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Virgin Media Ultrafast 213mb Fibre Broadband M200 £28 pm / 18m (+ £75 Amazon voucher & £42 cashback) via Quidco - Total £504 @ Virgin Media
31/01/2022Expires on 31/01/2022Posted 18th JanPosted 18th Jan
Posted the M350 deal before: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/virgin-media-ultrafast-362mb-fibre-broadband-for-ps32-per-month-for-18-months-ps75-amazon-voucher-ps45-cashback-via… Read more

For the duration of the 18 month contract the price should remain the same, aint so?


got a call , this morning , a lady from caustomer relations said they all are working from home said thats why cancellations wasnt able to provide me a good deal to stay, i had tol them yesterday if it isnt the same price as new customer deals i wont be coming back. maybe the guy had put notes in. shesays £5 off had ome off for all cancelled customers this morning and offred me M350 for £32 and M200 for £26 , this is the same price with out the voucher deal i fact i think the M200 is £2 cheaper , i mentioned you can get it cheaper she says "not on out webditr you dont and went on to qoute the website price" then she says " oh you must mean affliate links" and went on to mention a couple of websites. i said yes to the M350 because its cheper than i pay now , i didnt negotiate it was good enough, new contract will arrive in 48 hrs, apparently if the price goes up she aked me to cancel again , if not asked me to cancel in 18 months , said the mobile number she called will be with her if not it will always be with the department and i can save it as it will be recorded in my notes or someting like that . she was all very up front . first positive CS experience from VM tbh , if all were like this im sure a lot more of us will stay as the price match was good this is for VM +44 7305 327112


Could I please ask what the WhatsApp number for O2 or virgin media is? :)


Yeah it must be area dependent, seen anything from £19/m to £32/m for the same M200 fibre broadband.


I believe you have 14 days to cancel with no charge? Might want to look into it just incase I'm wrong

Vodafone superfast 100mb broadband, £23 pm for 24 month + £37 poss cashback + £100 voucher via Quidco - New Customers
27/01/2022Expires on 27/01/2022Posted 16th JanPosted 16th Jan

That's quite a lot of increase for second year.


It’s definitely FTTP for me as that’s all I can get into my house. 108mbps (y) 🏼


Found that voda deals like this tend lower the voucher before stated deadline date. Sneaky trick


Expired. Now only a £50 voucher. Noticed when I just went to sign up (annoyed) Might think again now!


My Quidco has now tracked at 37.00 then changed to £27.00 anyone else had this issue? Also not heard from giftcloud about my £100 voucher being tracked anyone else had this issue?

Quidco January Rewards bonus make 3 transactions of £10 to qualify for one of the rewards below @ Quidco
Posted 3rd JanPosted 3rd Jan
Reward selection: 1. Double cashback on Groceries (Morrisons, Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Ocado)* Double cashback when you purchase from Morrisons, Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s or Ocado… Read more

Hey there, I am really sorry you feel this way, I do hope in the future you do wish to return to us and if at any point you do wish for me to look into any of your cash backs I am happy to do so. Thank you Ashleigh


Hey there, thank you for your response, I am sorry if you have previosly had a negative experience with the customer service team I can understand why this may lead you to prefer to not to contact us further. With out looking at the account my hands would be tied in regards to what I can advise , but if you to change your mind in anyway we would love to hear from you so we can hopefully work to bettering your experience with us, thank you Ashleigh


Nah, you've been riding this boat for a long time and the time to dock has come. Good riddance


Tried it before, you basically say that it's been declined by the retailer and that's it


Hey everyone, Thank you so much for your comments on this thread, I am really sorry if anyone has had issues with non tracking or declining cash back, I can also see there are a few similar comments regarding confused.com, if anyone has any thing they would like for us to look into for them please let me know. We do want our members to receive their cashback and we will do everything we can to challenge this on your behalf if cash back does not pay or track. With confused.com we do find the usual reason for declines is due to the confused.com reward being used which breaks the terms of cash back with this retailer, however if anyone wishes to discuss this further we are happy to help! Thank you Ashleighsocialsupport@quidco.com

£25 Boost Reward when you spend £500 or more + 5% increased rate at Samsung via Quidco
-71° Expired
Posted 4th Dec 2021Posted 4th Dec 2021
quidco.com/samsung/?ucb=dfd0cd65bdb0d4875a748f72c7feadeb All information detailing how to receive this Boost Reward forms part of these terms and conditions. It is a condition of… Read more

Pretty much ANYTHING will stop Quidco sending on the money from your purchase which has more than likely already been paid to them by the merchant . Anyone thinking Quidco pass on payments IMMEDIATELY is living in cloud Cuckoo land.


Hiya, just to let you know any additional discounts that are not advertised on Quidco unfortunately make cashabck ineligible. This is stated under the title 'What will stop me earning cashback?' on every retailers page. Sorry for any disappointment caused!-Macey


Shouldn't really be cold, Samsung are running a cashback scheme themselves £30 cashback per item, buy two for bonus £50 cashback, if student, nhs, military etc card holder get special portal access with 10% off marked price, add to that another bonus from Quidco £25 bonus and 5% cashback.


I already check prices of things going via Quidco and not using it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a price difference. Earn’t well over £2000 in the years I’ve done it, yes some does get declined or goes missing, but 95% seems to track and pay. I don’t take it as a guarantee, but when it does pay out it’s free money.


As per others confused.com will keep you hanging and then decline - the norm for them COLD


Why below went Red Hot? If Quidco is that bad. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/quidco-cybermonday-ps5-bonus-need-to-opt-in-ends-tonight-2359pm-3839910?utm_source=mappshare&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=3839910&utm_campaign=2021-12-01


It can take weeks if not months for it to track, the problem is once it tracks it's still likely to be rejected without a reason..


The whole cashback market needs regulation properly so they can't get away with saying it hasn't tracked for whatever reason even when there is a clear record that you clicked the link at a particular date and time and not pay out. Or say "cashback is a bonus not guaranteed" lol would they accept that if when they went to work everyday they sometimes got paid?! Make it simple instead of stupid links that half the time don't work provide unique code you enter in the website that you get from your cashback site.

CyberMonday £5 Opt-in bonus on £5 spend (Retailer Exclusion may apply) @ Quidco
1688° Expired
Posted 29th Nov 2021Posted 29th Nov 2021
Just seen this on Quidco. There doesn't seem to be a minimum spend. * My mistake - it's a minute £5 spend. Add this to the Airtime Rewards that someone else posted and if it track… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Dunno. Not complaining (lol)


Wow off to go support that ain't right


Same with me.


My bonus paid out already. Cashback hasn’t yet on purchase.


You will only get the £5 when the product you did it with is paid out? For CDKeys it is estimated March 22.

£2.50 Boost Reward + 25% off when you spend £25 with Just Eat with Quidco
86° Expired
Posted 29th Nov 2021Posted 29th Nov 2021
Get £2.50 bonus reward and additional cashback when spent £25 on Just eat.
Get deal*Get deal*

Yes and it had a limit of 2500 opt ins. they must have raised limit.says ended again now


Are you from the future? Lol. The deal cleverly says end tonight at 21.59 hrs.


Yes that's what I thought and even planned to treat the family to either an Indian or Chinese tonight but no luck.


Just had a look and only a handful are doing the 25% off near me and they are literally all the worst takeaways on there. What a scam. I clicked thinking it would definitely be 25% off all restaurants


Offer ended


Quidco.....shouldn't need to keep making claims to get these offers. Something wrong


Hey, We would advise that if your purchase has not tracked, to make a claim and then the boost will follow this shortly afterwards (y) -Summer


I've logged a claim on the quidco website. Apparently resolution can take up to 6 months ;( Might be worth you trying as well?


@Quidco_Rep Mine didn't track either. I used a new browser, cleared all the cookies, didn't have any blockers on, and still no joy. Could you help?


And surprise surprise, my Quidco purchase didn't track. There's a reason I only use TopCashBackthese days.

£2.50 Boost Reward when you spend £25 (+ possible 25% off) or more with Just Eat with Quidco
184° Expired
Posted 26th Nov 2021Posted 26th Nov 2021
Get a £2.50 Boost Reward in addition to the Just Eat cashback when you opt in and spend £25 or more, plus enjoy 25% off on your order! Hurry - offer ends 26 November at 21:59 ! … Read more

Hey there, I am really sorry your spend would need to be over £25 to get the bonus including the discount , if the spend was under £25 after the boost would not be eligible, thank you Ashleigh


@Quidco_Rep The 25% took my spend below £25... I assume I'm not going to qualify for the £2.50?


Hey there Hope you are well! You can only use one purchase per boost sorry, so to get eh £.2.50 and £5 you would need to make two purchases. Thank you Ashleigh !! Happy black Friday everyone :)


Thanks I'll have a look but it's not clear


I've no idea, sorry. Usually it says in t and c that only one offer can be redeemed at a time so may be worth looking at the t and cs

Get £10 Quidco boost reward when spent over £100 at Argos (No activation required)(Open to all Quidco members)
551° Expired
Posted 26th Nov 2021Posted 26th Nov 2021
Get £10 Quidco boost reward when spent over £100 at Argos. The Boost Reward is available to all Quidco members who make one purchase of £100 or more from Argos between 26/11/202… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Thank you for your reply Summer 🤞


Hey, You should see this track into the account within 72 hours so please don't be worried! -Summer


I received an email notification of the offer in the morning from Quidco... although they didn't pay out my £5 bonus for my very 1st purchase(which was from Argos) because I opted for click and collect not delivery, I must have missed that in the terms :(


I am sick of these one day only deals I always seem to somehow miss them despite shopping at Argos. Just makes me not want to use quidco out of anger.


Fingers crossed! Cheers

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Quidco are one of the UK’s leading cashback websites. Every time customers shop through them, they pass the commission they would normally receive back to their users. Here at hotukdeals, we collect all of the latest Quidco deals and promotions on this dedicated page.
Quidco are one of the UK’s leading cashback websites. Every time customers shop through them, they pass the commission they would normally receive back to their users. Here at hotukdeals, we collect all of the latest Quidco deals and promotions on this dedicated page.