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The Railcard helps you save big on rail travel. You can save one third on rail fares by choosing the right rail card for you. A yearly and three yearly rail card is available for individuals between 16 and 25 and for mature students. The Two Together rail card can help you save up to £100 a year and also entitles the user to special discounts, theatre, holidays and more. Special rail cards are also available for senior citizens and for people with disabilities. Friends and Family cards can help you save upward of a hundred pounds a year and enjoy other benefits.
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-10% Discount
-10% Discount
Save 10% on a Railcard
1/3 off most rail fares. Valid on 16-25, Family & Friends, Two Together and Senior Railcards when buying online. Valid untill 31st March 2019.

Works fine 23/03/2019 - still valid and working


15% here for 2 together or £10 worth of Tesco vouchers


16-25 believe on Student Beans you get 12% off, small difference but this is still a great deal heat!


Cheers. My current one runs out 1st April

-15% Discount
-15% Discount
15% off all railcards @ Railcard
Code for 15% discount on all railcards.

Works for a Senior Railcard, but only for the 12 month card, not the 3-year card


Great thanks! Was waiting for a discount code before purchasing a friends and family railcard.


Thanks for posting (y)


Doesn't work for disabled card renewal ;(


Why is do they never include Network Railcard in these discounts? Anyone know the reason for that??

Save £3 on Two-Together railcard (£27 instead of £30)
Two-together railcard gives 1/3 off the price of train travel for two named people travelling together.

That code is now expired, but FTTR10 works.


Link takes you to new code: JTTR10


Expired. code not live


Guessing this has now expired?


Thanks (y)

-10% Discount
-10% Discount
10% Off Two Together Railcard
Two Together Railcard Online Exclusive Offer 10% OFF (£3 OFF Cost of a 1-Year Railcard) 1/3 OFF Train Travel for Two People Travelling Together SAVE £130 and More Per Year Dis… Read more

Great thanks for posting ;)


yes providing it's within a certain number of days.


Can you renew your existing rail card before it expires ?


They always have a 10% discount code for two together. If you have Tesco points, better to wait until end of next month when you can get it for £10 worth of Tesco clubcard points. We’re planning on changing this Reward Partner to 3 x the value of your Clubcard vouchers by 30 November 2018. If for any reason there is a delay in launching the new 3 x product, this Reward Partner will be temporarily removed. https://secure.tesco.com/clubcard/boost/two-together-railcard/UK-004161.prd


Thank you so much! This is why I love this site 👊🏻

£3 Discount
£3 Discount
10% off a Two Together Railcard, £27
Online Exclusive Offer 10% OFF (£3 OFF Cost of a 1-Year Railcard) 1/3 OFF Train Travel for Two People Travelling Together SAVE £130 and More Per Year Discount Code: STTR10 Offer en… Read more

code worked perfectly, saved £24.00 on my first tickets so only £3.00 to save in the next 12 months to be quids in.


No. Other cardholder must be present or you will be charged standard fare.


So better value for railcard deal - £10 in vouchers buys £30 card. What’s not to like?


When you get together one, can you travel alone with same card?


And only today news leaked by MSE that Clubcard vouchers... ... after 30 Nov will be doing 3x value towards Railcard purchases rather than £15 buys one ... after 31 Jan won't be able to claim any more RedSpottedHanky eVouchers, at 3x value or any other value :(

-10% Discount
-10% Discount
10% off railcards
16-25 Railcard* - This is for 16 to 25-year-olds or a mature student aged 26 or over in full-time education. Enter the code WALLETWORKOUT10 until 11.59pm on Tue 26 Jun to get 10… Read more

just my luck that I'd want renew after this has finished, annoys the hell out of me that they do these stupoid 10% off vouchers why not just make them bloody cheaper in the first place!


great, just what I needed and worked fine.


I had one a few years ago. They were too restricted.


Thanks for Posting (y)

-15% Discount
-15% Discount
15% off any rail card
Got email from virgin trains saying 15% off railcard

Expured yesterday end of promo


THANKS. worked for me on 16 to 25 railcard. cost me around £25.50. possibly top cashback as well


Working again today


Yeh these codes never seem to work on network railcards unfor


Didn't work on Network Railcard: 'Sorry the promotional code is not valid.'

-20% Discount
-20% Discount
20% off Friends and Family railcard
Greater Anglia use code FB20GA for reduction from £30 to £24. ENDS 14 FEB

Don't even bother with a rip off Railcard. Finally gave in after spending a week doing research and bought a 3 year Family & Friends Railcard. Travel from Risborough to London with my family about twice a year and the savings calculated to be quite small. However I got to Risborough station yesterday with my week old railcard. The ticket booth was open and I asked for the cheapest one day travelcard for 3 adults and 3 children. The result was nearly £11 cheaper than any quote before buying my Railcard. I asked how they did it and the answer was they removed the railcard from the quote! I've only had the thing a week and it's cost me £70 already, if I use it it costs me an extra £11 per journey each time my family travel. I want my money back but it seems Railcard consider this item a "ticket" which is excluded from distance selling. I'd like to know if it's a ticket, why do I have to pay for another to travel? SCAM artists


Mine came the next day!


Ok thanks


I ordered Thursday evening and it was delivered Sat morning.


Ohh yess thats better no way to check than great thanks for that :)

£5 Discount
£5 Discount
Family and Friends 1yr Railcard £5 off - code FF5OCT
Family and Friends Railcard allows up to 33% off normal fares. Use code FF5OCT until 22 October.

Yes you can buy advance tickets with it, here's the complete list; Save on these types of tickets: Standard Anytime and Anytime Day Singles and Returns Standard Off-Peak and Off-Peak Day Singles and Returns Standard Super Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak Day Singles and Returns Standard Advance ( must be booked before you travel ) Gatwick Express, Stansted Express, Heathrow Express and Heathrow Connect Services Off-Peak Day Travelcard Zones 1-6 (Subject to minimum fare of £8.00) Anytime Day Travelcard Zones 1-6 when bought as part of ticket to London from outside the London Zones area (Subject to minimum fare of £17.50) Caledonian Sleeper dedicated tickets: Standard Sleeper Seat, Standard Sleeper Berth (Twin), Standard Sleeper Berth (Solo), First Class Sleeper Berth - children save 81% on these tickets. Some ticket types offered by individual train companies - please ask at your local station for details. PLUSBUS tickets Some rail/sea journeys with Wightlink Red Funnel Ferries and Stena Line


Do these discounts apply on Advance fares, or just the full whack rip-off price?


My f and f rail card pays for itself after a couple of trips. A super deal with a fiver off


Children aged 5-15 get 60% discount on kids fares Up to four adults and four children can travel on one cardFriends not required (horror)


Alternatively, if you have £15 of Tesco Clubcard Points. You can double them up to purchase the £30 railcard (for £15 Clubcard Points

-10% Discount
-10% Discount
10% off Railcards (Two Together railcard, Senior railcard, 16-25 railcard, Family & Friends railcards)
Railcards can be annoying with their restrictions, but when they work, 1/3rd off fares can be substantial. I bought mine for a single journey and it covered the cost of the card an… Read more

Still works on 29/8/18.. thanks!


Thanks! Was very useful today to buy Two Together railcard :) :D


Still working on 14 May 2018


Unfortunately the Network Railcard, which offers a third-off in the south east of England, is never part of these 10% off deals. Nonetheless, if you travel by train in the south east of England with any frequency and don't qualify for any other railcard, then the Network Railcard is well worth considering. It cannot be used before 10am on weekdays (with a few exceptions or so called 'easements'), and there is also a £13 minimum fare on weekdays too, nor does it offer a discount on Advance tickets (those tied to a specific timed train). However even taking account of these restrictions it can be well worthwhile. The 'Network Railcard area' extends quite far and wide - as far as Weymouth, Bedwyn, Worcester, Banbury, Northampton, Bedford, Huntingdon, Kings Lynn and Harwich. www.network-railcard.co.uk Map: www.network-railcard.co.uk/clientfiles/files/Map.pdf


Still working 2/5/2018

Best Railcard Store deals from our community

16-17 Saver Railcard - On sale NOW! (Can’t be used before the 2nd of September though) - £30
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Posted 19th Aug 2019Posted 19th Aug 2019
16-17 Saver Railcard - On sale NOW! (Can’t be used before the 2nd of September though) - £30£30
Hey Guys; Just a bit of a headsup, you can apply for the 16-17 railcard TODAY and allows people 16-17 the ability to purchase train tickets at the price of a child (50% discount)… Read more

Yes but no, you can still purchase a season ticket valid for 4 months after your 18th birthday and it will still be honored. Obviously you will need to purchase the season ticket before your 18th birthday. If you buy a Season ticket before your 16-17 Saver expires, you can keep using the season ticket for up to four months after the expiry. The two expiry dates are shown on your 16-17 Saver Source


Will it be possible to use clubcard points to buy it? (you can use clubcard points to buy the other types of railcards)


Not as far as I can tell, sorry. It might be a bit new for it at the moment. 😞


Hi, is there a code for some money off ? Like they usually do for the 16-25 railcard purchase (10% or 20% off)


Just ordered one for son who is 16 today thanks

Two Together Railcard for £25.50 (Get 1/3 Off Fares) @ Railcard
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Posted 26th Feb 2019Posted 26th Feb 2019
Two Together Railcard for £25.50 (Get 1/3 Off Fares) @ Railcard£25.50£3015% off
With a Two Together Railcard you can get 1/3 off rail fares to travel across Britain. Use our journey calculation and check how much you can save. Code still active - bought toda… Read more

Think this has expired now :-(


nice offer! :)


Not active (annoyed)


two together on Tesco is £30. You need to use £10 worth of vouchers. You can't get it for £25.50. £25.50 is only for cash purchase using this code.


Hi everyone, how do I get this deal on Two Together Railcard for £25.50? I clicked on the link but was directly to the Railcard website which is still showing £30

Two Together Railcard for £25.50
637° Expired
Posted 13th Feb 2019Posted 13th Feb 2019
Two Together Railcard for £25.50£25.50£3015% off
A one-year railcard normally costs £30, but enter the code VDAY15 online at Two Together Railcard* before 11.59pm on Tue 19 Feb and you’ll pay just £25.50. That means if you spend… Read more

still working


Code still working!!!!!! (y)


And by the way, it's not full fare, it's twice the single fare or £20, whichever is higher, and you may be asked to leave the train at the following station. If you bought an advance fare you could be in for a shock.


Nope. You forget your railcard it means you don't have a valid ticket and will be issued with a penalty fare. It's not retrospective. It may have changed a little since I was dealt with like this but that's the nature of the beast, it's a legal document, you have to pay. In my case I was threatened with being kicked off the train if I didn't agree to pay. Having no cards or cash, I had to sign a form and if I didn't pay this fare within a day or so, I got further penalties. Once you've paid, you can appeal but it'll fall on deaf ears because without being in possession of the railcard with the ticket, it's not valid for travel. Plenty of people get caught out in this way.


Absolute nonsense. If you have forgotten your railcard you will be asked to pay full fare and then when you contact customer services and prove your railcard is valid they will credit you for the full fare. People who end up in court have ignored many opportunities to pay. You don't seem to know anything about the system.

Beat the price hikes on train fares with 18 tips and tricks from @ Railcard
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Posted 3rd Jan 2019Posted 3rd Jan 2019
Beat the price hikes on train fares with 18 tips and tricks from @ Railcard£1
Copied directly from their website, but has some great links and ideas to keep train fares low. Worth a read Cheap Train Tickets On 2nd January 2018 the price of rail fares incre… Read more

You can't use a railcard on on-peak trains though right? I'm a commuter under 30 years old and I usually buy weekly or monthly season tickets


Copy places like Japan. There you need a confirmation from the rail company before you can use the trains as an excuse for being late to work.


Some sound tips for those not in the know. Rail prices reflect, to some degree, policy choices as to how rail travel is paid for, and how the rail system operates. The current government thinks rail passengers should pay a greater share of the cost of running the railways, and doesn't seem to feel the need (yet) to tear up the franchise system or fundamentally change the fares system that (to the layman, i.e. me!) seems overly complex (example - look at points 8, 11, 12 and 13 for starters and it is obvious the ticketing system is fundamentally broken). The annual price hike numbers are about the only pricing that the media can pin the rail industry and government down on - had to laugh when hearing Teflon-man and uber-smug politician Chris Grayling come up with a new excuse to deflect from the real issues that he should be doing something about (paraphrasing, his response to fare rises is they will be reduced if rail staff accept lower pay increases - some truth of course but that could be applied to any industry and I'm sure those rail staff have the same bills everyone else does).


Another railcard has only recently been launched. The 25-30yrs railcard


Its good but all useless to the single commuter aged over 30. The biggest thing they could quickest roll out is the oyster card" use" method across the country. We have 1000s of government staff being encouraged to work from home and the archaic ticketing kills that. If i got a weekly and wfh once im out of pocket. If i get a monthly and wfh twice im out of pocket etc. The season tiks are not worth it unless u go in every day of the year.

26-30 Railcard - Launches Nationwide TODAY, Wednesday January 2nd - £30
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Posted 1st Jan 2019Posted 1st Jan 2019
I'm sure this was posted a while back, but just a reminder / heads up that the new 26-30 Railcard finally launches across the country today! Save 1/3 off your rail fares for a yea… Read more

Don't even get a discount unless it's off peak times.


Sigh, the rail card that came one year too late for me. They had been talking about this thing for ages.



I will never be too old to get a senior railcard.... And you can use it to buy first class tickets and avoid bumping in to young adults, communists and children.


That code is only for use by the Polish, I'm afraid ;)

26-30 Railcard launching 2nd Jan 2019
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Posted 30th Nov 2018Posted 30th Nov 2018
26-30 Railcard launching 2nd Jan 2019
Hi, just had an email to say that the 26-30 railcard will be available to buy at midday on the 2nd Jan. 1/3 off fares for those using the trains this is a no brainer and will sav… Read more

Thanks for the heads up O.P. This will save me a few quid :D


Haha, I've been called worse. So you can't feel younger or older than you actually are? What a sensitive world we live in.


How is this card any different to the Network Railcard which all the southern folk of all ages are entitled to?


Why should any age group be charged more than any other ageism!


Can I just peer review that comment and recommend that it is appropriate and suitable for publication ;)

26-30 Railcard by the end of the year - Will be £30
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Posted 26th Oct 2018Posted 26th Oct 2018
26-30 Railcard by the end of the year - Will be £30£30
"We promised that as soon as we knew anything, you would too. So here we are! We can confirm, as of yesterday evening, (hence super early post!) it was decided the National Rail 26… Read more

Ticket office so we get breifed on this


What do you for the train company?


grrr 2nd of jan isn't the end of the year. Not bitter about this, but missing the last chance to get it by a matter of days takes the biscuit BIG TIME


Date confirmed, 2nd of January


There is a 2 together card which is valid for those in the middle if 2 travelling at the same time.

1 Year Family & Friends Railcard 20% off with voucher code £24 (use Topcashback for cashback too)
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Posted 16th Oct 2018Posted 16th Oct 2018
1 Year Family & Friends Railcard 20% off with voucher code £24 (use Topcashback for cashback too)£24
I was going to buy a new railcard this morning using the 10% offer on here but thought I would have a look and see how much cashback I could get also. Topcashback are paying 10% … Read more

Wish they'd hurry up with the 26-30 railcard.


I did query that with Tesco when they originally switched to "everyone" doing 3x times but only got waffle in reply as to why Railcards weren't. Good news if true. Edit We’re planning on changing this Reward Partner to 3 x the value of your Clubcard vouchers by 30 November 2018. If for any reason there is a delay in launching the new 3 x product, this Reward Partner will be temporarily removed. https://secure.tesco.com/clubcard/boost/family-friends-railcard/UK-002022.prd


Apparently on another deal someone said from 30/11 it will be 3 X on this so only £10.


Brilliant - thanks!!


Sounds complicated, so you have to travel with a child between 5-15 all the time, and can't use it to a London station during morning peak? Or you can't travel between 2 London stations during morning peak? So into London is ok? Not very clear!

Up to 15% off National Railcards
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Posted 2nd Sep 2018Posted 2nd Sep 2018
Up to 15% off National Railcards£25.50
15% off 16-25 Railcards -> Code 'MVCSTUDENTSAVE15' (expires 29/09/18) 10% off Friends and Family Railcard -> Code 'SFFR10' (expires unknown) 10% off Senior Railcard -> Cod… Read more

No probs ;)


Thanks OP, just used the discount to get a 1 year card for my son.


Thanks for this - perfect timing. I did it online. Submitted Tue, was dispatched Wed and arrived Thu, so highly recommend doing it online (even got a few extra days validity as they are giving me til 10th Sep next year). Also, there is 8% Topcashback so winner all round!


Apologies will update - There is a 10% off the family card with this code 'SFFR10' if useful (have tried this on on website now, but don't know when it expires.


DMSUMMERFUN15 not working for a family card

26-30 railcard on sale from Tuesday 13th March £30 (Now Live)
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Posted 12th Mar 2018Posted 12th Mar 2018
26-30 railcard on sale from Tuesday 13th March £30 (Now Live)£30
26-30 Railcard goes on sale on Tuesday giving 30% off rail travel http://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/railcard-millennial-26-30-train-tickets-discount-how-much-a8… Read more

Yea but the question was about work commute.


Completely false- this card can be added to Oyster cards in London, can be used across the whole country not a particular area and is not subject to the weekday all-day £13 minimum fare that the Network Railcard is, only peak time min. fare as with other railcards.


Stop deleting my comments


Not for weekends though. Min spend doesn't apply then.


With all these Millennials now with extra railcards you can officially say there's going to be a lot more snowflakes on the line. Expect delays.

Newest Railcard Store Discount Codes:

DiscountRailcard Store Discount DetailsExpires
10%Save 10% on a Railcard27/02/2019
15%15% off all railcards @ Railcard30/01/2019
% offSave £3 on Two-Together railcard (£27 instead of £30)26/02/2019
10%10% Off Two Together Railcard16/01/2019
£310% off a Two Together Railcard, £2716/01/2019