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Nest Thermostat 3rd Generation @ priority plumbing - voucher code LUCKY
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Posted 13th Apr 2018Posted 13th Apr 2018
Nest Thermostat 3rd Generation @ priority plumbing - voucher code LUCKY£168.76£20016% off
Thanks to @dwl999 Nest smoke and co2 alarm deal that lead me to this one. Nest thermostat with free stand use voucher code LUCKY all colour available… Read more

EXPIRED voucher code


How do you check if your heating system works with nest or hive? I have an oil fired boiler.




I have a brand new one for sale but without reading the regs im guessing you are not able to post ads or sell on here? Any people can enlighten me? thanks in advance....just curious really.


Ahh I think I must have had a stroke when I wrote that. Ignore me. Sorry!

Nest Protect 2nd Generation Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm - Battery or wired, 2 for £151.60 or 1 for £78.28 @ Priority Plumbing with code LUCKY
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Posted 13th Apr 2018Posted 13th Apr 2018
Nest Protect 2nd Generation Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm - Battery or wired, 2 for £151.60 or 1 for £78.28 @ Priority Plumbing with code LUCKY£78.28
I just fitted 3 of these and they are excellent. The battery-powered ones apparently have a battery life of several years. Link is for battery version, here is link for wired ver… Read more

Ordered 2 online for delivery on the 17th. Thanks OP been looking for this for a while.


Got my price-match request approved on 3rd attempt(was rejected for pricematch requests for Wolsely and Maplin). I need 4 of them...will place my order on JL now... Thanks OP


If they agree a price match you can get up to 10 of the items


Good to know, I've just put in a request also to them so hopefully they respond, but I've said that i actually want 3 of the items (couldn't see a wired 2x pack on PP site). We'll see what they say!


I just got John Lewis to agree to a price match: Thank you for your price match request for the Nest Protect Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Battery. I have looked into your request and will be happy to match the price of £78.28 for the smoke and carbon monoxide detector(product code 83870307) seen at Priority Plumbing. To place this order with us please visit our website. When you have received your items and are satisfied with your purchase, please let me know by return email.

Nest Protect Gen 2 Triple Pack (battery) £259.49 at Priority
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Posted 2nd Apr 2018Posted 2nd Apr 2018
Nest Protect Gen 2 Triple Pack (battery) £259.49 at Priority£259.49
49p more than Amazon for the triple pack of the battery version but they also have the wired version for £89.50 each or the battery version for £89.98 each, or you can buy a pair o… Read more

This may be because there is an offers page wher the Nest along with some other products are discounted so this is the discount offer price. No danger as if they are the old ones you send them back as they are not as described on the web site


And if you search for Nest shows two vastly different prices for the same thing!??


If you check the website now it only list the one version of the Nest Protect, which is the second generation. Let’s be honest no one would have the first generation after this length of time


There seems to be some confusion on that thread. I believe they are 1st Gen as they are advertising 2nd Gen for £108.99 each. No one seems to want to check.


You can buy 3 for £226 at Wolseley using the 10% off code "welcome".

Nest protect wired £89.50 or 2 for £174.99 @ Priority plumbing
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Posted 6th Mar 2018Posted 6th Mar 2018
Nest protect wired £89.50 or 2 for £174.99 @ Priority plumbing£87.50
The Wired Nest Carbon Monoxide Fire Alarm has an industrial-grade smoke sensor, tests itself automatically, and lasts up to a decade. It's also the first home alarm you can hush fr… Read more

I need three new hardwired smoke detectors as part of building regs for an extension. I think I'm going to give the NEST ones a shot. This seems a good price as I'm being charged £100 per nest.


I got the battery one of this. Had it up for almost a couple of years I think. No point getting a hard wired one when battery works just as good and lasts for years before needing a battery change. Unless you already have a wires behind where you plan to put this that is. Never had a false alarm either from mine.


They probably live in a council flat and literally don't care if it burns down.


Absolutely. So my phone tells me there's smoke in my house, people then moan "what you going to do about it?". Well, if only there was a phone in my hand on which I could call and notify somebody... Some of the morons these deals bring out are incredible. They see the cost of everything and yet the value of nothing.


Just the battery version of the same item.

Nest outdoor camera £153.98 @ Priority Plumbing
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Posted 8th Jan 2018Posted 8th Jan 2018
Nest outdoor camera £153.98 @ Priority Plumbing£153.98£169.999% off
Cheapest I can find the nest outdoor camera plus free next day delivery

Apparently this is true, he is not exaggerating.


500gb a month... err... sure thing


I must admit I have been looking for some time at the Nest Outdoor Cam vs the Ring Spotlight cam, but keep going back to the Ring cam. I currently have the Ring Floodlight and although I had one issue with it, Ring replaced it and it has been great since then. Firmware changes have improved over time and has solved some of the initial teething issues that some were experiencing. Now I am looking for something for the front of my property, I am struggling to get round a few negatives with the Nest: 1. The fact it is held on via a magnet is not great for the height I will be placing it at. Ring provide a free replacement if it is stolen. 2. The USB cable, which means unless you have an external socket, then you need to drill a larger sized hole (not major, but still a pain). 3. Continuous recording (although I did read that you can schedule this so that it's off when you are home etc., but that doesn't help if I want to be alerted whilst being at home, so not a great solution for me) which means it's using a lot of bandwidth all of the time (unless anyone can convince me otherwise). 4. Subscription costs vs Ring are high, as well as only providing 10 day’s worth of recordings unless you pay for the higher sub fee! 5. The Ring has a built in security light, which is a bonus. I did look in to the fact I may be able to setup an IFTTT against my external light, but I am not sure how robust that would be. Before looking around, I was quite open to getting the Nest, but to be honest I am struggling to see any real benefit for my own purpose. I'm certainly not putting the Nest camera down, as I'm sure it's a nice piece of kit, but for what I will be using it for and its location, I just feel the Ring is better suited.


I've got one it's a good piece of kit despite the expensive subscription. Managed to pick one up for £119 on the 20% off ebay deal.


Well i dont have rubbish internet. 1 camera uses 300to 500gb of data a month. Kept going offline. Kept giving false alerts. And it is expensive. Hence all the cold votes (lol)

Bosch GSB 18 V-EC Brushless Combi Drill Inc 2 x Batteries in L-Boxx £155.99 Priority Plumbing
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Posted 18th May 2017Posted 18th May 2017
Bosch GSB 18 V-EC Brushless Combi Drill Inc 2 x Batteries in L-Boxx £155.99 Priority Plumbing£155.99
looking for a saw but spotted this offer which looks good for brushless kit.   The tool features a belt clip, a bit holder for convenience and interchangeable colour clips for qu… Read more

Lookup Kielder's site a UK company. 3 Yr Warranty and used in the Trade..


Mate. This is brushless too, and metal chuck. Two batteries 4Ah and 2Ah. 6Ah all together. your deal have only 2x1.5Ah batteries. And i never heard of this brand.


Go for a Kielder instead, Fantastic product. Metal Chuck, 2 Batteries, Brushless


That is the older model without metal chuck and doesn't have kickback protection


I don't think it's the same model. The extra battery on the OP is well worth £15 and means you won't have any - or much - downtime waiting for a battery to charge. Which is a personal bugbear of mine. If buying bosch the ideal scenario - regardless of the model of drill - is the 1860 (or 1880) charger and 2 x 4Ah batteries. I've never managed to flatten a 4Ah battery in 40 minutes and I've tried.