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Gold Standard Whey 2.24 kg £36.07 with code - proteinlifestyle
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Posted 1st Jun 2015Posted 1st Jun 2015
Gold Standard Whey 2.24 kg £36.07 with code - proteinlifestyle£36.07
This is by far the cheapest online. I ordered chocolate mint. Granted there isnt all of the flavours available but Im sure you wont mind with this price. It is normally £43.99 but with 18% o…

the code does not work anymore


Don't even bother. This stuff is trash (As in you will literally throw it in the trash immediately). Mixes crap, tastes crap and the quality of the protein is crap. Hence why it's so cheap ;)


Read up and learn this by heart: Now you know more than 99% of bodybuilders, HUKD fitness gurus and supplement marketeers. You can make your own assessment of your diet now


With regards to sets/reps, the basic approach is: - A warm-up set of 15-20 reps at around 20% of your 1-rep max. 3 working sets of 12 reps, 8 reps, and 6 reps. Increase the weight after each set and go to failure/close to failure each set. Increase the weight incrementally every week by 2.5-5%. The timing for each rep is also important. Typically you want to spend 4 times longer during the eccentric phase of the movement than the concentric phase. e.g. during a bench press explode up and lower down slowly. That will get you far. If you hit a plateau mix things up (e.g. 10x10 supersets, dropsets, etc.). A good app is 'Fitness Buddy' which has different routines and also shows correct form for every exercise you can think of.


Comment Nice to see someone doing some serious research for once and not just putting down random s**t

Flavoured whey protein £26.99  plus £4.95 delivery@ Proteinlifestyle
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Posted 16th Feb 2014Posted 16th Feb 2014
Flavoured whey protein £26.99 plus £4.95 delivery@ Proteinlifestyle£26.99
£4.95 next day delivery 4kg flavoured whey protein concentrate only £26.99 from Protein Lifestyle. Saving of £25.004kg Whey Protein Concentrate £26.99 Protein Lifestyle launched a 3 day sa…
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Just had a refund


Ain't that the truth.


Nope, have you read the thread over at ukmuscle


Anyone been advised of cancellation or refund. Talk about Bank Rolling!


Looks like were not getting these. Taking there time with refund also, another company to avoid in the future.

Protein Lifestyle - 15kg flavoured protein blend - £105  (£89 with 15% quidco!)
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Posted 18th Oct 2013Posted 18th Oct 2013
Protein Lifestyle - 15kg flavoured protein blend - £105 (£89 with 15% quidco!)£105
Hi guys, An excellent deal here for any 'gym goers'. 15kg of protein blend for potentially £89 or £105 before quidco. There is a certificate of analysis present on the product page to …
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Seems like the automatic discount has ended, time to expire.


the 30% doesn't come off at cart for me...


Have to agree 100% with andyb83 here I'm afraid although I haven't seen exactly what is in this product specifically but protein type/quality etc is hugely important


protein is protein??? no, it isn't. you need educating.


True that, and for those who are interested the certificate of analysis on the website, gives a full amino acid breakdown. Supposedly less than 10% soy according to a rep on one of the popular BBing forums.