £3 gloves tho!


£22 MTB Gloves get voted hot, yet these are cold?


Probably cold as you can't use it in your Nintendo or Xbox... (y)


Polaris quality is usually okay, usually some on sale in go outdoors. Plenty of sizes if you dig around.Was going to press button on some adventure shorts but reviews were lame for material. Postage is a bit steep if you are just looking at a few pairs of cheap gloves 😥


Not sure why cold as that's a fab price and a good sale; sure the postage is a tad OTT but if you are shopping there you are unlikely to buy just one item. Thanks for posting @david.waddy

Mica Windproof Jersey at Polaris +  £4.50 Delivery
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Posted 26th Nov 2018Posted 26th Nov 2018
Mica Windproof Jersey at Polaris + £4.50 Delivery£20
Received an email from Polaris today... Spotted this bargain loads more on their website The updated Polaris Mica women's windproof long sleeved jersey is a slim contoured fit la… Read more
Windshear Windproof Jacket was £74.99 now £29.50 delivered at Polaris Bikewear
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Posted 5th Nov 2018Posted 5th Nov 2018
Windshear Windproof Jacket was £74.99 now £29.50 delivered at Polaris Bikewear£29.50
Looks very good for the money. Nothing but five star reviews.

Personal experience, but I won't buy from Polaris again after poor customer service.


Postage was £5.99 by Royal Mail,have code for 15% off if it helps TOTALMTB15 bringing it down to £27.25,thanks for sharing op (y)


To increase waterproofing use Nikwax, cheap but effective


Ive been wearing this jacket daily for my commute and it's been the best jacket I've had, paid about the same over a year ago. Just awaiting a delivery of another today albeit in a different colour - for a change. I order my usual size as it's perfect unlike European brands which are 1 or 2 sizes too small. I find the size charts to be pretty accurate.


I need a waterproof (ish) top for running in these colder weather. Anyone know something suitable ?

Polaris Cycle Shoe Bags was £9.99 now £1 (free shipping on £75 spend otherwise £4.50)
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Posted 17th Oct 2018Posted 17th Oct 2018
Polaris Cycle Shoe Bags was £9.99 now £1 (free shipping on £75 spend otherwise £4.50)£1
Quite a few deals in the sale but you need to add £4.50 for postage if you don't hit the £75 free delivery threshold.
Up to 90% off Octoberfest Clearance Sale at Polaris Bikewear
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Posted 12th Oct 2018Posted 12th Oct 2018
Up to 90% off Octoberfest Clearance Sale at Polaris Bikewear
Up to 90% off Octoberfest Clearance Sale at Polaris Bikewear

Postage a bit steep at 5.95 if you order more than 1 thing but with warmers from £3 Not bad. Got a lovely high viz thermal lines long sleeve last year from them. It's decent.


nice find, thanks :)

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