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FREE Desperados Tequila Beer 650ml via ClickSnap - £2.65 @ supermarkets
534° Expired
Posted 10th Sep 2018Posted 10th Sep 2018LocalLocal
FREE Desperados Tequila Beer 650ml via ClickSnap - £2.65 @ supermarkets
Free 650ml Desperados via ClickSnap. £2.65 refunded when purchased at Morrisons, Asda, Sainsbury's or Tesco.

Offer still showing on my app until tomorrow, Morrisons currently have it on offer for £2.50.


Got on my bike again - spurred by idea of blagging both Red Stripe AND Desperado, went to local Budgen [a small proper corner shop, valid on CheckoutSmart though not ClickSnap] to find they did indeed have Desperados at £2.75, but only 4 packs of Red Stripe. So got some free "Freshers Week" treats in the end - geez that's going back a good few decades! PS. New day and had car out and found ClickSnap Desperado (still showing to 13/9) at Asda at £2.65!


We used to have a fairly good cycling 'community' on here not tried yet need some new front lights.


I cycle too! Managed to get the Desperados in Sainsbury's Local but the one can of Red Stripe really has been a challenge - not in local Co-op or Premier ☹


Same here, and they're stopping stocking the 12x cases soon...

Free Happy Down cocktail from Tesco after cashback via ClickSnap
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Posted 8th Sep 2018Posted 8th Sep 2018
Free Happy Down cocktail from Tesco after cashback via ClickSnap
Ready for the cold votes as not a popular drink but it is showing as free on both our accounts so hopefully not account specific. Not managed to get it before when it was free so m… Read more
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I haven't found one of the happy down cocktail cans in weeks, my local massive extra store doesn't stock them anymore. The yellow one was quite nice imho


I got some previously with an on-line delivery as it's a large store (sorry not sure of the pecking order for metro etc but the largest one!) that delivers to my area. Never managed to tie in with free though but with multi buys ended up free via checkoutsmart.


They've been on clicksnap for ages, yet I haven't never seen them on sale...

Toonah Even if different receipts...they can reject one if they realise the accounts are linked.


Found one for the first time ever today.

FREE Galaxy milk chocolate 200g Buy 1, get £2.00 cashback @ Clicksnap
231° Expired
Posted 14th Jun 2018Posted 14th Jun 2018
FREE Galaxy milk chocolate 200g Buy 1, get £2.00 cashback @ Clicksnap£2
Who doesn't like free chocolate. Find me in the Main part of the store, Chocolates, Biscuits & Sweets. This offer is valid only for the purchase of one Galaxy milk chocolate… Read more


Account specific (not mine alas)


The app doesn't update properly, but the website does. So if you have already been credited for the first one and it still shows on the website as having 1 to redeem then you can claim again.


This time for me it has a new date range, so new rules apply.


Yes you will, It came up on husbands and my accounts again with the new date, so brought it again and payment has been confirmed. Both times it’s cost me £1.50 and they’ve paid me £2 😁

Quidco ClickSnap £10 cashback on Whisky
71° Expired
Posted 6th Feb 2018Posted 6th Feb 2018
Quidco ClickSnap £10 cashback on Whisky£10
For those you haven’t used Quidco Click Snap recently check the app. Just had £10 off whiskey!!! Many to choose from and if less than £10 you still get the £10 so free booze and … Read more
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Maybe he's only just sobered up enough to post the deal? ;)


Thanks for the heads up, but not on mine either :-(


Just had? Tracking receipt is from 22nd January?


Offer says 22nd of January so long gone ?!

£10 cash back on £10+ petrol today only Via clicksnap quidco
300° Expired
Posted 6th Dec 2017Posted 6th Dec 2017
£10 cash back on £10+ petrol today only Via clicksnap quidco
£10 cash back on £10+ petrol today only. Valid at: Tesco Sainsbury's Asda Morrisons Via clicksnap quidco. Edit: May be account specific. Looks like you can… Read more

I used it for diesel and got it. Confirmed and payable


Thanks OP, you have no idea just how lucrative this deal was... it went so much further (highfive)


Both of my receipts with diesel tracked and confirmed


Anyone's receipt still not tracked?


Not enough time to deal with the people moaning they can't see it unfortunately. Wish they published the criteria saying who can see it

Free £1 Cadbury selection box with Quidco Clicksnap - instore @ Supermarkets
308° Expired
Posted 5th Dec 2017Posted 5th Dec 2017
Free £1 Cadbury selection box with Quidco Clicksnap - instore @ Supermarkets£1
Get £1 cashback off a Cadbury selection box from Asda/Tesco/Morrisons/Sainsburys Most stores are selling them for £1 so works out free Offer valid for: Cadbury Small Chocolate Sele… Read more

I followed the link and logged into Quidco and it suggested that I could redeem the offer. Guess what - after purchasing the selection box I couldn't redeem the offer as I was not part of the "select group". Not impressed.


My Tesco didn't have them so got it from Asda, they had loads of them


I got the offer, but can't find a Tescos that sells them


targeted at people who have not recently used there quidco account much or if at all.


Me too I hope they read these comments

Free mince pies (pack of 6) from quidco
299° Expired
Posted 22nd Nov 2017Posted 22nd Nov 2017
Free mince pies (pack of 6) from quidcoFREE£1
Buy 1 and get full cashback Offer valid for Tesco Mince Pies 6pk, Waitrose Mince Pies 6pk, Ocado Mince Pies 6pk, Morrisons Mince Pies 6pk, ASDA Mince Pies 6pk

Marvellous. I've used Quidco and Topcashback for years and nearly at £4k. My virginal attempt at buying some mince pies with clicksnap and it isn't there. I think I will stick to Topcashback, sorry Mr Nikkel


Not seeing it. :/


Got some mince pies from Tesco...didn't have the advent calendar though. ;)


I do like a mince by (cheeky)


My email showed that they were available for Sainsbury's too but when you go on the site, Sainsbury's doesn't show so I have emailed them.

Free Milkybar Advent Calendar at Clicksnap (£1 spend)
83° Expired
Posted 10th Nov 2017Posted 10th Nov 2017
Free Milkybar Advent Calendar at Clicksnap (£1 spend)
Free Milkybar Advent Calendar via Clicksnap
Get deal*Get deal*

Doesn't appear on the list when I go to redeem. :(


Direct link - here.


Not on my Clicksnap app either - free mountain dew and rice crackers but no calendar!


Not on mine either but thanks wongy for bring me here.Now on the lookout (nerd)


Not showing here either.

Free Total Greek recipe yoghurt 200g, 170g w/ Clicksnap @ Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda, Waitrose
132° Expired
Posted 26th Oct 2017Posted 26th Oct 2017
Free Total Greek recipe yoghurt 200g, 170g w/ Clicksnap @ Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda, Waitrose£1.10
Quidco Clicksnap app has an offer for Total Greek recipe yoghurt 170g or 200g. Get it free when you upload your receipt from Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury's or Asda. Valid till 31.… Read more

They want another copy of the receipt but I threw it away after using the in-app camera function to take it. And it took them five days to reply. Oh well. It's only another 25p difference and I'm not about to spend weeks going back and forth via email.


I claimed for my yoghurt on 26.10. Next day another offer appeared for £1.10. Claimed it too and it's been confirmed already. 2 free yogurts (y)


Just as I am about to submit my purchase on 26/10, it's now says from 27/10-31/10!


In the end I used their Facebook account and contacted them via Messenger


There used to be a roundabout way of submitting a clicksnap support ticket but they've seemed to have cut it off. I the past I've had replies from them re clicksnap (and back and forth conversations about the meaning of FREE :) ) from Maybe try and send them an email, it's really sloppy of them to use both Free and a set amount in the description and then in their t&c to have two different scenarios as if its one or the other only. 'For an in-store query please provide your receipt ID and the offers which you are expecting cashback for, along with your Quidco user ID/Email address. Then one of our team will get back in touch with you shortly after you submitting your query'

16 cans of Amstel lager for £6 with quidco clicksnap at Asda 4x 4 packs @ £3.50 each less £8 click snap
255° Expired
Posted 23rd Oct 2017Posted 23rd Oct 2017
16 cans of Amstel lager for £6 with quidco clicksnap at Asda 4x 4 packs @ £3.50 each less £8 click snap£6
Offer can be redeemed twice so £8 cashback on initial £14 £6 for 16x 500ml cans is cheap and Amstel isn't that bad compared to some of the cheaper stuff like fosters / carling

yep ive got 12 cans off it that have been sat there since I listed it rubbish compared to a few years ago. XMAs is coming up though so can offload it (nerd)


Worst beer ever. Having maxed out the checkoutsmart offer last year, I felt completely ripped off. It is not the same as it used to be before. Below fosters for sure and even yes.... Carling.


Cracking deal, works out at just over 37p per can!Also, on mine it let's me claim it 6 times!


Mine shows twice


Got the beer, got the cashback and paid already. Cheers Op.