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Optoma DH1017 DLP 1080P Full HD Projector
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Posted 13th Dec 2014Posted 13th Dec 2014
Optoma DH1017 DLP 1080P Full HD Projector£155
This is my second post if any mistake am sorry but I think this is cracking deal for full hd 1080p projector Optoma DH1017 DLP 1080P Full HD Projector Was £1,199,00 Now £155 Wit… Read more

Comment any look yet, has it arrived?




Got my refund to...


also been refunded... owell :p


Just had a refund for this :( Hope a few get it, doubt it will happen unfortunately.

Optoma HD141X Full HD 3D Projector £499.99 @ projector planet
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Posted 16th Sep 2014Posted 16th Sep 2014
Optoma HD141X Full HD 3D Projector £499.99 @ projector planet£499.99
Overview If you are looking for the ultimate in home entertainment projector then look no further than the Optoma HD141x 1080p full 3D Projector. It's ideal for watching your favo… Read more

the HD131Xe was plagued with optic focusing problems. i had 2 units (each got sent back for a refund, one was repaired by optoma and still found faulty) so i was wondering whether there is a good technical reviews of this product yet? i assume its just a refresh of the HD131Xe. i like the fact that the connections are on the side, so you can push the projector far back to the wall (if ceiling mounted) to get the maximum throw distance possible. anyone own one of these? how is the corner to corner focusing? (very obvious if connected to PC desktop)


This is now 499 too at amazon.


There are few changes such as the Brightness is increased from 2500 ANSI Lumens to 3000 and contrast is increased from 18000 to 23000. Also looks like there is a better lamp life. So taking all these things into consideration, it should be more expensive. Not that I am complaining, but just want to know if there are any drawbacks for which the price has been compromised. Otherwise it is a no-brainer!!!!


Thanks sim11


most things appear to be the same or there abouts apart from, there are less connections and they are on the side rather than the back .

5m HDMI Cable £2.99 delivered from projectorplanet
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Posted 18th Apr 2014Posted 18th Apr 2014
5m HDMI Cable £2.99 delivered from projectorplanet£2.99
Seems like a good price for an HDMI cable. Better than taking your chances on a dodgy one from ebay.

Thanks for posting. Ordered two.

Optoma HD300X - 1080p 3D Projector £799 @ projector planet
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Posted 27th Oct 2012Posted 27th Oct 2012
Optoma HD300X - 1080p 3D Projector £799 @ projector planet£799
Set your sights on the HD300x for the greatest 1080p 3D home entertainment experience! Using next-generation frame interpolation technology - Puremotion4, the HD300X gives you sil… Read more

ex vat price - inc vat & delivery £858 Amazon are now £799




As a comparison Amazon are selling it for £934.13................................. No glasses or RF transmitter included...


There aren't any deals that I'm aware of anywhere near this price with or without glasses. And DLP glasses work fine with these type of pj's anyhow at a fraction of the cost.


More of a concern for this deal is that it ships without glasses or the RF module that syncs the glasses up

Optoma HD300x Bundle  £1149 @ projector planet
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Posted 4th Nov 2011Posted 4th Nov 2011
Optoma HD300x Bundle £1149 @ projector planet£1,149
1080p 3D projector, RRP £1349.00, while you can find others selling this projector for £1149.00 as well this is the only one that throws in an extra freebie, in this case Modern Wa… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Changed, didn't notice the difference between the HD33 and the HD300x, it came up on a search for the 33 :) but still a good deal


you need to change the title to hd300x. Smashing deal regardless.


This is a HD300x it is not the same as a HD33, it has a lower contrast ratio and also lower lumens


How has 3d projectors come along in the years?

Optoma PK102 Pico projector Bundle - £129.97 - Projector Planet
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Posted 10th Jul 2011Posted 10th Jul 2011
Optoma PK102 Pico projector Bundle - £129.97 - Projector Planet£129.97
======================================= If this includes the projector it's a smashing deal (can someone please confirm) ======================================= The unit alone is … Read more

I've got one of these - I wouldn't use it for business presentations - light output if not bright enough for most meeting rooms where it's difficult to get completely dark. Having said that I bought this for the kids to watch films on from my laptop on holiday and when you get the room completely dark it works brilliantly and being so small (not much bigger than a cell phone) it's easy to carry. I was supplied free with cables to connect this to a laptop and an iPod and virtually anything else you can think of but I only paid about £99 last year, so I'm not sure if this is a great deal.


So from the reviews its basically crap unless you want it for presentations ( with a really small screen). There is little point of a projector that can only do a 30" screen - and thats only done in total blackout.


Video reviews here: Other reviews here:,2817,2354530,00.asp


not sure, but did computeractive magazine review this several months ago ?


£99 solus on Amazon****&linkCode=asn&creative=22206&creativeASIN=B002XDS9BO

Optoma_HD600X_Projector 720p - £399 @ Projector planet
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Posted 7th Nov 2010Posted 7th Nov 2010
Optoma_HD600X_Projector 720p - £399 @ Projector planet£399
Even cheaper hd 3d ready projector plus free next day shipping
Get deal*Get deal*

True, didn't notice that! Expensive though. Great price for a standard 720p projector anyway.


should be compatible with the "3d-xl" though (when it comes out).


The 3D features of the HD600X can only be used with compatible 3D content and do not support 3D TV broadcast systems, including the 3D SKY service in the UK, or 3D Bluray. Support for these applications may be added in future using additional hardware Pretty useless for 3D