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Printerland is the home of printers. This UK based retailer offers the widest and largest collection of high quality printers and printer accessories, from top brands such as Samsung and HP, all at really amazing prices. Printerland’s discounts and offers can be found listed on the hotukdeals pages.
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Just had a quick look as all the cartridges for my Lexmark need replacing. Prices looked the same as other online discount places so I thought "Why not?" With the discount I'll save a few quid. However, what isn't obvious until they ask for payment is that VAT isn't included in the price. Turned out that Printerland is a great deal more expensive than comparable online stores so I made my excuses and left. Cold I'm afraid.

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Brother DCP-L2530DW A4 Mono Multifunction Laser Printer - £142.70 delivered @ Printerland
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Posted 31st Dec 2020Posted 31st Dec 2020
Brother DCP-L2530DW A4 Mono Multifunction Laser Printer - £142.70 delivered @ Printerland£142.70
Designed for busy homes and small offices. The affordable DCP-L2530DW comes feature rich with fast print speeds, and built-in wireless connectivity - in a compact and quiet unit. … Read more

I just wish it was colour. Brother has not done any cashback in months


If you use a different email address you'll qualify as a new customer & get 10% off.


I'm not 100% sure as ive never tried, but I suspect so. From memory it seems to have that function. Mines in my outside home office, I often print directly from my phone, but its 2020, I've not been out much.


Can you print from your phone when you're away from the home network?.


I guess we have to accept that things like this are going to remain hard to find in stock and therefore keep a higher price point, but before items for working from home were in such high demand, this was regularly below £100 on Amazon, with £140 being the high point.

Xerox B205 A4 Mono Multifunction Laser Printer - £110.48 & Free delivery @ Printerland
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Posted 24th Oct 2020Posted 24th Oct 2020
Xerox B205 A4 Mono Multifunction Laser Printer - £110.48 & Free delivery @ Printerland£110.48£15026% off Free P&P Free
Looks like a great price for a multi function laser printer. Hope this helps someone. :)

Remanufactured matey, CartridgeSave / Stinkyink are the most reliable or if you're a business fire me an email across on and we can do them even cheaper than there on Account.


I can not find the "Xerox 3334 - Has a 15,000 Page High Capacity Toner that's only £100", do you have a link for this. The nearest I can find is for £200.90


I saw Brother DCP1612W in Costco warehouse £180 including 5 toners if that is useful.


We're Telesales based but pop everything on an Account anyho so there's no Debit Card details to a randomer on a Deals site haha. My E-mail is if you want some pricing, feel free to give me a shout and I'll price some stuff up there.


I'm tempted to go for the Xerox 6515 although Im not sure where I could fit it as its quite big. We have our current HP under our counter where we need it Do you have a link to your shop for the Ink please? I need to work out running costs for us. Thanx

Xerox B205 A4 Mono Multifunction Laser Printer with Free Delivery £110.48 @ PrinterLand
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Posted 7th Sep 2020Posted 7th Sep 2020
Xerox B205 A4 Mono Multifunction Laser Printer with Free Delivery £110.48 @ PrinterLand£110.48£12512% off Free P&P Free
Laser Multi-function printer on decent price, review are also good.4.7 / 5 based on 10 Customer Reviews Toner Cartridge Costs 1.6p per mono page Print/Scan/Copy Manual Double Side… Read more

Cheaper on ebay with 20% off


It's rank


Delivery on this was £25 for me. You can get free delivery on this printer with cartridge save, costs £116 total.


I've been looking for a multi functional colour laser printer for months but Brother does not have any offers. I'm thinking of just getting a cheaper wireless single function colour printer and then using scanner app on my mobile to send prints instead. I won't be photo copying and scanner a lot.


No cheaper alternative cartridges - seems the chip needs replacing if you do diy and cost of chip seems pointless - no ready made alternatives? also looks like thsi price on amazon printerland seller too

HP Color LaserJet Pro M454dw A4 Colour Laser Printer £237 @ Printerland (Possible £120 cashback)
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Posted 17th Jul 2020Posted 17th Jul 2020
HP Color LaserJet Pro M454dw A4 Colour Laser Printer £237 @ Printerland (Possible £120 cashback)£237
Detailed Specs Toner Cartridge Costs 2.0p per mono page 11.9p per colour pageAutomatic Double Sided… Read more

I still have my Dell laser b&w from cashback deal from 2014. Otherwise I'd go for it. Not sure about print save plan, whether you can cancel right away.


I am looking for a laser colour printer with good printing resolution (1200x1200 or better dpi) and well - cheap cartridges. So far found Kyocera ECOSYS M5521cdw, any other recommendations? I'd go for ink, but for specific crafts I require laser due to no smudges. So many options available...


Not sure why everyone is moaning about toner costs when this is so cheap: £237 - 20% vat = £189 -£120 cashback = £69 - 5% (£11.71)through topcashback equals £57 for wireless colour laser printer? Good luck finding anything cheaper, you could buy 2 full sets of ink yielding 6500 pages each colour and still be on top.


Xerox Phaser 6600. Bought mine from Printerland around 3 or 4 years ago.. it’s served me well and compatible inks are very fairly priced. Unfortunately looking to get rid of mine now as I need a smaller unit to fit in my new/smaller office. If you have the space the 6600 is a very good printer. I also bought a WiFi adaptor for mine (around £80), but I believe there is another version of this printer that also has built-in WiFi.


are they compatible with this model though? Its not listed

HP A4 Colour Laser Printer - £226.76 ( £116.76 after cash back) delivered @ PrinterLand
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Posted 20th Jun 2020Posted 20th Jun 2020
HP A4 Colour Laser Printer - £226.76 ( £116.76 after cash back) delivered @ PrinterLand£226.76 Free P&P Free
I think this is quite a good deal if someone is after the printer Full price is £226.76 £110 cash back Free 3 year warranty Free next day delivery HP Color LaserJet Pro M454dn T… Read more

I don't see the £110 cashback, has it expired? Did anyone manage to claim it back? Thanks


Does anyone know if this supports glossy paper for photos? Also, does is third party toner still compatible? Thanks in advance


The wireless version of this printer is £10 more - £245 with £120 cashback I ordered this printer and I had the sells rep trying to convince me to buy "additionals" and to swap to a more expensive and a fair bit older printer - do your research before buying


I haven't seen epsons ink tank solution in action but I know the new HP ink tank printers use removeable printer heads so if they do go faulty or clog you can contact support during 3 year warranty and they will send new ones out otherwise out of warranty they are £24 for new print head set.


I reckon the same thing happened to my trusty old HP OJ6500a - after years of working without issue on refills it ended up not printing only after I installed the latest driver, I don't think it was a coincidence... I pulled my HP Photosmart 3100 out of retirement and use it now, however the new HP ink carts have failed (brand new, but sitting in the packet for about 7 years!) I have a few colour laser printers - my Lexmark was great until it got moved to the wash room and the humidity caused it to rust! My Magicolor 300 proof printer still works, but it takes a good 10 minutes to calibrate and print from cold. I just want to have a small footprint reliable colour printer - it seems a tall order these days!

Lexmark MC2425adw A4 Colour Multifunction Laser Printer (Ships with 1.4k Black & 750 Page Colour Toners) - £218.40 @ Printerland
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Posted 28th May 2020Posted 28th May 2020
Lexmark MC2425adw A4 Colour Multifunction Laser Printer (Ships with 1.4k Black & 750 Page Colour Toners) - £218.40 @ Printerland£218.40 Free P&P Free
I've been looking at purchasing a laser printer and came across this. Has a good feature set and toner cartridge prices seem reasonable KEY FEATURES Toner Cartridge Costs 1.8p pe… Read more

My brother recommended that exact printer to me. I might just have to bite the bullet (y)


Went with a Kyocera 5526cdw. Cheap compatibles / refurbished toner most places and if I have to use originals, whilst not cheap, they are amongst the cheapest.


I have looked into them, but I think the issue of clogging up will still occur.


I presume you mean laser rather than inkjet? Which one did you go for in the end?


have you thought about buying 1 of the Epson ECO tanks? they also have some with FREE extended warranty Epson site

HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M479fnw A4 Colour Multifunction (Print/Scan/Copy/Fax) Laser Printer £284.98 @ Printerland (£154.98 after cashback)
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Posted 24th Apr 2020Posted 24th Apr 2020
HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M479fnw A4 Colour Multifunction (Print/Scan/Copy/Fax) Laser Printer £284.98 @ Printerland (£154.98 after cashback)£284.98
£130 cashback bringing price down to £154.98. Cashback process is pretty easy and quick. Link 3 year warranty with HP Print/Scan/Copy/Fax Manual Double Sided Printing Up to… Read more

Jesus, £700 for replacement toner ? There any Brother printers similar where toner does not cost the earth nor the printer. Need to return some Amazon items and we don't own a printer and don't want to go to the drop off shop for printerless sending.


Genuinely shocked its not automatic duplex considering the scanner attachment.


Nice looking printer, resolution and lack of double sided printing aside, but I genuinely can't understand why any business would buy a HP printer. It's 5 times the cost per printed page compared with some other brands. And there's no hope to bring that cost down because HP proactively block compatibles and markets their subscription model to the hilt. Greedy manipulative company.


Laserjets are hard work, Get a Phaser Printer


Thank you all for your feedback (y)

HP Laserjet Pro M454dw £242.72 at Printerland + £150 HP Cashback (and 3% quidco)
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Posted 24th Apr 2020Posted 24th Apr 2020
HP Laserjet Pro M454dw £242.72 at Printerland + £150 HP Cashback (and 3% quidco)£242.72 Free P&P Free
Great laser printer for a small office or in my case, a home printer. Automatic duplex printing, networkable hardline and wifi, direct printing, touchscreen and all the normal bit… Read more

I was going to get the M254dw before HP discontinued it, and this one is now cheaper. M454dw is just it's bigger brother really. Slightly faster first page, faster page per minute, twice the memory, 50% faster processor, slightly smaller margins, second media tray, can take heavier weight paper, larger output tray, slightly larger, slightly heavier, and so on.


Is there no compatibles available from Xerox? With my laser jet just been using Xerox at half the price of HP


My HP OfficeJet pro is 2.5 years old and sadly toner prices are still very high. Also the ironically original cartridges that came with were starter pack and hardly printed 150 pages before ink was depleted. Hate HP business model. I've decided to invest more into a printer but low on running costs. With 2 school going kids there was never enough toner and pages.....


Sorry to hear that,I also use Epson ink printers,and found that refillable cartridges(4) worked fine very few problems,but of course HP and I think Lexmark use tricolour inks so I don't think there is an easy to fit refillable cartridges,mind there are refill kits on Ebay,which means you could try refilling your original HP inks,did you complain to the supplier of the cartridges that didn't work.


give it 6 months and generic toners should start to come through

Brother HL-L5050DN A4 Mono Laser Printer 40ppm Auto Duplex - £152.30 / £77.30 after cashback + free delivery @ Printerland
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Posted 7th Apr 2020Posted 7th Apr 2020
Brother HL-L5050DN A4 Mono Laser Printer 40ppm Auto Duplex - £152.30 / £77.30 after cashback + free delivery @ Printerland£152.30 Free P&P Free
Toner Cartridge Costs 1.7p per mono page Automatic Double Sided Printing Duplex Up to 1,200 x 1,200 dpi Print USB & Network As Fast as 7.2 Seconds First page Up to 40ppm… Read more

Would I be able to claim the cashback if I get this delivered to an Irish address? I'm living in the ROI. But I have a Revolut (UK bank account).


Great printer! I own the colour version and I could not be happier. Also, for Linux users, this printer is very easy to install and use (tried on Debian and Fedora)


Thanks @Mucka !


I don't think it matters what usb cable you use for the pc side. But it does have the usb 2.0 on the printer side.


Question to @Mucka and everyone else on this thread. The printer is wired via USB, does that mean you just need a cable that has USB 2.0 at one end to connect to the printer and the other end needs to be whatever port you're using in your computer? E.g. USB C? The cable doesn't need to look like this?

Brother colour wireless laser printer HL-L8260CDW £188.72 delivered @ Printer land, plus £100 cashback
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Posted 28th Mar 2020Posted 28th Mar 2020
Brother colour wireless laser printer HL-L8260CDW £188.72 delivered @ Printer land, plus £100 cashback£188.72£205.898% off
Brother running promotion on this printer where you get 100 cash back until 31st making this c. £90 delivered, seemed good deal to me. Double Sided Printing Unit (Duplex) Yes Doub… Read more

No, I was just in the garage tripping over it, I might threaten to send it back to the supplier for a full refund and buy one off eBay discounted instead? Its infuriating?


you been paid yet? Just chased up mine as still not received

I forgot to chase them up again, but now that you remind me!! ;-p


Not had mine yet either, submited on the 1st


I received my cash back today after submitting less than a week ago... Odd yours is/has taken so long...

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