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Primrose is a UK-based store specialising in everything related to garden. Launched in 2003, Primrose has since been expanding its collection and now boasts a wide range of products like bamboo fence panels, bubble water walls and several other garden decorations and accessories. Those who have green thumbs can equip themselves with everything for the garden at Primrose and it gets cheaper with Primrose discount codes listed on HotUKdeals.
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Cast iron sundial - £48.99 @ Primrose (+£4.99 P&P)
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Posted 4th Aug 2018Posted 4th Aug 2018
Cast iron sundial - £48.99 @ Primrose (+£4.99 P&P)£48.99£54.9911% off
Hot on the heels of the Helsinki date block I bring you this cast iron sundial. Stonking discount as well of £6!! (shock) Phone low on battery? Watch need repairing? Glare fro… Read more

You tell the time with it !


What do you do with do it ? Act like stonehenge people?

Barbecue Charcoal Starter Chimney Starter + 4.99 delivery £10.98 at Primrose
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Posted 22nd Jul 2018Posted 22nd Jul 2018
Barbecue Charcoal Starter Chimney Starter + 4.99 delivery £10.98 at Primrose£10.98
Delivery is 4.99 for everything in your order. Would only purchase if you had other items you wanted to order from them like charcoal or plants etc Used a chimney starter for t… Read more

Jeez mate cheaper at Amazon, same price at Argos. Give it up.


B&Q HAD these for £4 at some point, got one. HAD. Does not means it is a bad deal because this product was cheaper a while ago, we're living in the present. If was free delivery, I would have voted hot, but the whole price does not make it a good deal for me, so not voting.


Worth checking Aldi, reduced to 2.99 in my local when I was in Thursday


Still in stock at my local Aldi (Dunston, Gateshead) last week and there were at least 10 left, and they were reduced to £2.99!


Key word in your statement is “Had” Notseen one in weeks

Sail Sun shade trianglular kookaburra £9.99 + £4.99 p+p @ Primrose
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Posted 23rd Apr 2018Posted 23rd Apr 2018
Sail Sun shade trianglular kookaburra £9.99 + £4.99 p+p @ Primrose£14.98£21.9832% off
Shape: 3.0m Equilateral triangle Installation Space: At least 3.3m Colour: Ivory Material: High density polyester (140gsm) Kookaburra Shade Sails - Protects you from the sun… Read more

You will also need some fixings to go with this. Got a sail shade the other day and after a bit of research went for these. Very happy with the quality and price. Thought I'd post as it may help someone.


They have waterproof items also twice the price though unfortunately.


I need something similar but waterproof for my window area outside


Order a few at £9.99 and only pay £4.99 post (nerd)

Set of 3 Wooden Bird Feeders - Red/Green/Yellow - (-1p) incl free delivery @
Posted 28th Mar 2017Posted 28th Mar 2017
Set of 3 Wooden Bird Feeders - Red/Green/Yellow - (-1p) incl free delivery @£0.01
They're paying you to take them away :) Use code GWORLD17 for £5 off. If set of 3 runs out, you can buy them individually as well £1.99. Encourage wild birds into your garden wi… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

April fools day code


It's awful when you come to early... codes that is ;)


ah the code is valid 01/04-30/04 so hasn't started yet watch this space :)


charging me delivery


Doesn't work

workawear heated dual fuel gloves 9.99 PLUS 4.99 DELIVRY @ Primrose
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Posted 28th Jul 2016Posted 28th Jul 2016
workawear heated dual fuel gloves 9.99 PLUS 4.99 DELIVRY @ Primrose£14.98
These gloves are made from water resistant, tactile fabric that is excellent for keeping you toasty even without the handy heating elements - and they're comfy too! This innovative… Read more

Sold out

Clay chimineas cheap at Primrose. Over 70% off.
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Posted 18th Dec 2015Posted 18th Dec 2015
Clay chimineas cheap at Primrose. Over 70% off.£25
Apparently now is the best time to buy your chimineas. Get ready for Christmas in the garden! Saw them on Amazon but some are cheaper on the Primrose site. I got a large one for £3… Read more

The best priced one has sold out but there are several others.


They're not that big unfortunately! [img][/img]


Cheers OP Something different for the Inlaws Xmas


Yeah, I thought the same - a 'large' chimenea at 70cm high. But the prices are good as long as you're happy with the size. So to speak!


The last one I had made lovely chicken tandoori - I would place the skewers down the neck of the chimnea to cook - until the OH for reasons only known to herself decided to move it to another part of the patio, which resulted in it smashing into tens of pieces. I suppose it's time to forgive and forget ? Maybe...............

3 Seater Swing Seat Hammock with Straight Canopy £39.98 delivered @ Primrose
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Posted 26th Oct 2015Posted 26th Oct 2015
3 Seater Swing Seat Hammock with Straight Canopy £39.98 delivered @ Primrose£39.98
Yes I know summers over but came across this on Primrose site whilst looking for something else. Very cheap price for a 3 seater hammock, buy now for next summer when prices go up … Read more

Rrp is totally porkie..


250kg support is just a guideline............ :|


I love these


"Supports up to 250kg" Oh dear, I was going to buy for my brother and sister in law. Maybe one each then.


Thanks OP Been thinking of getting one of these (when the garden finally finished) :)

Woodfield™ Cordless Rechargeable Leaf Blower with Li-Ion Battery £29.99 + £4.99 next day delivery = £34.98 @ Primrose
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Posted 13th Oct 2015Posted 13th Oct 2015
Woodfield™ Cordless Rechargeable Leaf Blower with Li-Ion Battery £29.99 + £4.99 next day delivery = £34.98 @ Primrose£34.98
seeking a light cordless garden leaf blower cheapest i could find. gone for this. Google Certified Shop - Receive free purchase protection. good reviews. 2 yr warranty. Next work… Read more

​strange that's what's get when I go to your link



Curious - I've just double checked and it's still showing as free delivery for me in the UK, and £9.99 for Ireland?!


​the one on eBay says £19.99 postage as well tho.


ordered but unfortunately didn't see your comment about gutter guard in time :(

Solaray Solar Powered PIR Shed/Security Light £11.98  delivered @ Primrose
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Posted 12th Sep 2015Posted 12th Sep 2015
Solaray Solar Powered PIR Shed/Security Light £11.98 delivered @ Primrose£11.98
saw these and ordered bargain i thought especially now winter is coming

These are now £6.29! an absolute bargain!


Thanks, added this to an order I was making anyway.


Any reviews on this item?


​oh thanks but u can order as much as u like for the £4.99 delivery charge


Hi, it's £4.99 delivery on top too :)

Massive Banque Party Charcoal BBQ - £39.48 delivered @ primrose (avoid summer prices)
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Posted 22nd Feb 2015Posted 22nd Feb 2015
Massive Banque Party Charcoal BBQ - £39.48 delivered @ primrose (avoid summer prices)£39.48
February is probably the last chance to buy before the summer price hikes on this type of thing. Warming rack Handy side table Made from steel Storage shelf Varying grill heights … Read more

Delivery came today. Huge and very heavy. Showing as £65 now. Glad i got it when i did!


i had one very simular from argos and it lasted years out in the garden uncovered i ended up giving it away when i upgraded to a kamado and its still going it was great for grilling burgers and stuff for bbq partys but not anything more


I see what you mean with the grooves being a little shallow. ..I've ordered anyway, i plan to mod this bbq quite a bit so will carve the grooves a little deeper to hold the grill better. It just seems that this type of bbq has the best cooking area for the price.


The grill always fall out of the guides when I'm being over zealous with the BBQ tongs, I prefer the Weber kettle type now - much more stable and more smoke = more flavour.


Fail to prepare and prepare to fail!