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Get 4 Months Free Deezer with 3 Packs of Pringles (£1.25 each) @ Tesco - See OP to get it for free
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Posted 1st Aug 2018Posted 1st Aug 2018
Get 4 Months Free Deezer with 3 Packs of Pringles (£1.25 each) @ Tesco - See OP to get it for free£1.25
I bought one Pringles from Tesco last week and wasn’t aware they were giving free 4 months Deezer with 3 packs. So I tried to enter 2 random codes changing last four digits and go… Read more



Still seems to be working... just used my free 4 months..


Why would people be so low as to say they haven't received an item when they have received it. It's pure wrong and bunks up the price for future buyers. Just be honest it's the best way..


Royal mail now scan all small packets on delivery whether they are sent recorded or not, useful to know for sellers. I think as long as you get the stamp label generated at the post office, it has some sort of delivery tracking (no signature required though, just RM know if they delivered it, it gets scanned on delivery), without having to pay extra for signed recorded delivery. Someone else probably knows more about the ins and outs of how it works.


I've bought 3 tubes of Pringles today but unsure where to input them in my Deezer app. Could someone help me.. Thanks in advance

Free Google play download movie via Pringles (2 x tubes = £5 in more retailers)
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Posted 14th Feb 2018Posted 14th Feb 2018
Free Google play download movie via Pringles (2 x tubes = £5 in more retailers)£5
Their current promotion is a free HD movie with two tubes of Pringles. I bought two tubes and thought I'd give it a go after previous experience and seeing the McDonalds recent v… Read more

This deal is still valid. Thank you.


Got 8 using 2 accounts


i tried this and it says i already collected my 4 films ....i thought that last years was not included and i havent collected any from this new one...anyone know why this is happening?


(lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


I used a load of pringles cans to get some movies off this last year. It's now telling me there's a four movie limit and I can't get any more. (mad)

4 free Google movies TRICK BE FAST
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Posted 17th Dec 2017Posted 17th Dec 2017
4 free Google movies TRICK BE FAST
Basically Pringles is offering free Google movies when you buy two packs. you are limited to four movies of their choice. Using my promotion code enter it into into both promotion … Read more

Just worked for me. Thanks






Heated as you can get loads more if you create loads of accounts. Haven't done it as I think also it would be classed as fraud because you are stealing g films that may be £6.98 or £4.99 so its stealing and being dishonest.


Claimed my 4 movies. Random numbers added to the end of yours. Yey. Kid orientated movies downloaded

Glitch with Pringles codes - 1 free Now TV Sports pass + 4 free Google Play movies
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Posted 5th Nov 2017Posted 5th Nov 2017
Glitch with Pringles codes - 1 free Now TV Sports pass + 4 free Google Play movies
Thanks to Agharta for commenting in another thread. Use the following codes to claim 1 Now TV Sports Pass and maximum 4 Google Play movies. The codes seem to be unlimited use -… Read more

Thank you :)


Free code for NOW TV ( NOW6XCWM7T447K ) if some people can't do it. You need a cc for it btw.


Stopped working a long time ago for me. Search ebay though and you can get them for 99p. Guess we'll have to wait till next Christmas time for more pringles promos!


The NOW TV Sport codes seem to have stopped working. Anybody else had a problem?


Just used my first code generated for sport day pass - worked fine.

PRINGLES - you JUST DON"T EAT 'em - Claim Wireless Speaker or Movie Night In - £3 (postage) @ Pringles
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Posted 13th Jul 2017Posted 13th Jul 2017
PRINGLES - you JUST DON"T EAT 'em - Claim Wireless Speaker or Movie Night In - £3 (postage) @ Pringles£3
From their T&C Smidt-Imex Bluetooth® Speakers Offer Period 2. Genuine applications for the Smidt-Imex Bluetooth® Speaker Buy/Get Promotional Offer must be r… Read more

Pringles can be had for £1 quite often, bringing that cost down to £3 but still you have an excellent point. I did this last time they had it on and when it arrived it was a crappy cheap plastic grainy steaming piece of turd


Not really worth it tbh, 3x pringes for £4.50-£5 , pay 'postage' on a product thats probally worth £2.50 in itself

FREE Pringles Crisps 40g
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Posted 24th Nov 2016Posted 24th Nov 2016
FREE Pringles Crisps 40g
Free Pringles Crisps 40g Pringles are giving away 25,000 FREE cans of Pringles. Pick up a 40g can of crisps in your choice of flavour by simply printing out your coupon to redeem a… Read more

​ Yes, it does look very dodgy indeed. Overall, the fact that this unconnected website tries to get you to download software just to print one Pringles coupon means that this is probably a scam/hoax...


Agree, looks scammy! The "my coupon site" URL has nothing to do with Pringles.


Sorry to say guys, this is a massive scam - or at least a way for malicious companies to install data grabbing/advertisment creating software. Firstly, I can't find any actual information from Pringles or Pringles UK about this free giveaway promotion online (website, facebook page, etc. does not mention a giveaway) and once I was emailed the link to the coupon - I found that I had to actually download a special "printing" software instead of a simple PDF. The only valid reason for this kind of stunt is that the coupon is a scam which is trying to force you into downloading malicious software that you shouldn't need for printing, or Pringles has done a deal with a company which is trying to stick all your data into a database. Anyhow, this is dangerous and I strongly urge everyone here to not trust this. Thank you.


Do these work on self-service checkouts?


Think you were right there - there was no print button, but perhaps it launched automatically.

Free Pringles Crisps  in participating stores
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Posted 7th Apr 2016Posted 7th Apr 2016
Free Pringles Crisps in participating stores
Pick up your FREE can of Pringles today! Simply print your coupon and redeem in participating stores. Click through to print your coupon, following instructions. This is only wo… Read more

Printed a coupon and shop said "Barcode invalid" so cold from me :(


​thats unlikely in london your lucky if the whole staff dont check the voucher


Printed, thank you.


Agreed :3


Hawt asf

Pringles movies are back ! Buy two pringles get a HD movie free!
Posted 14th Dec 2015Posted 14th Dec 2015
Pringles movies are back ! Buy two pringles get a HD movie free!
Buy 2 Cans And Get A Movie on Digital HD. "More info and registration on Offer closes 30th June 2016. Max 4 downloads per household. While stocks last. HD is subject… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I got 1 code.....HHXPZHQMMZ


This is not working at all. Added the codes and in the end got the response that I could claim my movie. When directed to Google Play it showed that I had to pay for the movie. Where is my free movie?


Anybody with a unused code?? Please send me!!


​pm me and I'll send you one


I just logged in with my email and it opened a gmail login page. Seems strange as my kelloggs account is a yahoo account

Mini football with two packets of pringles
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Posted 28th Apr 2015Posted 28th Apr 2015
Mini football with two packets of pringles
This is probably one of the best deals I've seen on here for a long time and is sure to get scorching hot. All you have to do is buy 2 packets of Pringles (about £2 each) collect t… Read more

I'll have to make it really simple and show my calculations. Pringles tube - £2 Pringles tube - £2 Consumer contribution - £2 That makes a total of £5 then factor in the actual value of the mini football - £20 £20 minus £5 = £16 PURE PROFIT!!!! Come on guys, you do the math(s)


Well I found this mini football on amazon for £399 and it's got writing all over it. My Pringles one is BRAND NEW. It's probably worth more than £20 to be honest.[image missing]


lol what a load of balls


Deal of the year. A free £20 football. Outstanding. Good find op.


Free = No charge. How is this a deal ?

Buy 2 Pringles Cans & Get A FREE Movie
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Posted 26th Sep 2014Posted 26th Sep 2014
Buy 2 Pringles Cans & Get A FREE Movie
To get your FREE movie, simply enter 2 codes from under the seal of Pringles Movie Night promotional cans (1 code per pack). The codes are on the underside of the tinfoil seal and… Read more

Theyre now printed on the bottom of the tin (other threads suggest the same codes can now be used again and again too)


Bought 2 of the 'movie' cans but NO codes under the foil . Are these codes hidden or are they meant to be easily seen :/ (annoyed)


Anyone with a unused code??


Thank you


The promotion is still running. Working link:

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