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Ryzen 5 PRO 4650G / 16GB RAM / 256GB SSD / 650w PSU Desktop PC £554.60 @ Punch Technology
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Posted 17th MarPosted 17th Mar
Ryzen 5 PRO 4650G / 16GB RAM / 256GB SSD / 650w PSU Desktop PC £554.60 @ Punch Technology£554.60 Free P&P Free
I was looking for a PC build i can get today that will give me some basic gaming, with the option to pop in a RTX 3060 / 3060Ti in a few months, when the prices drop to rrp (£299)… Read more

Thanks for your feed back. i was looking to get a R5 3600/3060 build but as you say now isnt a great time to be looking for new graphics cards and the 4650g seems like a good choice of cpu as it allows me to get a PC that i can use for gaming today. while also creating a PC that can become a capable 1080/1440p gamer with the addition of a half decent GPU. plus giving some future upgrade options with the B550 board The 4650G has Vega graphic solution for today, plus simular gaming performance to the R5 3600 when both paired with the RTX 3060/ti and is around the same cost. The case choice was just based on its slightly smaller size and i would add additiinal fans when adding the GPU later down the road. having watched the review video..its probably worth swapping out this case though. Any surgestions on a sutable case / PSU would be wlcomed. i beleve 650w is fine for the 3060 gpu ?


I stupidly wrote a detailed reply in the comments box and the page refreshed, so its gone, sorry, but in short I do not mean to be rude but everything is wrong with that build. Starting with the timing, now is NOT a buyers market and will not be for at least 6 to 12 months due to supply shortages on everything (except that horrible case. It is nearly funny how bad it is) Handily this video explains the shortcomings of the 3060Ti you are waiting for as well as why RRP will not be reasonable for a while and why its gonna be a bad time to buy a PC, especially a gaming one for a while. That seller looks awful, just a list of product names indecipherable to anyone not in the industry and as you're rebuilding it all anyway they are providing you zero value in terms of guidance, expertise, labour or value. Avoid anyone like them these guys who are only in business as stock is a rarity so they need not either configure a sensible PC, offer competitive prices or even link to the product page of the options they list. If you need a pre-built, especially now, its gonna be stupidly over-priced. If you are building it yourself and need it ASAP but are on a limited budget the used market is your friend but will require patience for a good deal, not only in what is available and suitable, but what is good value for you. Your initial idea of bare minimum while stuff is crazy seems sensible, but this is too minimal and I'm not sure the 30 series offers a good value, even at the hypothetical RRP unless you live and die by RTX. If you don't care about that, a 10 series card will be great until the market is competitive again. The 1080Ti still outperforms the 3060Ti, my 1070 is fine if you can live with 1080p 60hz, so why did you configure this system from these guys with the ultimate goal of putting that GPU in there? You would have a way better time just running the integrated graphics and M.2 (and having £450 extra in the bank) that a 3060Ti from a tiny, £20 quid SSD. It is very easy to get carried away and spend on the wrong stuff. I you just need something, the Athlon 3000G is socket AM4, £50 quid new with integrated graphics and will get you by while you wait for either a competitive market and consistent supply chain or a reasonably priced used part. That case is very bad for cooling, and the 3060Ti runs very hot. It also is very power hungry. The GPU would also draw too much power for that PSU, so that's you paying for a pre-built then re-running all the cables as that power supply isn't modular. The stock cooler may struggle with the hot 3060Ti in there so that's another £50 down the line. Your 256GB of storage will hold about 3 game installs (about 80GB for something like CoD) and the OS, and the motherboard has 2xNVME M.2 slots on it, I'd wager that will be more noticeable than a discreet GPU. The MB looks OK for the integrated graphics on the CPU, if limited in I/O and PCIE slots and that RAM seems fine but the rest is going to need significant expenditure to upgrade to justify a 3060Ti and its all in a case with one fan and no airflow. Why have you picked this GPU, what do you hope to get out of it? What other options would give you a comparable performance in the things that matter to you? Why this seller? Why that case?! You seem to have picked a get-me-through build, with an integrated graphics but set your sights on a very expensive card, if you can get it at all that is unbalanced with the rest of the system and I'm not sure a good value proposition in itself, let alone in the context of the system. Spend a bit more on a solid PSU and case with airflow and more than one fan while biding your time on integrated graphics. Invest utilise the feature you invest in, like that NVME m.2 on that board or do not pay for stuff you will not use, especially now. It is very easy to get carried away and spend on the wrong stuff. This has always been true but has been majorly amplified, and will be for some time. You'll pay through nose for new stuff so make sure it is justified and its potential fully realised. It will take some learning, and it has always been true that you will pay in time or money, but this seems to cut all the wrong corners at a time where every mistake is amplified. If you just need something, the Athlon 3000G is socket AM4, £50 quid new with integrated graphics and will get you by while you wait for either a competitive market and consistent supply chain or a reasonably priced used part. Whatever you do, justify every feature have a fast boot disk and enough disk space to actually do anything Invest in as good a quality and capacity PSU as you can (mine has been in 3 builds over 11 years now, literally nothing else has lasted that long) Consider every other seller and every other product, (all ryzen is in the same socket) Make sure it is properly cooled so it can preform to its full potential and last longer (again your case can house systems for decades and a good solid 140mm fan will be passed down to my grandchildren) consider used consider AMD GPU


I did the same, and got the bare minimum from Punch - case, mobo, CPU, ram. They won't let you spec without ram so I went for 4GB despite having 16GB ready to go in. You can spec without a disk though. It did mean I had a choice of components though, particularly PSU/motherboard which are important for upgradeability. One of the only ways to get hold of a 4650g.


Rip off. You're better buying all parts separately and doing it that way.

Ryzen 7 3700x / GTX 3060Ti / 16GB RAM Gaming PC £1285 @ Punch Technology
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Posted 22nd FebPosted 22nd Feb
Ryzen 7 3700x / GTX 3060Ti / 16GB RAM Gaming PC £1285 @ Punch Technology£1,285 Free P&P Free
Thoughts on this build. Want to get a new gaming pc for Warzone. Budget is £1300 max. Thanks Configuration: Case: Contour EOS ATX Glass Gaming Case CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 3.6GHz … Read more

yeah every game search “warzone 5600x 2060” - or any variety of specs to see how they play. Include what monitor/tv you use too if its 1080p/1440p/4k


What on warzone? It's really the only.game I play atm


go on youtube mate there’s tons of benchmarks with every kind of system


So 5600x with 1070ti or would a 2060 be better for FPS? Just want a good quality graphic setting with over 100fps thanks.


Easily, with GPU power of 1070 ti or higher

Gigabyte M27Q 27″ LED IPS QHD 170Hz Gaming Monitor £349.98 + £9.60 delivery at Punch Technology
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Posted 22nd FebPosted 22nd Feb
Gigabyte M27Q 27″ LED IPS QHD 170Hz Gaming Monitor £349.98 + £9.60 delivery at Punch Technology£359.58
From Punch Technology Only 3 left in stock at time of posting. If you want Next Business Day Delivery £9.60 (incl. VAT) so £359.58 27" IPS panel 1440p 170HZ gaming monitor… Read more

Thanks for sharing your first deal, @BunandCheese (great username) :D


1 left in stock 23/2/21 expire deal.


Hopefully more IPS monitors drop in price before new 2021 models released.


https://m.cclonline.com/product/gigabyte-m27q-gaming-monitor-27-inch-2560-x-1440-qhd-ips-panel-amd-freesync-black-m27q-341386/ Back in stock at CCL £349.08 delivered. Feel free to amend your OP to that :D


This looks really good. Bought a non ips model years ago for more than this. Great post op, HEAT (y)

Punch Technology Metal R Ryzen Gaming PC - £1,570 @ Punch Techology
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Posted 26th JanPosted 26th JanLocalLocal
Punch Technology Metal R Ryzen Gaming PC - £1,570 @ Punch Techology£1,570
Case: Cougar MX410-G RGB ATX Gaming Case CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 3.7GHz 6 Core CPU - 4.6GHz Turbo Motherboard: Gigabyte B550 AORUS Elite AX V2 Motherboard Graphics Card - Choo… Read more

I ended up with this: https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/gaming/pc-gaming/gaming-pcs/acer-predator-orion-3000-po3-620-gaming-pc-intel-core-i7-rtx-2060-1-tb-hdd-512-gb-ssd-10209362-pdt.html


By chance, I was browsing the Chillblast website this morning and spotted this: Chillblast Recommended: Fusion RTX 3070 Custom Gaming PC It's £1,649 so more than your target but £100 less than £1,750. Unfortunately I'm not knowledgeable enough to analyse the quality of the other components to see if this is good value overall. Thought I'd mention it because I was on the Chillblast website, looked at this PC and almost the very next thing I did, was read this thread on HUKD.


I am in the same boat as you Burlz, do you prefer AMD or Intel? hunting high and low for RTX 3070 deal with Intel 10700K for around £1,500 most specs are over £1,750 for prebuilds. keep me posted if you find any deals please.


I've been looking for a couple of months now to buy a new PC. I want something that is going to last me a good 4/5 years or more. I'm crap with building PC's now, not done it for years. Looking for something that will play current games with ease. Anyone help? Got a budget of around £1500


Can build something very similar for a lot cheaper, it isn't a deal, just the price you pay for a pre-built PC unfortunately.

Metal R Ryzen Gaming PC - Ryzen 5 5600X / RTX 3070 / 16GB RAM / 500gb NVMe SSD - £1386.40 delivered @ Punch Technology
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Posted 22nd JanPosted 22nd Jan
Metal R Ryzen Gaming PC - Ryzen 5 5600X / RTX 3070 / 16GB RAM / 500gb NVMe SSD - £1386.40 delivered @ Punch Technology£1,386.40 Free P&P Free
GameMax F15M Mesh ARGB Gaming Case AMD Ryzen 5 5600X CPU Gigabyte B550 AORUS Elite AX Nvidia RTX3070 8GB GPU 1 x HDMI & 3 x DisplayPort 16GB DDR4 3600MHz LPX 500GB WD Blue SN55… Read more

Thank you !


just measured it and its exactly 21.5cm


I'm on the market for a new case and this case popped up in my search today. Never heard of the brand but must reviews online are positive. Can I ask if the sizing which we see online is correct? Mainly the width of 21cm. Is that true? Reason for asking is due to my desk space is restricted.


I've had a couple of these F15M cases, and right now have another sitting here on my desk. They are excellent value for the money with what you get included in the box For everyone moaning about RGB you can turn it off by the remote, manually via the fan/rgb controller, or a long press of the reset/led button Airflow is exceptional, and it has tons of space inside to accommodate a lot of different configurations They include a vertical GPU mount as well (although you still need a riser) but its well designed to sit way back from the glass side panel so your graphic cards airflow isnt restricted. On the subject of the tempered glass side panel it's one of the most substantial pieces of glass I have come across on any of the cases I've used.


That case is terrible no matter what your preference is with LEDs.

RTX 3070 and AMD 5600x Gaming PC £1396.40 at Punch Technology
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Posted 4th JanPosted 4th Jan
RTX 3070 and AMD 5600x Gaming PC £1396.40 at Punch Technology£1,396.40
Hi all Is this a good deal? GameMax Diamond Black ARGB Gaming Case AMD Ryzen 5 5600X CPU Gigabyte B550 AORUS PRO AX with USB-C Nvidia RTX3070 8GB GPU 1 x HDMI & 3 x Displ… Read more

Apparently Brexit is causing major delays for punch sourcing components, should have taken 2 days for the parts for the build to clear customs. Still not cleared after 2.5 weeks later


They have replied super quickly! 'The AMD 5000 series CPU are in stock. All the GPU are in shortage. The lead time is estimated to be around 3 - 4 weeks.'


I've pinged them, will let you know if/when they reply.


Thanks for reply, i snagged a really cheap dell laptop with a 6gb 1060 card a few years back, it's been bullet proof but not the kind of thing to dabble in to crpto with!


I'm not an expert and I don't play battlefield but ain't they more CPU intensive games? Personally if it was me then I'd probably upgrade CPU, motherboard, ram and GPU. Could always look for used to save some cash just obviously try and look around for average prices so you don't pay over the odds