Post Office Car or Home Insurance £50 cashback code

Post Office Car or Home Insurance £50 cashback code


Good find. Not sure if you can combine, but they're offering upto £35 Quidco too.

As I say, I'll be amazed if they honour it, but I just got a quote for contents insurance which came to £90, so if they paid the Quidco of £35 and Cashback of £50 it means the insurance would cost me a fiver! Worth a try!

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they do :thumbsup:

I took mine out in jan quidco tracked and paid out and i got the £50 paid into my account. It took about 2-3months to all pay up but it did.

Jimmyg kindly uploaded pics to show it worked for him


Edit- i just uploaded the new leaflet

tried using this code. found out its changed to 1524054. happy insuring.:thumbsup:
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