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Cheap BluRays  £1.50 each or 2 for £2 @ Pound Empire
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Posted 22nd Oct 2014Posted 22nd Oct 2014LocalLocal
Cheap BluRays £1.50 each or 2 for £2 @ Pound Empire£1.50
Just been into Pound Empire in Stockport. They were putting out loads of Blurays. Cabin Fever 3,Bound,Starving Games. Tons more,at £1.50 each or 2 for £2. Most had pretty nice lent… Read more
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T The back of the sleeve was in what I presume to be Danish and I don't think the barcodes were the same as the ones on they're system (_;)


Odd they sent me a US version of The Bourne Identity a few weeks back! Blu-ray regions aren't numbers they're A, B or C, they cover different territories than DVDs regions 1 thru 8 (and higher). The UK is region B on Blu-ray. It was possibly a South African copy of Layer Cake. Still region 2 but they wouldn't have any BBFC certificates on them.


thanks OP sadly no pound empire near me (south east mids) but heat given for posting this deal - love a good B movie and some good titles in there :)


Actually chuffed. My first ever post&i gotta little bit of heat. Cheers :-)


Just noticed 'starving games' amongst them titles, class! Lmfao :D

Officially licensed 'Looney tunes' Nintendo 3DS carry case £1 in pound empire
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Posted 15th Apr 2014Posted 15th Apr 2014LocalLocal
Officially licensed 'Looney tunes' Nintendo 3DS carry case £1 in pound empire£1
Padded case with pen stylus. Seen in pound empire in stockport. 3 designs Tweety pie Wile e coyote Bugs bunny Press link below to see at amazon.
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Hi, sorry for the confusion. If you clicked go to deal it took you to a random page rather than the merchants page (which our site does automatically on instore deals). Now fixed up. :)


its a instore deal only. there are pound empires in the north west.


Thanks, We are looking into it. There is no link in the deal so it's something our end. We will get this fixed :)


Has the Get Deal link been spammed?



Blu-rays £1 each in pound empire
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Posted 17th Mar 2014Posted 17th Mar 2014LocalLocal
Blu-rays £1 each in pound empire£1
In stockport( which is near manchester) . Had Out of the blue State of play Capote A few good men Final fantasy Walk hard dewy cox story Layer cake Vertical limit and some more.
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Wow! A deal somewhere I actually live! Never thought I would see the day!


Good find OP, wish I had a Pound Empire near me. Poundland sometime has bluray for, yes that right £1. But chances of seeing them are very rare.


[image missing]


Ever ever


Crazy price for those that can get them. Cheapest ive seen any blurays EVER!

star wars top trumps £1 in pound empire
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Posted 19th Dec 2013Posted 19th Dec 2013LocalLocal
star wars top trumps £1 in pound empire£1
seen in pound empire in stockport. some cases slightly scuffed but cards still sealed inside.
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ye yeh i have never heard of it only poundworld and pondland


Pound Empire Strikes Back


had a few,now gone.


Never heard of this place. Where are you based OP?

Squinkies - various packs - Pound Empire Piccadilly £1
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Posted 5th Dec 2013Posted 5th Dec 2013LocalLocal
Squinkies - various packs - Pound Empire Piccadilly £1£1
Pound Empire in Piccadilly have a number of different sets of Squnkies, Myths & Monsters Marvel Universe Hotwheels Series 4 Series 2 Not a bad stocking filler
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Sorry Colacube, I did go back in and they had none, I tried a couple of times and their stock is dwindling so it does not look like they have more. I only had one pack of the Marvel ones and I am not sure my son would forgive me if I i sent them to someone else.


Anyone get any marvel ones I can buy? Lol


Bought some from Doncaster other week . Mixture is series packs. Voted Hot xxx


Thx jonbyme appreciate it


Anybody spotted the WWE squinkies at all?

monkey cups £1 in pound empire
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Posted 2nd Dec 2013Posted 2nd Dec 2013LocalLocal
monkey cups £1 in pound empire£1
in stockport pound empire .had 2 types ,national treasure and keep calm im a celebrity.
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nice deals..


hukd have made a mistake


The title is linked to something dodge somehow then! :(


just instore . pound empire are not online.


Link not right, hoping device not affected. Suggest don't click on deal...

liitle big planet toys £1 in pound empire
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Posted 2nd Dec 2013Posted 2nd Dec 2013
liitle big planet toys £1 in pound empire£1
seen in stockport pound empire. series 1 -had marvin,sackboy,sky,sackgirl,voodoo and choptop. in box with official licensed product sticker.7.5 inches tall.
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Ahh my mate loves Little Big Planet, gutted there isn't any of these stores near me - would make an awesome xmas present.


they sell things for different prices. they have blu-rays for £2 and and old ds games for 50p


Good question, I'd buy whole set but haven't seen this store in Edinburgh yet.


Wish I'd even heard of this place, where do they have shops?


Probably to stop bored teenagers from chasing members of staff and asking "how much is this?".

wallace ad gromit royal mail chrismas mugs £1 at pound empire
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Posted 13th Nov 2013Posted 13th Nov 2013LocalLocal
wallace ad gromit royal mail chrismas mugs £1 at pound empire
seen at pound empire in stockport.had 4 different versions.in a box with wallace and gromit sticker on it. made from porcelain with royal mail emblem on bottom.
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Lol their cups for tea not for postage


Can these be used as stamps?


Don't forget Pound Yard, Pound Warehouse, Pounds4U, Pound Savers, Quids In coming to a town near you. Quite a small retailer located around the North West. http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?ie=UTF-8&q=pound%C2%A3empire&fb=1&gl=uk&hq=pound%C2%A3empire&ei=wgKEUrqZKbLY7AaC2IHoDg&ved=0CFoQtwM


Wtf? Pound empire? Pound land Pound world Everything's a pound Pound stretcher And now Pound Empire! How long before pound universe?


It looks like they spent a pound designing their website.

wii fit drawstring bag £1 at pound empire
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Posted 13th Nov 2013Posted 13th Nov 2013LocalLocal
wii fit drawstring bag £1 at pound empire£1
instore at pound empire.official but with just portugese writing on box otherwise the same as english version
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this bag is great, very sturdy. bought one a couple of weeks ago, couldn't believe the price, had to ask the guy twice lol

Into The Blue -  Blu-ray £1! @ Pound Empire
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Posted 5th Nov 2013Posted 5th Nov 2013LocalLocal
Into The Blue - Blu-ray £1! @ Pound Empire£1
film with paul walker and jessica alba . scandinavian version region b with english soundtrack.has a slim box like us imports.seen it with other blu-rays in pound empire in stockpo… Read more
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I like Into The Blue, it's an entertaining film. Watched it a few times......;) Great bargain at this price!


What's this chap looking at?


High def Alba booty, hot hot hot


So did you:


pound empire is a pound shop run by asians. it has your usual tat made specially for pound shops like poundworld or poundland but also has end of the line good stuff.