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Milwaukee m18fid2-202x impact driver 2-18v-2ah redlithium batteries m18 fuel £165.18 + £5.75 delivery @ Powertools UK
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
The best price I can find that will ship to NI.

Try registering the tool and the batteries with Milwaukee website and if they're used they may have been registered on there. In any case gets you the extended warranty on the tool and batteries


Looks like it went down in price.


You're right, it was the red lithium one. If you need the extra torque, definitely worth going with the fuel version.


I think that is the cheaper non fuel model. Still not a bad deal for sure.


Not sure if it’s the same model but I went for the driver drill combo and 2 5ah batteries from screw fix. 250 quid I think.

DeWALT DCD796D1 18v Brushless Combi Drill with T-Stak Case, Charger, and 2ah battery - £129.72 Delivered @ powertoolsuk
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Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
A decent price for the DCD796 with a charger, battery, and case. Slightly more expensive bundles can be had elsewhere if you want bigger/multiple batteries.


100% agree. I have this and the 996 and 2 and 4 amp batteries. I use the 2 amp batteries in both unless I'm doing loads of masonry drilling. 2 x 2ah batteries is ideal because you can be charging one while using the other. If you get to the end of your 5ah battery, you'll have to wait to recharge it, whereas with two batteries you never need to stop. But tbh your arm would need a break by that point from the weight of the 5ah! Masonry drilling burns through it much quicker, but if you're doing that much, you probably want a beefier drill than the 796 anyway.


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Thanks for posting and welcome to hotukdeals @Elvet


Matter of opinion really. I have this drill, and both 2Ah batteries and a 5Ah battery. I always use a 2Ah battery in it, and generally keep the 5Ah for my hedge trimmer which would burn through the 2. But then I'm not a professional, just an amatuer mechanic/DIYer. Having said that, I couldn't bring myself to pay almost the same for a kit with a 2Ah battery if a 5Ah option was available for not much more.

Milwaukee M18BLPP2A2-202X Power Tool Kit 2-18v-2Ah REDLITHIUM Batteries 2pce - £245.56 delivered @ Power Tools UK
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Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
Milwaukee M18BLPP2A2-202X Power Tool Kit 2-18v-2Ah REDLITHIUM Batteries 2pce - £245.56 delivered @ Power Tools UK£245.56 Free P&P Free
Milwaukee M18BLPP2A2-202X Power Tool Kit 18v bringing together the latest brushless M18BLPD2 Combi Drill and M18BLID2 Impact Driver powered by compact 2 x 18v x 2Ah REDLITHIUM Batt… Read more
Bosch GSB18V-85CN Combi Drill 18v BODY ONLY Brushless £131.93 + £5.75 delivery at powertoolsuk
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Posted 14th Aug 2020Posted 14th Aug 2020
Bosch GSB18V-85CN Combi Drill 18v BODY ONLY Brushless £131.93 + £5.75 delivery at powertoolsuk£137.68
EAN: 3165140867122 SPECIFICATION OF 18V BOSCH GSB18V-85CN COMBI DRILL BODY ONLY Brushless EC motor 2 speed gearbox No load speeds 1st gear 0 to 480rpm 2nd gear 0 to 2100rpm M… Read more

Sorry... Did you type something


Apparently same ones used in that clip


Torque rating looks good on this one.


I thought they were usually more expensive.


<3 Usually around £135 so not the greatest deal. Very capable looking drill indeed.

BOSCH MBAG+ TOOL BAG 550MM (medium) £21.80 + £5.75 delivery at  powertoolsuk
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Posted 21st Sep 2018Posted 21st Sep 2018
BOSCH MBAG+ TOOL BAG 550MM (medium) £21.80 + £5.75 delivery at powertoolsuk£21.80£32.9534% off
BOSCH MBAG+ TOOL BAG 550MM Not for everyone, but if you need a decent tool bag you could do a lot worse. Shame about the £5.75 postage but still the cheapest on the net

I have the large one and it currently has : Bosch Sds hammer drill Bosch multi tool Bosch jigsaw Bosch impact Bosch grinder Bosch drill Charger and 10 batteries A mixture of 15ish large sds drill bits And loads more stuff. Its extremely heavy and pulls my arm off BUT the bag and handles never struggle with the weight.


Those bags sold by Screwfix were large I think. I put my 22kg son in one of those and was swinging him around the room... Very sturdy bags. And the price was exceptional. This price for a medium size is ok I guess.


Picked a couple up from screwfix a couple of years ago at £7 each from a HUKD post (shock) Very good bag, robust & usable. Would be happy to pay the price knowing how good they are.


Its amazing how many users have voted this cold but no one has had the decency to explain why apart from Captain.Banana I honestly would love to find this cheaper but i cannot


This will actually cost you around £28.35 delivered as the delivery of £5.75 is plus VAT too

Makita twin set with two 5ah batteries - £250.45 @ Powertoolsuk
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Posted 23rd Jun 2018Posted 23rd Jun 2018
Makita twin set with two 5ah batteries - £250.45 @ Powertoolsuk£250.45£32022% off
Makita black twin set two 5ah batteries with charger. Seems a good deal to me with two 5ah batteries

B&Q doing the same make , not sure if you get two batteries for £125


Excellent, I'll sell my case on there then, cos they're the worst thing ever! I'd value it at less than £0 for the ballache it gives you.


Dito. I think the op has an ok deal, worth publicising if so inclined. However I too almost immediately came up with the same spec tools as yours for similar money to the deal posted. The main plus is getting the dhp482 drill instead


You can definitely get better for around the same money if you get everything separately and forget about brushless. For example the DTD152 impact with 165nm torque and DHP482 combi with 62nm torque cost £95 combined. £110 for two batteries, £27 for the charger and about £20 for the case = £252 ish. So on that basis it's not a good deal.


Agree partly about the drill spec, not so much on the impact as i believe the 155 is excellent. Reasonable 'light duty' drill which will probably do most DIY uses. My old 452 has more than 50Nm and i consider that a light duty drill. Good if you want a light unit though. Voted hot as good price considering 5Ah batts.

MAKITA DLM431Z LAWN MOWER 18V/36V BODY ONLY 430MM £139.97 @ Power Tools UK
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Posted 16th Jan 2018Posted 16th Jan 2018
MAKITA DLM431Z LAWN MOWER 18V/36V BODY ONLY 430MM £139.97 @ Power Tools UK£139.97£179.9922% off
Makita DLM431Z Lawn Mower 18v/36v BODY ONLY cordless push type lawn mower for cutting lawns up to 950m² with electronic current limiter for overload protection, electric brake, sof… Read more

Now showing as £189.19 inc vat, I think delivery is £5.75 extra. That would be a total of £194.94 18th > now £177.47 inc vat 19th - delivered.......no tracking but wonderful to get it - well done powertools uk (I have seen the weather you have)


I did try to find out today but couldn't find anything unfortunately. All I could find was in this forum post which mentioned that newer (and by newer, it seems anything with the led status lights, i.e. not actually that new any more) LXT batteries support balanced charging. So unfortunately I'm still unable to find anything to back up my original claim. Which is annoying for me as i'm an occasional DIY user - exactly the sort of person who is likely to be affected by the issue - from memory when i looked before, tradespeople who use their tools every day rarely had an issue, it was only people that leave them discharging in a drawer for weeks at a time that encountered the issues.


The price on this is either wrong or has changed, if you click on the the link it is £180inc vat


Was dithering over this and had just figured that a couple of 4.0 batteries and charger were going to cost almost £150 and then the price went up, saving me nearly £300. Phew! Expired.


Lot's of examples on YouTube of power tool batteries being charged with RC battery chargers. I have the Imax B6 RC charger. It's a clone but then it was only £13 and works just fine. You can set the charge rate and let it charge over a few hours. Definitely not as fast as charging it with the Makita charger but if your chip has locked the battery the Makita charger will refuse to charge it anyway. Your only option is to use an RC charger but only if you're certain the cells are good. If not then it's not worth the potential fire risk. Brushless? Highly doubt it otherwise that would be the first feature to be advertised. Great price for this mower nonetheless.

Dewalt impact driver body only £59.94 + £6.90 del @ Powertoolsuk
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Posted 25th Nov 2017Posted 25th Nov 2017
Dewalt impact driver body only £59.94 + £6.90 del @ Powertoolsuk£59.94
DeWALT DCF787N Impact Driver 18v BODY ONLY one of the latest XR Brushless Impact Drivers available to professional tradesmen, the improved ergonomic design and comfort grip allows … Read more

This OR the DCF887?


Exactly....I searched for the 887 as it's the model I'd been considering and started the post...then followed the link and realised the 787 was in the op ; ( I'd hoped the dcf895 was going to drop in price on its way out the door as it was unpopular but I liked it,but no the 887 has similar function and I think extra torque,that's ginslly the standard model having better specs. ..and the 895 refuses to drop :(


no stil FFX £66 for the DeWALT DCF787N £95 for DeWalt DCF887N


ffx back to 95 :( unleds im missing something :( Gahhh ya got me with the model number switcherooo... damn it :(


look out for usa models being sold on ebay uk i think dewalt do not provide any warranty, definitely do service/fix them

Dewalt flexvolt 6ah battery £89.96 from toolstop
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Posted 14th Jun 2017Posted 14th Jun 2017
Dewalt flexvolt 6ah battery £89.96 from toolstop£89.96
Flexvolt battery 6ah 54x from dewalt from toolstop
Get deal*Get deal*

Yes! My bad. Your right it is power tools direct. Not toolstop. It's my typo. Best price I've found around. Thanks for spotting it. I had looked at toolstop before posting.


plus £5.75 delivery...These are £90.99 at amazon, free delivery if you're a prime member... https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/Cordless-Tool-Battery-Packs/DEWALT-DCB546-18-54-Flexvolt-Yellow-Black/B01HRYEAP2/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1497517638&sr=8-2&keywords=6ah+flexvolt


The link is to PowerTools UK, Toolstop price for these batteries is £99.00 ? PowerTools Uk are an excellent retailer and this is a good price for these batteries.

BOSCH 5 piece  POWER TOOL KIT with 3x10.8V-2AH LI-ION BATTERIES £280.85 at powertoolsuk
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Posted 7th Mar 2017Posted 7th Mar 2017
BOSCH 5 piece POWER TOOL KIT with 3x10.8V-2AH LI-ION BATTERIES £280.85 at powertoolsuk£280.85
Was on the lookout for a new drill and was planning on getting the Drill /Driver combo when I came across this. About 340-360 in most other places. Have looked into reviews of the… Read more

excellent price. the multitool will come In handy.


Good price but all old stock, Bosch have moved over to 12vmax (still 10.8v though) EC motors and the multitool uses an outdated mount (I managed to bully Bosch into swapping my 10.8v GOP for a 18v kit after they stopped making the sanding pad that works with the dust extractor)


As above.. HEAT ADDED Op


why the bad votes ?