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2 Months Free Premium membership (with code) @ Preloved - £15pm after trial period.
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Posted 27th Mar 2018Posted 27th Mar 2018
2 Months Free Premium membership (with code) @ Preloved - £15pm after trial period.
No brainer if you want to buy/sell a few bits - use code PREM2FREE Place unlimited adverts Take part in Preloved forums and reviews Respond to adverts as soon as they are placed I… Read more

Bollox, thought it was 15 quid a year Definitely a (poo) deal imho


Seriously would anybody pay £15 per month for Preloved!


Am i missing something? Isn’t gumtree the worst selling site ever full of scammers and fakes? Has it improved or something?


Worst selling site ever, can't believe its still going


Deffo worth mentioning this!! totally different to being free. Two extra months is not two free months (unless you want to get pedantic or are in advertising! ) you have to spend money [Yuk!!!] spoils all the fun.....

Preloved Premium Membship 20p for 2 months! CODE: PREMONLY20
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Posted 6th May 2016Posted 6th May 2016
Preloved Premium Membship 20p for 2 months! CODE: PREMONLY20
You can purchase a 2 month premium preloved membership for 20p using code PREMONLY20. The great thing about it is that you can reuse the code. Therefore for example you can purchas… Read more
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Get deal*Get deal*

I've used preloved for over 5 years I always sell things in there. I use Gumtree too. I like Preloved better easier to use, renewal is easier than Gumtree if you have multiple adverts to renew you can tick a box to renew all or individually instead of doing them one by one on Gumtree. I have the free membership


preloved is good, i find it safer to use if you want delivery aswell beacuse you need an account to use.


how good is preloved? I never used it . have been using Gumtree from 6 yrs and find it good


it works however your page links to a vouchers website which I dont think is allowed but I may be wrong?

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Posted 15th Apr 2016Posted 15th Apr 2016
Get a years premium membership for only £8 instead of £25 I've paid £25 for last 4 years so was so happy to find this deal! Be quick though, offer ends 18th April The main advan… Read more
Avatar deleted516651
Get deal*Get deal*

It was a good deal, thanks for posting. I just went to sign up but saw it had expired. :|


Wow I had no idea this was such a controversial topic! I hoped by posting this I would be helping somebody out but seemingly not! Just to weigh in on the 'Which is better? Preloved or Gumtree?' debate... It depends entirely on what your looking for, for example try searching for anything horse related on gumtree.. turnout rugs, tendon boots, overeach boots, grooming kit etc.. etc.. & I pretty much guarantee you can count the results on 2 hands, maybe even 1 & thats NATIONWIDE!! It really is that shocking, yet perform the same search on preloved & ill put money on it you'll find an abundance of items just in your local area. To give Gumtree the benefit of the doubt I tried to be really vague & searched the word 'Saddle' in all categories, this brings up a mere 882 ads nationwide, as this also includes bike saddles I narrowed my search by selecting the pets category leaving me with just 327 ads. Now when I run the same search on preloved I get a staggering 6,753 results which when narrowed down by selecting >home & family then >horses & Livestock still leaves me with 5,881 results, there really is no contest here, the winner is clear. I have to admit, sometimes Gumtree has more to offer in certain categories but I have yet to find such shockingly different results as the ones I mention in this post xx


I just checked both Gumtree and Preloved. Gumtree provides an Extended Validation certificate for all secure areas of their website (green padlock). Preloved on the other hand just has a standard certificate that does not demonstrate who owns the website (grey padlock). From a technical standpoint, Gumtree is doing a better job of securing your data. All secure connections are fully end to end encrypted. So the only way you could have been 'hacked' is via user error of some kind (malware on your system?) Splitting hairs at any rate :). But to be sure, there is no reason to be concerned about Gumtree.


Yyy using same PC all the time for years and that's the only place/account which was hacked?


Someone hacked your account?! Given that Gumtree uses the same security infrastructure as Ebay, that doesn't seem plausible. People don't just get hacked by accident...there will have been something happen that allowed your account to be compromised (logging in via unsecure/free wireless, or via a malware compromised computer). There is no inherent reason to trust Ebay more than Gumtree as they are the same thing. As for advertising for a house - if you put a 'wanted' request for a house, then you'll probably get some do gooder trying to help. Better to just browse the myriad of houses that are listed and make a choice that way.

FREE Full Membership @ Preloved (Usually £5)
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Posted 29th Sep 2015Posted 29th Sep 2015
FREE Full Membership @ Preloved (Usually £5)
Upgrade to FULL membership for FREE! Instead of £5, you can secure the benefits of FULL membership for FREE for 1 year! Only Full Members can respond to adverts as soon as they ap… Read more

Sadly, disappointment soon follows the excitement of a more reasonable alternative to the 10% fees ebay charges. I have tried preloved and others like ebid and these just don't have the reach. I have found gumtree and forums better for selling items.


Thanks OP, worked for me... might actually use this site now!


great stuff


thanks OP


Have just used the code and it works!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for this.

12 months FREE full membership using code @ Preloved
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Posted 17th Apr 2015Posted 17th Apr 2015
12 months FREE full membership using code @ Preloved
Use code FREE12 - Usually a fiver so a good saving - offer ends midnight 19th April What can full members do? Full Members can respond to adverts from the first day they are plac… Read more

Do you only have the "free membership" like me?


This was actually only free membership mate. Member Since: 18 April 2015 Membership: Free membership It still wants £5 off of me for full membership.


Cash back has paid out already! Fantastic Op


Shame I didn't see this one till now :(


Well what you signing up for plonker

iPhone 5C 8GB for just £18.99 a month @
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Posted 1st Sep 2014Posted 1st Sep 2014
iPhone 5C 8GB for just £18.99 a month @£18.99
there's this second have website which i use an it has a very good deal at the moment. all you need to do is sign up to it and get the deal (NO spam from them). iPhone 5C 8GB for… Read more
Avatar deleted951415
Get deal*Get deal*

This should be in the ' just had my pants pulled down' section..


Yeah, what that second guy said. 250mb data??? Are you having a laugh??!! Once me and my friends ended up at the same hotel bar with a president of Vodafone, and started talking about phones and deals... He told us (that was about 2 years now) that the future will be that they will be giving you unlimited or a lot of minutes & texts with fairly "affordable" contracts but will be making their money on data... Guess he was telling the truth...


The iPhone 6 is being announced next month, so there may be more price drops soon. I'd hold off, rather than pay £18.99p/m, especially with only 250MB of data.


5C is a gimped version of the iphone 5, a two-year old model. £18.99 is too much for a used version of that, particularly with a paltry 250MB of data which will mean you can't actually use any of the advantages of having a smartphone

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Posted 20th Jun 2014Posted 20th Jun 2014
You can respond to any advert on preloved just for today without paying for membership.
Reply to horse adverts free without paying for membership this week @ Preloved
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Posted 3rd May 2014Posted 3rd May 2014
Reply to horse adverts free without paying for membership this week @ Preloved
Normally £5 for member ship. Every week something free. worth a try.

Hay this offered a bit of a mare if all they offer is a bit of a mare if all they offer is access to Horses


Yeah but he knows that He will be in touch shortly.


I want to buy this one[image missing]


flogging a dead horse on here love, don't think anyone is interested in preloved, all their offers go cold.


Not something I'd want to get saddled with

Get Preloved Full Membership Free for Three Months @ Preloved
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Posted 2nd May 2014Posted 2nd May 2014
Get Preloved Full Membership Free for Three Months @ Preloved
Full Membership Benefits include: Full Membership for FREE for 3 month trial You can place unlimited private adverts and get selling your stuff FAST! Join in all the chatter and m… Read more
Avatar deleted672586
Get deal*Get deal*

Just bought a dog from that site.


"I have fallen out of love with Ebay." - I should say, as a seller. I still buy lots through them.


Thanks for the info. A decent alternative to eBay is well overdue.


Thanks very much I use preloved alot, great find, heat added. :)


Easy to use and list but I'm going to be honest and say the prices on their are unreasonably high. Look at ps3 Games for a rough idea. I won't be deserting here or eBay anytime soon for this site as it needs a lot of work done on it to compete seriously with eBay or Gumtree

Half Price Preloved Membership Full Membership for only £2.50
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Posted 10th Apr 2014Posted 10th Apr 2014
Half Price Preloved Membership Full Membership for only £2.50£2.50
A Full Years Membership is on offer through the Hut Group for only £2.50...that's half it's normal price. All members can see the items on offer but only full members can reply to… Read more

Preloved have a great forum too


Preloved is a more reliable service - I always found that when buying and selling on here potential buyers and sellers are more reliable, because they pay for the service they tend to be looking or selling for that exact purpose. On each occasion buyers have turned up when agreed. Gumtree however is full of messers! I was advertised a table and chairs -8 people arranged to view and not one turned up, first person on preloved turned up. Same with my dog, tried gumtree first to be contacted when on way to view and be told puppy had sold to a family friend, preloved - lovely reliable woman. That's just my experience, and for £2.50 a year, well worth it just for the general higher calibre of sellers on there alone.


Got this a year ago. It does give you early notice of ads. Not that I made much use of it! Will get it again though because you never know.


If you haven't had any sales on Gumtree, Preloved is an alternative audience...I've had sales on both so it is a 'Great Alternative' ...and no I am not a representative from Preloved!


Agreed. Deal posted by PreLoved, perhaps? Cold from me.

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