Post Office Car or Home Insurance £50 cashback code

Post Office Car or Home Insurance £50 cashback code



Ah you're a star! I went to my local post office the other day looking for a leaflet about this but I couldn't see anything.

Added heat & sent some rep your way :thumbsup:
Here's your image adam:

Welcome to HUKD!
Brill thanks! Just used it for £50 cashback
thanks so much for this post. I got me insurance today.

they dont do postal orders any more it owuld seem.

thanks op.
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To be fair, go to your local postoffice and get their code, it will help keep them open, or someone will be getting the bonus for something they haven't done!
If you go into the P O a lot of them have specialists who do the quote with you and explain a lot of things I bet you didn't know!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep their doors open!
thanks - serial lurker!
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