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Exo terra terrarium £213.99 @ Porton garden centers
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Posted 7th Jul 2016Posted 7th Jul 2016
Exo terra terrarium £213.99 @ Porton garden centers£213.99
90 x 45 x 90cm exo terra terrarium. Cheapest I've found.
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Try taking a look at the link, fishbulb.


So it's a posh little greenhouse? Or a dry fish tank?


Whilst I think this is the cheapest I have seen online, if you are near Sussex try Purple Pets near East Grinstead I got the same Exo Terra above for a Mossy Gecko for £179.50, yes £179.50. Also all Exo Terra vivs are cheaper with 45*45*60 costing about £60. I know it's not online but for those sort of prices you could justify a fairly long drive. They pride themselves on being pretty much the cheapest anywhere in the UK.

Instant Oceran marine salt 25KG £34 delivered at Porton
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Posted 27th Nov 2015Posted 27th Nov 2015
Instant Oceran marine salt 25KG £34 delivered at Porton£34
Fantastic price! They also have Reef Crystals for £39.

excellent price


instant Ocean I have found are good products; when I used to mix my own I found Aquavitro Salinity was my fave


I've been swapping between Kent, Reef Crystals and Instant Ocean - I think I prefer Instant Ocean to the others as it seems to dissolve easier.


Thanks op just got a new marine tank this will do nicely


yeah great price, inflated RRP on current prices but still a tenner cheaper than anywhere else.. my LFS is only a 2 minute walk away so I just buy it ready mixed.. I do love my corals

Kent Marine Reef Salt 26.5KG for £42.95 delivered @ Portonaquapet
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Posted 30th May 2015Posted 30th May 2015
Kent Marine Reef Salt 26.5KG for £42.95 delivered @ Portonaquapet£42.95
This is for anyone with a marine aquarium. Cheapest I can find on Ebay is around £58

stethorn : water changes take a bit of effort as you have to ideally filter the water, mix the salt and heat before adding to the tank. Its not expensive though. I have 5 ft tank and change water every fortnight and one tub of salt will last me 9-12 months.


@stethorn, how often you would need to buy salt would depend on the water content of your aquarium. You should look to change around 10% of your water every 2 weeks as an absolute minimum.so the bigger the aquarium the more salt you will use. Also, it depends on the salinity of the water, if you try to mimic natural salt water you will use more . Local fish shops generally have their salinity around 1017ppm but natural sea water is more like 1025 ppm. The tub usually shows how many liters it makes at 1025ppm. Hope that helps.


How often do you need to use this, was thinking of swapping my tropical over to marine but always been out of by stories of maintenance , etc


Needing salt soon , Thanks

25kg Instant Ocean £35.95 or Reef Crystals £39.95 @ porton
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Posted 18th Feb 2015Posted 18th Feb 2015
25kg Instant Ocean £35.95 or Reef Crystals £39.95 @ porton£35.95
Fantastic price for top quality marine salt....... For use with fishes

It's a good quality reef salt use this as ours now ....good find :)


Any use for chipses?


Do they sell vinegar?

Reef Crystals 25kg £39.95 (& other Aquarium Salt bargains) @ Porton Aquatics
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Posted 27th Feb 2014Posted 27th Feb 2014
Reef Crystals 25kg £39.95 (& other Aquarium Salt bargains) @ Porton Aquatics£39.95
It's that time of year again when I need to replenish my aquarium salt stock, and I recall using these guys last year with a great service and fabulous prices compared to every oth… Read more
Kent Marine Reef Salt 26.5KG for £43.40 delivered @ Portonaquapet
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Posted 4th Jun 2013Posted 4th Jun 2013
Kent Marine Reef Salt 26.5KG for £43.40 delivered @ Portonaquapet£43.40
I realise there's a limited audience for this, but this is really cheap for quality marine salt. Kent Marine Reef Salt 26.5KG for £43.40 Instant Ocean 25KG for £40.90 I ordered … Read more

good price on the Instant Ocean, have some heat thanks for posting


**** - Reef Crystals weren't there at the weekend, otherwise I'd have bought them!


nice spot


Need to order some soon, Thanks


Great Price, Reef Crystals is only £44.90 delivered (I usually pay at least £50). Hot